Bride Redemption style Railroad

Vintage Bride redemption ritual changed sinceRus times, has acquired the features of a theatrical performance. Now the organizers of the event are trying to make it interesting scenario, the original, the most suitable pair for which it is created. Redemption of the bride in a railway-style - this is an interesting adventure that will have to go to the groom and his entourage. This theme is perfect for men who work in this field, as well as those who conceals the true spirit of the traveler.


To prepare the event, which will makethe beginning of the wedding day really fun and festive, you will need to make an effort, but they are the result. Girlfriend will create a script which will include interesting fun contests, unusual themed assignments, tests culprit celebrations on strength, agility, love to the bride. Redemption will take place perfectly, if the organizers pre-check on the participants knowledge of the text, hold a few rehearsals.

Bride Redemption style Railroad

The creator of the script should be remembered that,that repayment should not last more than 40 minutes, otherwise the event risks groom tire long before the official marriage ceremony. Simplify the task of preparing, take over the ransom can a professional toastmaster.

Details for redemption

An important part of the preparation of foreclosure Railroad - is the creation or purchase of the necessary props. Things that may be needed for the competitions, creating an atmosphere:

  • Clothing. Style Railroad - a severe form (shirt, jacket, pencil skirt, neat shoes), supplemented with epaulettes and cap.

Bride Redemption style Railroad
  • Table, chair, sign "passage without a ticket is prohibited."
  • Beautiful painted ticket. To get on the platform, you need to buy a ticket, but this is not so simple.
  • Recorded on pieces groom signs data bride. To get on the train, you need to prove that this is the groom, the bride is waiting.

  • Bayan, guitar or phonogram, bacon, vodka.
  • A lot of magazines with different titles, newspapers. To groom and his entourage cut out cover letters, words to compile messages to the bride.
  • Bed linen with different drawings.
  • Several keys, colored tape, box.


Bride Redemption style Railroad

The protagonists of the bride price:

  • Railwayman, to meet the bridegroom.
  • The cashier, who sells tickets.
  • Conductor.
  • The seller of newspapers.
  • The driver of the train.
  • The photographer, who is filming going on in the photo.

Making room

processing facilities must comply with StyleRailroad theme of redemption. Street, road, bride apartment can decorate posters, humorous drawings, caricatures with the railroad. The atmosphere of an event will give a music dedicated to the employees of the railway and travel in general. Girls can draw funny train schedule arrival at the station, which may be called g.Nezhnost, s.Vechnoy Love and so on.

foreclosure scenario in the style of a railway

Redemption bride Railroad begins whenfuture husband drove to the house of his beloved. He sees that the front entrance is a table, and a bridesmaid sitting behind him, dressed as a security guard. The groom comes closer:

Good afternoon, young man? Where are you going?

The culprit responsible celebration that came to pick up the bride.

-A Bride! One bride ran here in the morning, saying that hide in the train, on the territory of a coupe. I can tell you how to find it. For a small fee ...

Bride bridesmaid dresses small ransom.

-Good! We've had many suitors, who were trying to get to your sweetheart, but they could not pass this test. To find out where the bride, you need to decipher the code. Here, for example, tell how old she was?

The culprit responsible celebration.

-Correctly. And what her feet size?

The future husband says.

-Excellent! The last question of the size of the ring is your bride?

The groom is responsible. For every mistake pays guard.

Congratulations, you've gone a little test thatIt gives you the right to take the train! Numeric values ​​that we call is the number of train, wagon and coupe. Just before going on the road would have to purchase a ticket to head to the checkout. Good luck!

The future husband goes to the next test bride price Railroad. It takes place on the territory of the entrance. Narrowing meets bridesmaid dressed cashier railway:

-Hello! Where will go?

Hero for the day called the train number.

Ah, this! Good route, one of my favorites. Return this morning bride hurry, you do not it?

The groom replied in the affirmative.

-I Have just learned! As seen, I thought to you and going. This girl has bought and asked him to pick up a few more tickets that belong to all the members of her family. However, I can not give them as long as you are not totally call the correct surname, name and patronymic. If you make a mistake, you have to pay the full cost of each ticket again.

