Redemption bride-style Cinderella

Modern original bride price - aan unforgettable experience for all participants of the ceremony. Redemption is intended to make the start of the day fun and enjoyable for the heroes of the occasion. Almost every girl dreams of a child to feel like a heroine of fairy tales beloved, beautiful princess in a beautiful dress. Bride Redemption-style Cinderella will allow the girl to feel like in a fairy tale from the pages of the book, which will be a real, reviving the magical characters.


The preparation of this event will be funpastime: the creation of fantastic costumes, making decorations, selection of an ideal scenario for the realization of the magic book. Also, it will include other action-learning of the text, rehearsals, inventing all sorts of games, puzzles, competitions and tests for the groom, design style decoration entrance, courtyard apartments. The objective of the organizers is to create a unique festive atmosphere in which reigns the magic and love.

Props for redemption

in the style of Cinderella Redemption

As a rule, the main organizers of the event inCinderella style - this witness and bridesmaids. Hanging out with rehearsals and the search for the unique props rally girls. Here are the necessary things that will help keep the mood redemption Cinderella:

  • Fabulous costumes - a mandatory part of the ransom. Need a dress fairy sorceress, can play a witness, for it will also need a magic wand, and another dress for "stepmother" - the main heroine of the celebration, stylized antique costumes that will put the evil sisters. Narrowing be sure to make a crown to match the image of a handsome prince.
  • White Horse. An original way of visiting the Prince - a real horse, but the fit and white limousine, which will bring him a witness to the guests.
  • Various shoes - sneakers, men's shoes of great size and lovely slipper.
  • Candy, sweets, alcohol.
  • Lots of balloons and keys that will be needed for the competition with the opening of the door.
  • Paper. Bridesmaids draw posters that decorate the room, cut out all kinds of parts for ransom competitions: footprints, flower.

in the style of Cinderella Redemption
  • Paints, markers, pens for drawing on paper.
  • Red carpet, which spread out in front of the Prince "lackeys" - his friends.
  • One of the interesting elements of decor - pumpkin, placed on the stairs on the way to the bride, and on them - toy mouse.

Music will be a wonderful decoration of the holiday. Styles to suit: fabulous tunes cartoons, as well as songs with the sound of classical instruments, bells, flutes. Ideally, if we can invite these musicians, who will perform a waltz for the final dance of the prince and princess.


The implementation of the redemption can not do without the leading - the protagonists:

Redemption bride-style Cinderella
  • The evil stepmother. It may play a future mother-in-law or a witness - it all depends on desire. She will try to give his other daughters married, not allowing the Prince to his beloved.
  • Sisters. Sisters play bridesmaids. They continually try to pull the shoe is too small to them, but nothing comes out.
  • Kind fairy. This role can be given to families who badly wants to take part in the presentation - for example, grandmother, godmother mother or aunt.
  • Prince Charming, who is competing for the heart of Cinderella - the groom and his best friend.
  • The waiters, who will follow the culprit celebration.
  • Bride - Cinderella.
  • Professional photographer, which depicted a fabulous action in the photo and video shooting.

in the style of Cinderella Redemption

Making space for ransom

When making room for redemption Cinderellayou must use the beautiful scenery of the ancient house. Girls can come up with your own style and to draw them. Suit and candles with beautiful candlesticks, carpets. If finances allow, the redemption is to take place in pre-prepared room - the territory of the old building with elegant marble staircases or expensive furnished restaurant.

foreclosure scenario in the style of Cinderella

The groom arrives at the bride's house, where he met with the witness, who is dressed in fairy-tale style. She holds several boxes. The witness says:

- Finally, you came! Your story - a true tale. Therefore, we have prepared a fairy tale for a ransom, "Cinderella", which starts right now. The first thing to do - to guess at what the shoe box is a beautiful bride.

