Ransom shoes bride

The beginning of any Slavic wedding, whetherTraditional registration in the registry office or visiting solemn ceremony, becoming the ransom. This part of the festival is preparing a witness and bridesmaids. The girls realize that "sell" your favorite girlfriend, so the groom should try to get his beloved. A second test for young and his friends became the ransom of the bride shoes. It is best done in a fun playful way: to prepare young difficult obstacles, overcoming that he can show his strength, intellect, wit.

Traditions redemption bride shoes

Even in ancient Russia was the tradition of bridesmaids take fromBride on the fitting shoe. If the shoes are the right size, a friend left the shoe itself and could require the groom to pay a ransom. So young passed inspection, as independent and wealthy men never will beg to return the slipper free. On the contrary, they will make every effort to back the bride shoes - such an important part of wedding image. And as a reward fiance proposed witness is not only money, but also other nice gifts, such as: candy, flowers, and fruits.

The modern custom of redemption has changed somewhat andIt has become more like a fun competition, rather than trading. When the celebration is in full swing, leading announces the time for dancing, but suddenly discovers the loss Bride shoes. Dancing in a way she can not, so you need to quickly find the missing. At this time, thieves declared (often friends of the bride or groom's witness with friends), who are asking to pay a ransom for her shoe. "Criminals" may require the currency, but offer the young often perform multiple jobs.

Ransom shoes bride

Scenario redemption bride shoes

Guests and young gathered in the banquet hall, alreadytime to eat and drink. Have fun for contests, dancing, young discover that someone has stolen the bride's shoe. What to do, where to look for the loss? It is necessary to return the most important thing as a newlywed. The task of saving shoe rests on the young, male friends and a witness.

Ad toastmaster of stealing shoes


- Visitors, guests, what's going on?

We showed up at the festival thief!

I took the most expensive -

Shoes bride shameless stole!

To return the young lost shoes, please go to the center of two of the most courageous men - the groom and witnesses.

You also have strictly been punished to follow the bride!

What to do, to take the rap for it will be together!

Oversight so you do not forgive,

And the complexity of the task, alas, do not knock off!

Money we do not offer, to transgress tests.


- Dear bride, we want to know what family life is waiting for you. Before you three cups of water:

  1. In a salt - you drink from it, then life will be bitter.
  2. The second water is acidic, it will choose, will sulk with his wife for no reason.
  3. Third water is sweet, guess what - the marriage will be happy.

- Choose more cup and drink. And your face, we understand what kind of life you waiting for the bride.

Ransom shoes bride


- The choice was difficult, it is necessary to give the groom a smallLife award for courage enjoyable challenge. To barefoot bride is not frozen, the young have to warm her with kisses! We need as many kisses, what size shoes missing. Each time the groom has to kiss a new location.


- That's not fair that everyone gets the laurels of the bride! Certainly other women in the room, too, want to kiss! If a young bride wants to buy the shoe, it should come up with something.


- Indeed, out unfairly. Witness, all hope for you. In the hall a lot of ladies that need attention. You need to have time to kiss on the cheeks of the audience is female groom will be wrung from the floor. Remember the speed, do not let young to spend all his remaining strength to the test.

When the competition is over, leading to the new groom invites quests:

- Newly minted husband has not managed to buyshoe of the bride. As long as there is no possibility of a young dance, rap will be alone. And for the dancers can call friends. Climb on the chair that you could see better, and show what is capable of.

The witness picks up a plate and asked the witness:

- What is it?

He answers:

- Plate.


- Wrong, is the target.

Then she puts a plate of five meters from the young, it leads to the witness, put his index finger in the center and says:

- You, my dear friend, you need the music and ourapplause bypass a plate several times, without lifting your finger from the center. Turns should be so much what the wedding date (or how many months together young).

Once a man completes the task,witness gives his alleged shoe the bride (and actually a dummy) and asked to climb under the table and put it on the leg of the bride. Believe me, the test suite will be difficult, because a spinning head so just did not perform. And how frustrating waiting for a man, when the shoe does not fit the size of the bride.


- We will not torment longer young, have to return the shoe. But first, let the groom agree on the repurchase price of the bride and her friends (trades take place in a free form).


- Well, the groom, you win,

Here the bride's shoe.

Go rather to the young,

Obuy her and soothe.

Scenario redemption wedding shoes

Tests for the groom and his team

Redemption of wedding shoes should not be delayed,The 15-minute program will suffice. Thinking tasks and competitions, it should be understood as the bridegroom or friend willing to comply with them. It is better not to expose guests jeer, not to spoil the holiday of someone's bad mood. We recommend to pay attention to these competitions, which do not cause inconvenience and everything like:

  1. The groom handed the apple, which is stuck in a largethe number of matches, one of them should be short. Young should draw the match and called each time a kind word to the bride until will not get short.
  2. To redeem the shoe, the young should getBride to the path of the different colors. On the floor was disintegrating red and white paper daisy. Stepping on the red - talk about the bride a nice word, a white - what word will scold favorite. And do not want to blame, then pay.
  3. As foreclosures ask the witness and friends to put in three vessels that ring, rustling and poured.
  4. Young gives a glass half filled, andasked to show how great his love for the bride, using the coins that he has to go there to sketch. If the water come over the edge, so boundless love.
  5. Men's team led by the witness heardlarge cards with letters. Men must make cards to those parts of the body, starting at the specified letters, and most importantly - keep the props. Wins the one who will be able to fit more cards on the body.

Bride puts on shoe

Contests for the bride and her bridesmaids

Sponges. On a large sheet of paper with the groom girlfriends kissing leaves bright prints. To redeem the bride, the bridegroom has to guess which of the lips imprint belongs to the beloved. To complicate the task, you can under each option to write the amount of the fine, which the groom will pay in case of failure.

Fisherman. Behind a screen hiding the bride and a few girlfriends. Each finger tie a ribbon or thread ends shows the groom. When the bridegroom pulls the tape, it goes to the girl, to which the finger is tied ribbon. Presenter offers the groom which seemed to take the lady for a wife, or pay a fine. The competition is held as long as the bride will not be guessed.

Find the shoe. Overcoming all the trials, bridesmaids offer Suite last job. Among the large number of shoe boxes groom should look for the one which is cherished shoe. For each wrong guess the box man must pay the bride's girlfriends ransom.

A man drinking from a bride's shoes

Video: the redemption of the bride shoes

Do not try to buy the templates, planning ransombride's shoes. Let the contest will be held in the original style. Perhaps the upcoming event has a specific theme, then redemption can organize in the same style. For example, the best solution would be to conduct repurchase shoes based on all the "Cinderella" favorite fairy tale, the heroine of which also lost their shoes. And the husband can play the role of the Prince, the host to transform into a fairy, and the witness will be sullen stepmother daughters. Experiment with the script contests, try to make a ransom is really original.