Cool bride price

Wedding day for most honeymoonersIt does not begin with a hike to the registry office, and with the prior marriage ceremony the bride price. Vintage wedding customs and traditions claim that how much fun and joy to be held ransom, will depend on the happiness of the young. Therefore, you must carefully approach the issue of the test scenario for the groom. Do not let the subject and the guests get bored at the stage of passage repurchase tenders will original and funny scenario.

Preparing for redemption

Having decided to organize a funny ransom, you mustproperly prepare for it. The first thing you have to do - is to come up with a theme, based on which the tenders will be created and tested for the groom. The theme of redemption should be close and clear the newlyweds, uniting them. Cool will ransom, organized in gangster style, when the mafia kidnaps the bride, and the beloved is to release a hostage.

Cool bride price

If a man was involved in law enforcementauthorities, he is like a ransom of GAI style. For people keen on computer games, gamers will suit the scenario in style. A man who dreams of conquering the depths of the sea, it is recommended to arrange a ransom of Marine or pirate theme. But most brides dream of a valiant knight who will save them from prison (father's house), will overcome all obstacles on the way to meet with his beloved. Therefore, amusing and joyful themes of redemption, suitable for many couples is a knightly style.

The preparation for redemption traditionally engagedbridesmaids. Once selected the main theme of the action, you should consider a scenario, the role of paint, words. Every friend should assume certain responsibilities: to prepare props, write the text of the script, define the actors, you arrange the venue, make fun contests and tests for the groom.

Men dancing at a wedding

Details for redemption

  • Bow with arrows.
  • Target.
  • Swords (inflatable or sports) - 2 pcs.
  • Stump.
  • Nail.
  • Wooden hammer.
  • Knight's armor and equipment (can be rented in a drama school or sew these costumes with their hands).
  • Large chain with padlock and several keys.

Armor as the hilarious details for the bride price


  • Bridesmaids, which put the old clothes of times of knights.
  • The guard at the door, do not let the tower to the bride.
  • Friends of the groom, his entourage, helping overcome the obstacles.
  • The groom - chief knight of the day.
  • Bride, residing in prison in the High Castle, and waiting for her lover.

The bride and groom after foreclosure

Decorating the venue

To create the right atmosphere at the site wherewill be held bride price, you need to use decorative elements. If possible, at the entrance to the staircase set burning torches on the wall or fix the old lights. Guests who will be present at redemption, should be dressed in costumes of medieval style, to support the holiday theme.

At the entrance you need to turn off the lights dim. As recommended backlight massive candle. The walls decorate with fabric drapes. To do this, choose dark colors Materials: suitable shades of burgundy, navy blue, emerald. By contrast, use of the insert material with golden embroidery.

Decorating the room for the bride price

On the entrance wall and the entrance to the dwelling attachtapestries depicting knightly duels. Look for less expensive way to decorate the place of redemption? Then use the posters with thematic paintings, prints the photos, which depict the royal family, knights in armor. At the entrance to the apartment, where the bride hiding, lay a red carpet. On a wooden tray set up the clay jugs of wine to the bride and the witness could quench your thirst after passing the test.

The original design of the room for the modern bride price

Cool bride price scenario in 2016

Cool redemption begins with the arrival offiance betrothed to the entrance of the house. Knight should be forewarned of the impending trial, it is desirable that it is prepared to act appropriately. Thus, the subject is encouraged to decorate their car in the old style or yet to come for the bride on horseback. By the time the groom bridesmaids should be prepared to meet him at the entrance. They sit on a bench at the entrance in thought:

- For a long time in our country there was a real holiday. Boring live.

- Knight had not seen for a long time.

- That's our princess kidnapped by the robbers, kept in captivity. And no one come to save her.

- I wanted to come to us a noble fellow, save our beauty, and took her in marriage.

Bride Redemption at Funny Youth scenario

Pulls the groom on horseback or on a wedding cortege.

- Hello, my good man! On what occasion do you looked to us? - Ask a girlfriend.

- I've heard that you have a girl-beautiful, I came to marry her, - he says.

- The prison is our princess. The path to the bride goes through thorny swamp, thickets, rocks. We'll help you find your way, and if you do not cope with the difficulties, we will have to pay, - said one friend.

"You're a good fellow, but that you ought to apparelto match the pick. Bouquet of robbers going to dismiss? "- Says a second girlfriend. "To get the armor are listed our 10 true qualities of a knight." If Knight does not cope with the task or witness uses clues charged a penalty. The test can pay either in cash or card-promises which must be prepared in advance.