Of the three boxes of the future spouse need to choose the one which is hidden shoe lover. For each new attempt celebrations culprit pays a small ransom. When the shoe was found, witness says

- Congratulations, the bridegroom! Do you have something that belongs to a beautiful bride. And now - let's start! Just do not forget to put it on here.

Witness the groom presents a cardboard crown, mother-in-law out of the door, or a witness disguised evil stepmother.

- Who is granted to us so early? Who are you? Kindly introduce yourself!

Narrowing should warn you that he plays the role of the Prince, so replicas are to be relevant. The future spouses meets the prince.

- Prince ... Prince, my God! Forgive me, Your Majesty, that I am in such an outfit. There was no time to dress up. What awkwardness us no one said you were coming, we were not expecting! Where are you from, where to? Tired? Maybe a cup of tea? Or wine - we have a good wine! A cook roasted duck on the best recipes of the kingdom.

Betrothed says that looking for a bride.

in the style of Cinderella Redemption

- Bride ... Yes! We have a lot of them. Now I just summon their daughters! And this shoe in your hands, must be hers? DAUGHTER! Come here, we were granted the Prince! Crumbs, come on, get down soon!

While the bridesmaids dressed evil sisters, down, stepmother said:

- Well, the day is given - who knew there would be a wedding? How wonderful! My little daughters time to marry ... Oh, finally you're here, baby! Come, come here!

The evil sister of the groom are suitable, are behind her mother.

- Girls, I present to you a handsome prince,heir of our kingdom! Great honor to have him here. And this - my wonderful daughter. Senior - mistress of all trades, embroider, sings, plays music! And it has one indisputable advantage (alluding to the great "daughter" chest). And this is - youngest! What a miracle - the dancing is beautiful and what a nice face, back flat! Well straighten! So, Prince, one of them is your bride?

The future husband responds that there is no lover. Stepmother says:

- How not? Come give here (takes shoe Prince). Come on, girls, show that you approach the prince! He's a fan of little feet!

Bridesmaids in turn try to put on a shoe, nothing comes out.

- Crumbs, what is it? How does not fit ?! Let me!

The stepmother was angry, and she tries to put on a shoe. Out of breath, he said:

- Well, there is no court, Prince! Take your shoes and leave!

The groom asks whether another bride here. Stepmother sternly looking at him, he replied:

- There is one, but only in cases the girls a great deal! She still needs to wash the floors, wash the items, clean up the dishes. Maybe by the end of the week free.

Here comes another bridesmaid who plays on the redemption of the cross Cinderella.



- What are you, a stepmother, so angry! You see - the prince needs a bride. For a long time it is time to get married, but leave you, ungrateful.


- Well, the fairy godmother and the prince whether it times he needed such zamuhryshka? Prince, prove that you are real! I do not believe, just by blood nobility of my daughters you were not conquered!

Re-enters Fairy, turning to the witness:

- A young man, quickly call the dignity of the groom, stepmother to believe!

A witness in the trial involved the bride price, after the stepmother said:

- Well, well! Let's see what you become talkative with his mouth full of candy (candy stepmother gives witness)! Repeat-ka is the same.

Witness funny repeats compliments. Stepmother:

- OK OK! Enough already mumble under his breath. There are even rumors of the kingdom, that our Prince is perfectly performs lyrical works. We verify whether this really is. A witness even play! Daughters, carry all.

The bridesmaids take out "musicTools "- cups, pots. Witness the groom have to play them and sing a song about love. When participants pass the test of bride price, the stepmother said:

- I believe that the prince! This voice can not belong to a commoner. Come back!

Participants foreclosures are leading to the door of the bride apartment door hung with all the balls. Fairy:

- So we got! Only there was a problem - the wicked stepmother hid the key in one of these balloons ... You have to guess which of them is the key that opens the door treasured. If you can not guess, this greedy demand ransom, try!

Groom guess at the first attempt, immediately goes inside, if not, the stepmother said:

- I see you have not guessed! Well, I will have to fork out a bit before trying again - ish, Prince, udumal arrange a free trip itself!


