How nice to meet the bridegroom without ransom

According to ancient tradition, the future husband and wifethe night before the wedding should spend apart. There are lots of various scenarios of classic bride price ceremony the groom, in which the future spouse is necessary to carry out different tasks, and the witness - to offer money for the bride. Today's newlyweds are increasingly refusing to from such events, considering redemption obsolete and meaningless. How best to meet the bridegroom without compensation? There are many ways to organize a meeting of young beautiful original.

How to organize a meeting of the bride and groom without compensation?

Redemption - optional wedding ritual

The second phase begins after the wedding storiesBride and fees is to meet the bridegroom. Rejecting the traditional rituals of redemption, it is necessary to come up with a credible alternative. It is not necessary to meet the bridegroom solemnly in the stairwell of an apartment building in particular, if the corridor is not a very well-kept. There is a probability of occurrence among the wedding photos unflattering pictures of the bride and the guests on the background of ugly walls.

Advance should stock up on a few bottleschampagne, chocolates, fruit, elegant tartlets. Organize a small buffet table. Delicate flower petals laid out on the doorstep to the bride's room, will be spectacular decoration of the apartments, will help to meet the bridegroom, pointing his way to his beloved. Draped over the face of curtains or drapes will give the time of meeting, romance and effectiveness. The original version - the groom in the form of romantic love is singing a serenade to his beloved at the window of her room.

Traditionally, when the bridegroom meets his beloved,he teaches her a bouquet of flowers, such as roses tender, says a nice compliment, and then, throwing back the curtain, gives a light kiss sweetheart. The bride should think in advance about what to say to their chosen at the meeting. In such an incredibly touching and exciting moment it is difficult to be collected, not to get lost, so it is useful to think carefully about his speech.

As the bride's parents to arrange a meeting of the groom?

To meet the bridegroom with bread - an old tradition

Meet the groom on the wedding day to help parentsbride and her friends. Tradition meets future husband daughter with bread and salt is rooted deep into history, but retained many couples today. If you do not want to organize any traditional rituals, agree with parents that that they have met the groom, offering him a glass of champagne, saying oration. Parting words parents say over the buffet table before sending the photo shoot newlyweds or the registrar.

Happy mom and dad are usually spoken of asThey are happy that their daughter has found a worthy husband, willing young advice and love, a long and happy family life, a strong love and respect for each other, more kids. Following the wishes of parents say their first greeting relatives and friends. Traditionally, parents say the blessing at the doorstep. If you wish, just ask Mom and Dad say good wishes are not for the buffet table, and in the apartment door.

Scenarios meeting the bride and groom without ransom

The absence of a wedding repurchase program release time

Meeting the groom is an incredibly touching andexciting moment, the organization which requires a responsible approach. Newlyweds are experiencing a storm of emotions, first saw each other in festive attire. Let some time after the meeting to hold the young together. They will be able to share experiences, as well as tune before continuing with the wedding. The photographer will take a few frames of the meeting, to keep in memory a great moment.

After the bride meets groom younggo for a walk or to the registrar. The absence of a wedding repurchase program allows you to allocate a bit more time on the buffet or pre-photo shoot in nature with original attributes: balloons, colors, cardboard hearts and other accessories. Newlyweds no need to take the time to do everything. Waiver of redemption ritual frees a considerable period of time.

Meeting of young at the registry office doors

Meeting of young at the registry office - the European approach

Those young couples who do not wish to organizeredemption and pre-holiday bustle at home, arrange a meeting at the registry office doors. This is a classic European approach to the wedding program. The bride and groom, bypassing the redemption separately come to the marriage palace, meet each other immediately before the procedure registration. To make the moment of encounter spectacular advance hire two of the same car for young, arrange their simultaneous arrival at the registry office doors.

To stay

Romantic groom met in a hotel room

Some young modern couples Vacationthe night before the wedding a nice hotel room. If we stick to tradition, the night in the room spends his future wife, the groom comes to take it in the morning. Another option - to spend the night on the eve of the celebration together. Sutra couple to arrange a romantic dinner, drive up to the hotel hairdresser, makeup artist, photographer. After collecting the young photographer will organize a small photo shoot for lovers.

Romantic date

Romantic date before the wedding - an excellent alternative to redemption

Romantic date - another interestingversion of the script meetings groom without compensation. For example, in the morning the groom a small child in angel costume bring a letter from his beloved. The message is an invitation to a romantic date in some interesting, unusual or significant place for lovers. Park, greenhouse, cafe or even a hotel room - a perfect venue for pre-wedding date. At the meeting invited the photographer who engraved amazing moment lovers meeting before the wedding.

Video: The original alternative to the traditional buy-back

Below is an incredibly touching and invitedexciting video, which depicted an interesting alternative to the traditional custom of beaten redemption. The wedding video is narrated amazing romantic story. Invitation bride groom on a romantic date immediately prior to the wedding - an interesting and original version of a meeting of lovers.