Bride Redemption-style screen test

Each bridesmaid, being the organizerwedding foreclosures, aims to make the event an original, interesting and fun: for this it needs an unusual scenario. Redemption in the screen test style - a unique event, which will allow for the beginning of the solemn day of fun for all participants and spectators. This redemption groom through competitions, tests, assignments will receive the title role of his life - to become a loving husband.


Preparation of such an event - time-consuming, butfascinating process, which will give a cheerful start of a long wedding day. Organizers of the event have to think about a script that will help girls navigate during redemption, to come up with a few competitions, choose the appropriate props decorate the place where it will all pass. To the holiday was perfect, always good to learn a text, to conduct preliminary rehearsals.

The duration of a good ransom, which does not tirebetrothed to a witness - 20-40 minutes, you need to take this into account in the preparation of the script. In the presence of Finance girl can hire a toastmaster, which removes part of the care from the shoulders of the organizers - professional conduct ransom audition.

Details for redemption

No redemption is complete without the necessary props, because it helps to create a suitable thematic atmosphere. Examples of items that will be needed during the event:

Bride Redemption-style screen test
  • Clothing. The style suits, girls top - comfortable shirts, decorate the neck are big gold chains and complement the image of the cap. Also, an optional accessory can be hanging on the neck of the blanks in the studio, which organizers can draw on their own.
  • Bounding tape label "Without skippingTrespassing ", the list will, pass. When the bride arrives at the house of his beloved, he sees the following picture: the bride's entrance area is fenced, there is a plate, next to the guard. The destined one approaches him, asking how to get inside - the guard replied that it is the territory screen test, if it is not listed, do not miss.

Leading read out the list will take the culpritcelebrations that he should represent, for example, "love to eat" - shows how to eat, "she snores in his sleep" - picturesquely starts snoring. At the end of the contest gets a pass, or give a bribe.

  • Text pop songs recorded on the phone soundtrack. On the first flight of stairs groom waiting for the initial stage of the competition. To appear on the cinema screen, you need to not only have good acting ability, but also to sing perfectly. Future spouse writer produces text that you want to execute in the rap style, including music. The romantic, sweeter song - the funnier the test work.

Bride Redemption-style screen test
  • List of mysteries. Everyone involved in the shooting, he knows it is not enough alone external data - actor, occurring on a daily basis with people and often gives interviews to be smart. Narrowing have to guess a few riddles to go further, and for every mistake he needed to pay off the money.
  • Cut out the paper trail. Moving on, hero of the occasion faced with the task: he has to go through a flight of stairs only cut tracks without touching the handrails, stairs, walls, but there are only traces of the first two steps. Betrothed to guess to ask the witness to carry it.
  • The list with the number of words equal steps. To pass this test, you need to be able to get out of even the most unlikely situations. Narrowing of the offer to make a beautiful declaration of love using the words from the list. Each used the word - the right to go up a notch. Example words: "Socks", "terrible", "brown", "hay" and so on.
  • Cards with three words. This test will require the help of a witness - given minute of the fact that the groom had to guess the word that best friend is trying to show gestures. The first two words can be easy, the last - complicated. For example, the "cup", "coat", "red".

  • Several questions written on paper. Last competition - interview. Before you get the opportunity to show off in front of the camera, the future husband runs an interview, answering questions about the wedding, the bride and love. Once betrothed answered correctly or bought off the persistent girlfriends, redemption ends.


Main actors involved:

  • The guard, who will meet the culprit celebration.
  • Director - the first drive.
  • Script - the second drive.
  • Screen Actors - Groom, the witness, the guests from her spouse.
  • Photographer making a memorable photo.

Making room for the screen test


To give thematic redemptionrealistic, should select the appropriate style of the space. Girls-organizers can print photos of famous Hollywood actors, to find large posters rental movies. Also, the space will decorate a black and white models of cameras old film camera personnel ribbons. To add visual style will help the printed image with the names of the old film studios: "Soyuzmultfilm", "Mosfilm", etc.

foreclosure scenario in the style of screen tests

Groom together with the witness drove up to the housebride, there begins a ransom audition. there is a table, on it a sign outside the entrance - "Entry prohibited without a permit." At the table sits a guard. Noting the groom, he says:

- Good afternoon, young men! Why have welcomed such a beautiful?

The bridegroom answers that came for the bride.

- For the bride! Ho-ho. She is currently shooting a movie. It's called the painting "Family Life". Let's passport, check in your name.

The future husband shows passport.

- Your name is not listed the actors, but the brideleft list will take, which I know her future husband. Now we check ... So, here it is written: likes to eat. Do you like to eat, right? Show me how you do it.

Redemption-style screen test

Groom passes the test, shows how eating.

- Yeah, as if it's true love! And it says here that you snore during sleep, is it?

The future husband shows snoring.

- Ha-ha! It is ridiculous. The bride did not spare you. The latter is - it is written, you are a great dancer. Demonstrate. Only a song will include ...

The guard with the phone includes a melody, the groom dancing.

- Well! (Applauds.) Lovely details, just for these screen tests. Take a pass, pass.

The destined passed its first test comes in the entrance, where he is met by scriptwriter.

- You to audition for "Family Life"? Ok, one more! As long as no one found. So many came to audition, you know, and all the way. Our serious, beautiful bride, therefore consist of several stages. The first test - a musical ear. The actor must have them ... at least a little.

Girlfriend gives future husband a sheet on which the text of the romantic songs.

- That's your job. Currently on track ... You need to perform this song, to perform as it should, dear. There is only one condition - it should be read in rap style. What are you so overcame? Start!

Leading girlfriend includes minus for the rap song, the bridegroom passes this test.

Bride Redemption-style screen test

- Do you have a good voice! But we have a serious company, we do not deal with anyone anyhow. All of our actors-workers know their value, have good intelligence. I sometimes look at these poor things, that in the banal interview can not utter a word, much as it becomes a pity!

Girlfriend gets paper.

- I here there are a few puzzles that will have to solve in order to proceed to the next competition. Ready?

The groom responds positively and passes the test, answering a variety of puzzles. If you do not guess - is paying for the tip screenwriter.

- Perfectly! Your mental abilities suits me. Nice to see such a serious-minded young people.

The leading culprit celebration brings to a flight of stairs, which is strewn with traces - they are the first two steps, walls, ceiling. Girlfriend says:

- Sometimes a good actor should not inventbike, trying to find the original way of solving problems - just enough to go in the footsteps of the successful man who has achieved a lot. These traces left one kind of person who should be an example for you. You can walk up the stairs, stepping only on this trail.

The groom has to pass the test, guessing ask the witness to incur it.

- Great idea! You're right, the groom to ask for help of a friend. To get into the entertainment business, you need to have true friends who will open the right doors, support ... will suffer.

Bride Redemption-style screen test

Girlfriend shows the next flight of stairs.

- This actor is able to extricate himself from eventhe most incredible situations. For example, a list of words that are not related to each other, may even seem ridiculous. But you do not laugh, please read list.

Groom reads.

- The objective of this contest - to make a touching declaration of love using all the words. Each title word entitles you to climb one step higher. Start!

The future husband is tested bride price screen test, the writer says:

- Good job, well done you. Is not lost during a difficult situation - for shooting of our film is useful.

Girlfriend refers to the witness:

- You have proven that you are a wonderful friend! Now it depends on you whether the groom the next contest will be held. Ear I'll tell you the word that you want to portray gestures. Remember, the better the show - the more chance betrothed to become an actor of this film!

The spouse with the witness are the bride price competition screen test. When the groom guess the last word, the writer says:

- Well, I did everything I could. I think we'll have done a wonderful work that will be appreciated. You will have to pass an interview with the director, who will ask some interesting questions.

Narrowing face the ultimate test - a meeting with the director. Moderator:

- Good afternoon! I heard all the competitions went well. I will ask you a few questions. Do not worry, respond calmly, I do not bite.

Redemption-style screen test

The director asks questions related to the bride's biography, wondered whether the groom knows wedding traditions, etc. For every bug hero of the occasion to pay a ransom.

- Congratulations! You - officially the protagonist of our film. Go to the main character, get ready to shoot!

The future husband meets with the bride, redemption screen test ends.

Video process

Look interesting and funny bride price, where several unusual ideas implemented for tenders, which will be adapted for redemption:

Bride Redemption - a unique event thatIt will make the beginning of the holiday fun, allow the couple happily go with the family. To everything was perfect, the organizers need to take care of the careful preparation of the event.