When the test ends with the bride price, the stepmother said again:

- Oh, the groom, may, in vain you are looking for our girl? I am sure that is the bride you need? Let's be honest - describe its features, right all about it - skip the next, if not - marry my daughter! For older!

Fairy asks the bride groom signs - height, weight, shoe size, ring. If he answers correctly, what is going on, no - pay ransom. Stepmother:

- Well, it looks like it is ... However, I'm not sure! Require re-identification, but will not that simple! That blindfold, that sheet of paper, that's pen. Single Draw a portrait of his beloved!

The groom blindfolded, he passes the test of redemption, drawing bride. When completes, the sisters say:

- Oh, there is a our ugly duckling!

- Mommy, Mommy, how it seems!

Evil stepmother squints:

- Well, well! It looks like you know what kind of bride you want! Good. My stepdaughter is waiting for you in the room, but before that prove that the living space she is normal - a tray of money laid out the future home!

On the tray groom puts money house, the stepmother said with satisfaction:

- Nice house - a palace! Well, congratulations. Peace and love. Crumbs for me.

Stepmother with her sisters, bridesmaids leaves the room, there is a fairy, which says:

- How wonderful that you cope with all the obstacles! You're the last. Bride, are you ready?

Bride through the door:

- Ready, but I do not have a wedding dress!

Fairy smiling, making a wave of his wand, and opens the door, the bride and bridegroom meet redemption ends.


Contests for the groom and witnesses

Before meeting with the beautiful princess, betrothed to pass several tests. Options competitions for future husband to buy the coveted bride-style Cinderella:

  • Guess shoe. Witness the groom offers to choose one of three packages - in some bridal shoes is beloved. Competition continues as long as the hero of the occasion will not choose the correct option from the shoe of the bride. For each error future spouse pays a small ransom witness.

  • Laudatory odes and love song. Competition for the witness. Fairy Godmother asks the witness to talk about the merits of the groom. When he does the job, join the stepmother: she holds out candy to the witness so that he repeated the compliments, but with little difficulty - chocolate stuffed mouth. Funny test ends with the execution of songs about love, which asks to sing stepmother.
  • Hidden Key. To go into the entrance, narrowing to pass the next test of redemption: find which of balloons, key to the house (intercom, entrance), where Cinderella lives. He passed balls on the ropes, the groom eats them until he finds suitable. For every mistake is paying a coin.
  • Test of biography. On the floor are cut marks where denoted dates associated with the biography of the culprits celebrations. Dates can mean the following - dating lovers, date of birth of the bride, beloved mom's birthday and others. The groom should tell the value of each date, and pays for the mistake.
  • Secret code. Before you give the girl married, the fairy should make sure that the groom will properly take care of her. With hats betrothed need to get a few cards on which are written abbreviations, and decipher them, in accordance with how it is going to take care of the bride. For example, DBKK - giving bouquet every day PVPM - go shopping together, DS - to make surprises.
  • Question about the main. To ensure that the main character of the holiday - the one that looks for the groom, fairy asks celebrations culprit to answer questions about the future spouse, for each incorrect answer one pays Taxed. Examples of questions: "What color eyes Cinderella", "? The growth of the beloved", "? The bride's foot size."
  • Cause-and-effect relationships. On the steps of the entrance cut sheets of paper, where written reasons why the bride chose this girl. Examples of inscriptions: "Friends have advised", "Mom said," "Royal Decree", "In Love". He needs to get to the one that is the real reason. The groom can ask for help to bring his witness.


Use imagination, coming up with the original tenders for the purchase of the young, while event will be unforgettable.

Video process

Watch an interesting video, which shows how the fabulous ransom in the style of Cinderella:

The original fairy tale will bring to the future redemptionspouses inspiration, joy, before the trip to the registrar. Therefore, it is important that the organizers responsible attitude to work, take into account the fines, took care of the beautiful performance of the script.