Meeting with young loaf

In the best traditions of the wedding, after the ceremonypainting, bridal groom's parents must meet with a loaf (bread and salt). It is believed that he is the symbol of a great family hospitality, which takes a new member of the house (the daughter). This is a beautiful Slavic wedding ritual, which is almost in its original form has reached our days. In it, all participants play a role, they say important keywords perform certain actions, according to the old beliefs and traditions. Let's take a closer look, what kind of action and what the scenario of this custom.

Bread and salt for young meeting

Scenario meeting the bride and groom with a loaf

According to modern foundations, while the bride and groomget from the registrar to the place of the wedding banquet (usually, this time dedicated to the wedding photo shoot), the parents of the guests go to the restaurant. They have to perform important preparation for a meeting with young loaf. All participants of the wedding (bride and groom, their parents and guests) are taking part in the ritual with bread and salt:

  • Guests solemn music should meet young, generously put to sleep their way from the car to the restaurant coins and rose petals.
  • Moms and dads holy bless the threshold of their children for a long, happy married life.
  • After pronouncing certain words parentsthe couple have to tear a piece of the loaf (at the time they salted them or dipped in salt, which is sprinkled on the bread in the middle) to feed each other.
  • Newlyweds important to observe the moment of breaking off a piece from the loaf. This is a holy thing, which will bite gross blasphemy and sin.
  • At the end of the ceremony the bride and groom drink champagne on the throat and then poured back over the remains to complete the ritual.

Meeting Suite at the restaurant with a loaf

It is believed that one of the young, who were broken offa bigger piece of bread and salt, will be the head of the family. This seemingly simple ancient ritual requires careful advance preparation in a short period of time until the heroes of the occasion get to the place of the wedding party. In order not to fall face in the dirt, it is important to know in advance what to do for each hero of the script, what words to say. More details are discussed further.

Preparation for the visitors newlyweds meeting

When they reached the restaurant, everyone gathers on the doorstepin anticipation of the main culprits celebrations. Pre visitors should be prepared, presenting them in the hands of subjects shedding for newlyweds: various coins, candy, rice or wheat, rose petals. Then all invited orderly build on both sides of the entrance to the restaurant (a corridor) for the bride and groom solemn meeting.

It is important that the ritual of shedding the young not passedtoo hard, so as not to injure the newly born couple of coins, do not spoil their appearance. It is necessary to explain to the guests that they need to sprinkle the newlyweds in the legs, as if paving the young career wealth, prosperity, happiness. All the organizational aspects of this tradition must perform toastmaster.

Preparation of guests to meet the bride and groom

Who and how holding a loaf

After a visit to the quick passage osyplyutnewly arrived honeymooners, last tread on the threshold of the restaurant. Here's their parents warmly greeted relatives with bread and salt. Traditionally, the groom's mother holds a loaf, but not with his bare hands, and beautifully embroidered rushnyk. However, the current holding of wedding a little back from the old customs, and a loaf can keep Mother of the Bride.

This is due to the fact that today is not the bride and groomgo live with the groom's parents (as it was in the old days) and begin their independent family life in a separate housing. And if so, then, the two families (parents of the bride and groom) accept new members in its membership on equal terms. Keep a loaf can be both mother symbolizing reunification, unity of two families.

How to meet young parents with loaf

The role of fathers in the ritual of meeting young

While mothers hold the main attribute of a solemnmeeting young (loaf), the pope did not stand idle. In the hands of one of them must be a tray with drink, which the bride and groom hold together its alliance, according to custom, and in half cut apple snack. The other dad keeps an icon whose parents are blessed with their children on a long and happy married life.

Father in the ritual of meeting young

Ritual treats guests wedding loaf

After the meeting ceremony the bride and groom withbread and salt, the bride and groom and the guests are in the room, dancing their first dance. Then there is the ritual feast Invitations Wedding loaf. This attribute is in any case can not be sold, like a wedding cake. For centuries, bread was considered a sacred symbol, which must be fed without self-interest, with a clean heart and soul. Therefore young skirt banquet table, treating each invited guest of a generous piece of loaf.

During the feast, guests have to sayacceptance speech, sincere congratulations to the bride and groom with their birth families. In the modern version of the wedding couple they tend to remain in their places, and the toaster with a tray and trunk bypasses all guests. Tray - dispensing tasty loaf, and chest - to collect gifts that portrayed people who had gathered for the occasion.

Treating guests sliced ​​loaf

These parents when they met at the wedding of the young

Parents must bless hischildren coming to a happy family life, to give some guidelines before they will taste bread and salt offered by parents. To prepare for this exciting time best advance by learning a few traditional words that usually say in such a case. For each parent, according to this tradition, there is a certain blagoslovitelnaya it, familiarize yourself with which you will be able to continue.

Words mothers of the bride and mother of the bride

Your words may be spoken at random, doesnot necessarily learn certain phrases, verses. It just needs to be a speech that serves as a parting word for a happy family life. Wish your children good and pure relations, joint light of life. Gave them their warmth and blessing, let the couple feel your love and support in such an important moment for them. Example See the photo below.

Alternately words mothers of bride and groom

If the loaf keeps in-law, the word is pronouncedshe is. It can be in any form, for example: "Dear children! Take a loaf with all the heart that we have prepared, as a symbol of the blessings of a long and happy married life. Keep it strong, filled with love, tenderness, prosperity and well-being! ". When the words are spoken, a loaf give witness to the one brought him into the room, placing among the other dishes on the wedding the newlyweds table.

The words of the bride and groom Pope Pope

The bride and groom break off and eat a pieceloaf with salt, and then drink a glass of champagne, which stand on a tray in one of the fathers. Here also lies the apple, cut in half - they must eat the young. Pope also did not stand in silence and as heads of their families, say certain words. They have a similar way to support their children and to bless. Example words refer to the photo below.

These fathers of the groom with the bride

Fathers Words need not beverse form, just use any speech. Tell your firm word head of the family of the groom, the husband must protect his beloved and to be a reliable support for it. Make it clear that you, as parents, are always ready to help and advise you at any moment of their life together.

Video: Meeting Suite with a loaf in a restaurant

Despite the fact that this ritual was carried outmany centuries ago, its traditions have come down to our days. Without custom wedding loaf with no cost, no one modern wedding. This is a wonderful and beautiful rite by which a holiday is of particular importance, solemnity, and the couple paid tribute to their forefathers. To see more details and to explore how the ancient ritual with bread and salt, watch the video in which parents solemnly greeted newlyweds with a loaf of the restaurant.