Hero for the day passes this test bride price, calling the name of her next of kin and the nicknames of animals. Mistaken - it pays. The cashier said with satisfaction:

Yes, all is well here. Here is your ticket and tickets for her family. Go to the platform, the train leaves soon. Lucky road!

Reduced bore on to the next competition redemption Railroad. The platform meets the culprit celebration bridesmaid, dressed as the conductor:

-Good afternoon! Ticket and passport, please.

The conductor checks the ticket and then exclaims:

-This Is you came for the bride! All clear. Now I will check compliance.

Leading squints, trying to determine whether the groom like the photo in the passport.

-I do not know! Let me sight lately ... I can not guarantee that you - that the groom, the bride is waiting ... But we had done the research! She left a list of your personal will that help me to identify the truth. Without this test, I'm afraid you do not train to climb ...

Conductor pulls out a sheet left by the bride, read:

-There Is written, that you know how to cook. It's true? Show!

Bride shows how to prepare.

-Vrode Know how! And it says: a good driver. Now we check!

Bridesmaids pulls the machine constructor and offers to collect narrowing.

Yes, with the machines you are all right! There is something else. It is written that you sing great. Sing-ka something romantic!

Hero for the day of redemption passes this test Railroad. Bridesmaids satisfaction says:

-Perfectly! Your identity is confirmed. Come on!

Further future husband meet fellow travelers, who are sitting at the table with sliced ​​bacon, vodka, and keep the guitar. Those friendly greeting:

-Hi! Sit down to us, drink, ate, how to sit!

The groom refuses, says to the bride in a hurry:

-Videli We bride, a real beauty! But as they say, more beautiful than the bride mother-in-law is more dangerous! You, the groom, is a means of struggle against it?

The future husband responds negatively.

-No, We'll prepare now so that no mother-in-law will not stand! Come on, Bob, backwaters!

One of the travel starts playing a melody for ditties on the guitar, sings a ditty about a second mother-in.

Bride Redemption style Railroad

-Zhenih, After the second time to sing along!

Hero for the day of redemption passes this test Railroad.

-Good Voice you have! Oh, sorry, that care, deprives us of the pleasant company. Well, good luck with your bride!

The future husband goes on and meets the seller of newspapers.

-Zdraste, Will take a newspaper? Maybe a magazine! We have here a new Playboy! So as not to miss on the way.

Hero for the day refuses.

-Maybe Skidochku to take? I do not mind, and you enjoy!

The groom refuses again.

Well, you are so honest as to the bride together! Wait ... You do it, huh? And I just do not understand! your bride asked her to lay down a message from the headlines, when you're already quite close, so I have to buy me several gazetok.

The future husband pays for several publications, then it passes this test foreclosure Railroad.

-Chudnoe Message! I go give the bride. Hurry!

Newsboy is sent to the bride and groom again meets with the conductor:

-Hello again! Linen will take?

Bridesmaids shows several betrothedbed linen. The future husband chooses. Each set represents the outcome of a future night children's print - Conception, red underwear - a passionate night, white - a dream. Bridesmaids said means selected underwear, and then adds:

-Well, At the same time, we have finished with you. Have a nice trip with the bride!

The groom is waiting for the final test of bride priceRailroad - a meeting with the head of the train. Before the room where waiting for the beloved, is her father or friend who holds a box: there could be seen a few colored ribbons.

-Hello, The bridegroom! You passed a lot of tests, proved his loyalty and love to the bride and her family. You're the last. Our bride loves one of these colors.

Head of the train indicated on the box.

-K Tape of her favorite colors tied the key that opens the door coupe. Choose!

Hero for the day chooses tape. If wrong, it pays for the next attempt. When chosen correctly, the boss says:

-Congratulations! I wish you with an easy way beloved.

Leading away, the groom opens the door, which is waiting for the bride, the redemption of a railway ends.

Video process

Watch interesting videos with adventure style of bride price, which realized a lot of interesting ideas for competitions:

Bride Redemption in the original styleRailroad - an unforgettable event which will long remember all present guests and the newlyweds. Start preparing for it in advance, then the beginning of the solemn day will pass perfectly.