Redemption bride in retro style

When the preparations for the wedding are in full swing,then head around what would be so interesting to come up for redemption, in what form to hold it, what is needed? All of the couple seeking to ensure that their celebration of love was an unusual and memorable for our dear guests and not like at all. For example, the redemption of the bride in retro style - a very unusual idea, you can deploy your imagination. Think of a beautiful retro outfits of those times any traditions, interesting contests for the bride price - dear guests to have fun and perform brilliantly retro wedding celebration.


Any idea themed wedding requiresthorough preparations, the necessary equipment, the choice of outfits, actors, decoration door, car, etc. Retro-style also has a lot of variations of the redemption and of the celebration. These organizers wedding think through in advance: prescribed scenario, dependent upon the specific subject matter (whether it is a gangster style, whether it is the era of mods' 60s, or even the time of the kings with lush receptions), which contests are on the redemption, to designate responsible people among the guests .

Outfits and accessories for ransom gangster style

Props for redemption

When the bride and groom have decided on the theme,the next step is to think about the details of carrying out foreclosures in retro style. The bride selects the desired accessory to the wedding dress and her dress, the groom gets the right tools.

  • To select the retro costumes, the bride accessories withgroom and guests, use themed merchandise: in antique shops, flea markets, something that hire to produce the desired style.
  • Consider the style of retro music, which will be accompanied by various competitions ransom.
  • For the decorations take old stuff from my grandmother, some antiques, so it was not a pity (for a large number of guests created confusion, and these things are always lost) at the same time.
  • Consider what will be retro motorcade, and alreadyBased on this, decorate it (if it is the Middle Ages - the team with the horses and carriage, if gangster style - it is worth to rent a vintage car, now it is not a problem in the wedding agencies).

Wedding car themed retro
  • The groom has to take care of the decoration of transport. Cortege decorate according to style (retro car decorate lace, black and white tapes, phonograph records, multi-colored balls, if this team, the horses on the head inset feather tassels, frills, dress driver or do not decorate the carriage even as a decoration in and of itself).
  • Good retro style will look ostrich feathers, pearl beads, furs as props during the redemption of a young bride, in which guests will be dressed up;
  • The future husband in advance to prepare the money: namenyat small bills, that is, to do more quantitative paper money.


Think about the heroes who will personifyselected era and retro style wedding. Agreed in advance with some guests who support this idea, maybe they will come up with something by yourself, or you distribute roles themselves.

  • If this style mods, then act out a scene betweentwo lovers who are being persecuted by the law and can not get married, but they come to the aid of their numerous friends favorite. Bright dress up your guests involved in the purchase, also gird themselves in retro outfits mods.

Guests of the bride dresses in retro style
  • Likewise alternatively beat theRomeo and Juliet story. Let the bridegroom-bride sings Romeo-Juliet romance under the balcony, friends get to the bride, and will make vykradut groom, bridesmaids should arrange all sorts of obstacles competitive type.
  • Redemption of the bride in a ball style is inconceivable without a king,queen, Natasha, Bolkonsky, pages, servants, Knights with swords (twisted mustache, pince-nez in the eye, etc.). Agree among themselves who will be playing the guests, schedule an exemplary speech and decide the way.
  • Gangster bride price shall mean mafia heroes, Don Corleone, for example, his fellow gangsters, thieves, killers, who want to change their clothes in which guests (paint on black mustache).

Making room

  • Retro ransom by category mods will be a greatthe idea to decorate a large number of colored balls, bright ribbons flying streamers, confetti and all this with the accompaniment of loud music foxtrot.
  • Decorate the entrance of different portraitstime if gangsters. For example, the portrait of newlyweds with the words "Wanted", all sorts of traces, fingerprints, bullets hang, simulating a gunfight, guns of the time, and portraits of the heads of the clans of your (the parents).

The idea of ​​decor rooms in the style of a gangster
  • To obtain a lush ballroom subjects receivingUse the massive crystal chandeliers, golden chandeliers, curtains on the windows, walls, doors, pour champagne into glasses and spread on trays.
  • If this is the story of Romeo and Juliet, then payspecial attention to the balcony, which try to decorate with heavy drapes, lots of fresh flowers, long hanging vines of green leaves.

Scenario foreclosures in retro style

For any wedding actions need a script,where all the action steps painted groom, participants foreclosures in retro style on both sides, their speech, where the bride, etc. will be For example, the ransom retro style - wedding and boyar Boyar. Action will take place in the winter. As the convoy used to sled sleigh troika horses. Decor entrance, details as to the king's ransom on the ball (see above).

  • Act One. The arrival of the groom to the bride's house.

Wedding groom motorcade in retro style
  1. On the beautiful nobleman sledge drives up the three horses. Guests waiting crowding at the entrance to the house.
  2. The witness and the other bridesmaids groom meet at the threshold with the words: "Hello, my lord, how far it is the way you hold?"
  3. "The way I have far, but with the main objective: find my beloved, beautiful, boyarynya (called the bride's name and showing her pictures) "- meets the groom. If you give the correct answers to my questions, you will pass through a round of tests, I can tell you where to find your boyarynya (bride's name).
  • Act II. Mind and care of the groom.

Pal sets groom issues ranging from mild,to more complex. In the process, if the answer is wrong, the groom money bribes. The first questions traditionally set the dates of birthdays: bride, future mother-in-law. In advance to be prepared in the form of drawing sun with encrypted numbers, hints that the groom can enjoy.

Guests at the wedding style and boyar Boyar
  • ACT III. Check the feelings of the bride.
  1. Pal shows pre-recorded video to the groom, in which there is no sound, and the bride says something. Honeymooner must guess his lips, he says sweetheart.
  2. Next Contest - to name the most positive qualities of the bride, is lit match. But almost at the end insidious girl groom warn that the word must start each letter of the name of the bride.
  3. Supplement competitions mini-game: guess kiss his lover, printed among other girls lipstick on paper.
  4. Let the bridegroom loud shouts, approaching withevery step of the stairs the name of his boyar, and how much he loves her. When the end of his ideas on a variety of made sense - let him pay the money.

Bride Redemption in the intellectual competition
  • Act IV. Agility and reaction of the groom.

At the top is thrown great gueststhe number of balls, one is the key to the door, where the bride is sitting. Guests begin to throw balls to each other. The groom must show dexterity to win every ball, to find the right one. The competition is held at the time. If you do not have time - that is to pay off the money.

  • The action of the fifth. A meeting.

Having passed all the circles of the test, the groom getspromotion and boyfriend presents shoes that need to be put on the bride's feet. Boyar shoes boyarynya, displays on the street, and then all the guests are seated on tuples and traditionally go to the registrar to gain a new status as husband and wife.

Newlyweds go to the registry office on the retro tuple

Video process

Style retro foreclosure can be one, and the concept ofwedding a little different. All of this is created in order to get away from the beaten monotonous contests, used literally at every wedding. The main thing that all the guests were fun and exciting, so recording is not forced to yawn while watching, it's the memory for years to come for the newlyweds.

See as an example of the finished video bride price in a retro style, to make it easier to direct their imagination, learn something for myself and use some moments in the design, costumes guests: