Bride Redemption style travel agencies

The original modern bride price - aa fascinating view that, as a rule, is organizing a witness with her friends or specially hired people. Unique ideas, unusual solutions, interesting scenarios are replacing classic. Bride price in travel agencies style - an event that will long be remembered heroes of the occasion and present guests, leave a lot of positive impressions, allows the newlyweds to start a fun day wedding celebration.


Redemption bride travel agency does not require largeCash investments and plenty of spare time participants, but the right props definitely need. The main stages of preparation - and thinking through the creation of the script, which will be held at the event, the distribution of roles, rehearsing with actors, props preparation for contests, games, assignments for the groom. Special attention should be paid to the style of the room, which is designed to create an atmosphere of travel.

Bride Redemption style travel agencies

Prepare the bride ransom style merrytravel agencies is not too complicated. If desired, all the preparation steps are carried out fun, humor pleasure bridesmaids, and she is beloved in anticipation of the fun of the process that diverts it from the pre-wedding commotion. Such redemption will provide all present interesting pastime before a trip to the registrar.

Details for ransom in the style of travel agencies

The bridesmaids can buy matchingrequisites for ransom or make the most of their own. This will help the girls feel the festive atmosphere long before the celebration. Examples of details:

  1. Clothing. Costumes that will be needed in the implementation of redemption scenarios:
  • The representative of the travel agency. Style girlfriends, which will play a representative of the travel agency - business suit or office dress, neat shoes, badge, which will be written her name and company name. To emphasize rigorous outfit, she can add a tie. Or vice versa - girlfriend is permissible to make a style of bright, cheerful, wear a boa or leu, which would hint at the fun overseas vacation, wear a pirate hat.

Bride Redemption style travel agencies
  • The customs officer. If you manage to get this form - great, if not - it is necessary to confine strict business style, and a paper jacket sew straps. If a customs officer plays a girl, to her way of joking suit false mustache, cap.
  1. Ticket. It is necessary, when the bridegroom will be at the entrance, where a representative of the travel agency will offer him to choose the route and buy a ticket. A ticket for the route to the bride cheaper than the others, but involves other expenses during the journey.
  2. Cards with names of countries and capitals. Such props will need for the next contest: the groom to be called the first capital of each country, which show him, and then vice versa - to identify the country in the capital.
  3. Ten matchboxes, long rope, chairand rug under it. This props needed for testing during the redemption, which will check the ingenuity of her spouse - for a certain time, he will need to make beads out of the box without any matches for his beloved, and then for a minute to collect all the matches in boxes.
  4. Cloak, bouquet. Props for bride buyout tests where the groom will need to put on the cloak using just the hand that has no bouquet. In order not to risk the beauty of the flowers, bridesmaids can buy extra flavor.
  5. Balloons, Dart. Before the door, where waiting for a future husband bride, bridesmaids should arrange some balls, each of which is a note - one of them with the name of his beloved. The groom should intuitively guessed right and throw a dart.



Actors for redemption:

  • The representative of the travel agency. She may be one or more - depending on the wishes and the script scope.
  • The customs officer, who will fill the customsDeclaration imported future spouse property. This will be alcohol, candy, money. The groom will have to pay customs duty, to be allowed to travel across the border.
  • Escort-photographer who will shoot the process of traveling with the family in the photo and video.

Making room in the tourist-style

Bride Redemption style travel agencies

Make room is important to match the styleEvents. On the walls of the entrance, the apartment should hang maps, directions - their girlfriends, if desired, can draw on their own. In front of the entrance to hang a sign on which is written the name of the travel agency. Several variants of the name: "The second half", "no turning back", "Endless Road" and others. This bride price is good because it does not require much attention to the style of the room.

foreclosure scenario in the style of travel agencies

Bride Redemption begins with the restrictionHe pulls up to the house of his beloved. Before the house is a table with a sign "travel agency" Endless Road "- the main props, indicating what will happen. At the table sits a bridesmaid, dressed in a formal suit, which adorns the lapel badge employee of travel agency. When the groom comes to the table, travel agency employee perks up:

- Hello Young man! I see you're not alone, and with friends (leading examines a witness, other guests from the groom). In fact, it looks like your clothes are, of course, that came to me without reason: for the bride. You know, come here sometimes to see, to look through the brochures, so serious ... And you, I see, and have prepared a bunch. Well, I go straight to the point - we have a lot of brides, all different, different routes. There is a warm country, there is a snow resort, the island ... What bride would like? How?


The destined answers he is looking for the one and only bride (calls her name). Leading redemption:

- Ah, so we have ... I must say, you have questions, gentlemen, serious Stay on this route is inexpensive, but the path is dangerous, you can trap it unexpected expenses. Please make an initial payment for the ticket, pay for insurance ...

The groom with the witness give the girl money, alcohol, candy, and other gifts made for the bride price.

- Wish you luck! Follow on - on customs.

At a makeshift customs betrothed and his entourage expects first serious waste - payment of customs duties. Guests ransom meets customs:

- Hello, young people! Please pay the customs duty ... Prohibited substances, weapons there? Excellent. The main thing is to have other values ​​- money, for example, decorations ... There? It's fine. You do know that this is not a ticket to take no money?

The destined one pays a fee, but future husband waiting for the next test.

- And now, dear guest, will have to gotest for intelligence. Unfortunately, without this exam customs you do not go - too much like a girl the edges of the smart guys. Normally, the test lasts a few hours, but I see you are a man stupid, and this view is understandable, therefore, we try to speed up the process. Let this: I will call to you - the capital, and then agree on the points

Ransom style travel agencies

Groom or correct names of all the countries of the capital or pay ransom.

- Congratulations, you passed the test! Come on.

Once betrothed goes abroad, meets the hero for the day another employee of the travel agency:

- My colleague told me about your situation,He says that you are a serious man, but she has some doubts ... She asked me to find out, do some tests. You do not mind? Well, even if the mind is no alternative.

After a pause, she holds the next contest bride price travel agencies:

- Here is a chair on a chair with a rope and a box of matches. Take a minute out of this necklace to your beloved bride, so hurry!

The groom should get a match from a box, leaving the upper panel, the panel strung on a rope.

- Perfectly! As talented as beautiful bride will be satisfied. Now untie the rope, and the box of matches without insert.

The destined to cope.

- Your persistence and resourcefulness command respect! And now the most important thing: one minute collect all the matches in the box. You can take the help of friends.

If the hero of the festivities with his entourage out leading skips without money - if not, they pay a ransom.

- No one has so quickly cope with thistest, shall, my colleague got excited when you asked me to check ... However, we will continue. Resourcefulness - an important quality, which should manifest itself in any situation. For example, a cloak (cloak girl shows). But the bouquet (with the other hand shows the artificial flowers). Not releasing a bouquet, you need to put on a raincoat, buttoned all the buttons. Busy hands can not be used.

Tourist bride price

Hero for the day of redemption passes this test.

- Well! Excellent skill. But looking a look at this coat, he did not go to you, as in this way to the beloved? Shoot dreadful garment, and a bunch of long hold.

Narrowing have to undress, fulfilling the conditions of the competition - do not let a bunch of hands. Lead continues:

- Our heroes almost reached his goal, andNow you need to show their strength, which is so valued by the girls. Let this thing is not as heavy as iron core, which throw the Olympians, but not fly away (girl giving future husband a balloon). The farther fly - the closer will go to the final test, and the proximity to it is important.

Hero for the day throwing the ball, is as much as he flew.

- The last test is also associated with airball, but the subject will not have to throw ... on the contrary - you need to get into it. See: three balls hanging on the door? Note the name of the beloved is inside one of them. Guess you need and get on the first try, but if not ... Somehow agree.

The destined throw darts until he eats the ball with a note.

- Congratulations, young man! You have passed all the tests showed intelligence, ingenuity, agility, strength, accuracy - every girl wants to get you myself, but I see that you are confident in your choice. Bride been waiting for this, it has not got none of the travelers who want to get her location, this honor went to you. Solemnly permission to open the door to meet your favorite and go with her on the endless road of love!

The groom opened the door, the future spouses meet redemption ends.

Video process

Watch the video, which implemented a modern bride price in the airline style - lots of competitions, tests will help you find ideas for original tourist redemption:

Tourist bride price - a beautiful,fun way to spend the beginning of the solemn day. To the main culprits celebrations were satisfied, the organizers of the festival to be well prepared: advance purchase props, arrange the room, and most importantly - in a good mood to spend a fun event.