After Knight 10 call quality,bridesmaids clothe test in armor. "Here you are willing to have a meeting with the beloved. But then you have to overcome the marshland. Each stone on which you step will be referred to the reason why you decided to get married. If you will choose the wrong option - will have to pay. "

An original way to redeem the bride

On the steps of the ladder spread sheetspaper, on the back of which is written: "convenience", "no choice left," "argued with friends," "for love." Leaf with a correct answer so that the groom stepped on it in the last turn, and mistakes paid for.

- Passed you marshland and left on the forest glade. Many opal leaves from the trees, until you get here. Raise the paper and answer the question posed to him.

In the stairwell scatter leavestrees with questions. It could be the date of birth of the bride, the future mother-in eye color sweetheart, title favorite dishes, the place where the first meeting took place. For each wrong answer you need to pay.

- You stand in a high tower. But what tower of the three submitted is your narrowing guess? There is an elevator girlfriend, in whose hands a large sheet of paper. On a sheet of painted three towers with opening portholes. Each small window pasted photograph some of those present, and only one tower attached a photo of the bride. In an unsuccessful attempt to find his beloved fiance will have to pay.

After Knight got to the door of the bride,It goes toward the guard, sword in hand. They are encouraged to fight to get into the tower. Bride and guard arrange a comic battle with inflatable swords. Then Knight winner goes to the apartment.

Archery as a test for the groom the bride price

- The tests you have passed with dignity, defeated the evil guards. Prove to us even that will be a good host. Hit the target with a bow and hammer a nail into the stump with a hammer blow.

If the knight can not be the first attempt to get to the target and hammer a nail, the witness is paying for the mistake with the bridesmaids.

- All the obstacles in its path you overcame. It remains only to free his beloved and bring her down the aisle.

Knight goes with her friends to the bride's room. Bride's hands shackled chain on which hung a large lock.

- As you can see, the guard chained your favorite. To release it, you have to find the right key.

The subject is asked a few keys, you need to find the one that will be able to open the lock. For each mistake must pay cash. Cool redemption is completed the release of the bride.

Many brides on redemption

Tests and competitions for the groom

In this fun test for redemption brideThey can be finished. In drawing up its scenario in mind that the action must not last more than 20 minutes. It is advisable to rehearse the day before with her friends all competitions, and check if you are running out of time frame. If you still have time to spare, you can offer the groom just additional tests. There are many fun competitions for the bride price.

The groom participate in the contest for the redemption

Read the bride

Girls are made with large flowermulticolored petals. On each petal paste funny photos of people in different images so that the groom was difficult to guess who is in them. It could be children's hilarious snapshots of participants ransom. If the groom does not calculate a photo of the bride the first time, have to pay for the next attempt until, until there is a snapshot of the woman he loved.

Funny competition for the groom


The groom blindfolded and given into the hands of the shoeBride. On chairs sit all interested parties to ransom hilarious. To participate, not only women allowed in the competition, but also men. The subject is asked to touch identify stem sweetheart and put on her shoe. It's funny and fun to watch for the groom, who is looking for his Cinderella trying on shoes and men.

The sign on the door lock

Test "allegiance"

For such a test would have hilariousinvite seductive girls. It may be a stripper, a performer of Oriental dance, all present, immodest women. They surround man from all sides and try every possible way to seduce. The task of the groom - not to laugh during the competition and not to resort to arms. For all event closely watched leading foreclosure. If there is a smile on the face of the subject witness will have to pay with the bridesmaids.

Bride waiting to be redeemed


Cool Competition "Serenade" is organized under thebox bride home. Came the groom reported that lover wants to hear a serenade. But the song a cappella it does not inspire the bride wants to serenade was with music. Subjects were asked to choose to redeem musical instruments pans with lids, drums, spoons, ladle, a tape recorder with the melody of the selected song. Good tools are expensive, but accompanied by a pan with a lid will serenade bright, funny and memorable.

Serenade how cool test for the groom

Video: funny bride price in 2016

Wedding day newlywed laid outminute. But even in such a busy schedule should allocate time for the redemption of cool. Bright, fun contests, invented by the bridesmaids, the groom not only cheer, but all the guests. Cool redemption - this is a great, fun start of the wedding, which will leave a lot of positive impressions and emotions of each participant. The video below shows another version of the hilarious foreclosure scenario which will suit a young active couple.