Bride Redemption style Gopnik

Every couple seeks to make his daycelebration unique. To stand out, many newlyweds are ready to create original situations, use the incredible scenario. One of them - the ransom Gopnik style. For the organization of the event you need to have a high degree of self-irony, only the brave girl will go out to prepare this unusual ransom. To the beginning of the wedding day was perfect, her friends need to do careful preparation long before the celebration.


To prepare such an event is simple - manypeople know who Gopnik, how they look, the distinctive features of this group of people. The only thing that can make it difficult for intelligent girlfriends - slangy language Gopnik, which necessarily have to be used during the writing of the script. Then the girls should be found on the internet appropriate Slang, choose the most innocuous words, and then include them in the text.

Bride Redemption style Gopnik

Before the participants will need to repurchaselearn the script, and then do a few rehearsals to himself not to laugh during the event. The very style of conversation will certainly provoke roars of laughter. The rest to prepare the dowry in street style - simple, it needs only to use all known stereotypes.

Details for redemption

After the competitions invented, it is necessary to do the selection of props, relating not only to test for the groom, but also clothes, the style of decoration of the room. An example of the things required for:

  1. Clothing. To top looked convincing, they must be put right:
  • Female style. Girlfriend should be ready for that themselves have little to spoil. Mesh tights, short denim skirts, bright colorful shirts adorned with rhinestones cheap, can not be combined with all of this sports jacket. Unusual for girls to makeup style: black pencil penciled eyebrows, long eyelashes lush, bright lips, blush too contrasting, brilliant shade. The lower the combined colors, the better it is for the image.

Bride Redemption style Gopnik
  • Men's style. Men are also not difficult to find the right clothes, all that is necessary for Gopnik style, find cheap bazaars that sell fakes. The main items of clothing - sweat pants with two stripes and sweatshirts. Also, men can wear a leather jacket, sneakers or pointy shoes. At the head of the stronger sex should flaunt a cap-duck, baseball cap.

Bride Redemption style Gopnik
  1. The cigarette behind his ear - a mandatory attribute of "clear kid" as call themselves representatives of this group of people.
  2. Seeds. Do not forget about the constant desire to eat seeds Gopnik, a shell from which necessarily need to throw at his feet.
  3. Bottles of beer and plastic cups. This props needed for the competition, "Glass of beer."

Bride Redemption style Gopnik
  1. Erotic pictures of girls or baby photos of the bride.
  2. Guitar or phone.
  3. Cards with questions about the bride.
  4. Three packages or cups with seeds.

Bride Redemption style Gopnik
  1. Maps with riddles.


The main actors in foreclosure gopnikovom style:

  • The groom and his team - the witness and friends.
  • Clear boys and girls, who give the bride to marry.
  • The photographer, who will remove the foreclosure process in the photo, video.

Making room

To create a unique atmosphere, girlfriendsYou will need to take care of the appropriate design style. If the bride lives in an ordinary five-storey or high-rise building with cracked paint on the porch area, is what we need. The apartment will also decorate the wall carpets, the table will let the two-liter beer bottles, plastic cups, cigarette packs, the Olivier, sausage sandwiches and a huge bowl girlfriend can completely fill seeds - a laugh guests.

Ransom style Gopnik

foreclosure scenario in the style Gopnik

foreclosure scenario could unfold: betrothed pulls up to the house of the beloved, where they meet Gopnik wishing to overcome the groom Mobil. When Gopnik know for whom the young man arrived, starting competitions, games, tests that are designed to help future wife to show their true intentions, financial solvency. Once collected evidence of love, meets a bride betrothed couple and sent to the registrar.

Redemption bride Gopnik begins when the futurehusband arrives at the house of his beloved. There's the groom sees strange dressed girlfriends, who sit on the bench and flip seeds, throwing shells underfoot. The area is decorated with bottles of beer. When the hero of the occasion comes closer, he noticed one of the girls:

-Opa, And you who we are?

Lead gets up, swaying, approaching the groom:

- Call is? How not? You hamish me?

Groom excuses.

- Hey, are you in general with any area immediately drew such a beautiful?

The future husband replies that came for the bride.

- No, you saw it for the bride! Some you're not too pretty, dressed not on concepts. Our clear girlfriend are not needed. For starters get dressed, so like a normal kid looked, but how this stand.

Girlfriends give the groom on top of a suit jacket with three stripes on his head wearing a cap.

- Well, finally, at least not look disgusting. So you say, the bride arrived.

Ransom style Gopnik

Leading pulls out of his pocket blazer few photos that the groom can not see.

- We have something on your bride. Small is good, but for the life of affairs has already do: there is incriminating evidence, which you need to have to redeem us. Not listen, not be good for her to print the whole area will see these photos.

The culprit celebration buys dirt on the bride who can be funny baby photos.

- I see you like a small, do not want her life is turned the wrong way. I am ready to fight for it?

The groom responds ready.

- Well, well, I believe, but for the market will have to answer. Let's go to.

The witness is a future wife for the first test of the bride price Gopnik.

- We're fine with the guys yesterday, hung together, there is not much at the bottom of a beer glass. Small ours should live like a princess, okay?

The future husband replied in the affirmative.

- Now let's see how you get it. Grist babosov here so much that the beer came to the brim, not what can not prove their security.

Hero for the day of redemption passes this test Gopnik.

- No, well, you're Major, kid! Normally you live, is it going downhill. Small bedovat yours will not. Come on, what's on the list.

One of the bridesmaids provides leading phone.

- Like you're a normal area, but somehow tothe end can not believe it. We're all creative people, so muzlo also listen on concepts. We have for you and your team a single job. (Turning to the witness with the groom's guests) You too, guys, do not move.


Gopnik give participants job - lyrics.

- I'm here on a mobile phone just Minusovka wormed. SchA I will include a track, and you sing along together. Check your knowledge about good Mouzon.

Bridesmaids includes melody mobile participants redemption Gopnik tested.

- Well, everything, brother, you are my heart melted, you know? Hey, I still can not move.

Leading pretended to wipe tears.

- No, well, we ended up with snot. For the next job you have little pohobotitsya memory strain.

The witness takes out a sheet with questions.

- We are here with the guys talked a little bit and realizedcan release a small bride only after we realize that you mean it inside out you know. Right now the question for the pair will be. The first is: how old the bride?

The future husband is responsible.

- And what foot size from small?

Hero for the day once again gives an answer.

- Do any of these Chicks her best friend?

The witness points to the girls who are involved in the purchase. For each wrong answer, the future spouse pays babosy.

- Look, you have a memory all clear bratuha. Well, we have already come close to meeting with your small. In general, we guys are simple but with intelligence everything is in order and we can not allow you tupil beside our friend. We give you a few more questions of general education. For the wrong market will babosy pay.


The groom is tested, where leading ask questions about the wedding traditions.

- Yes, you have the intelligence level, respect, brother. And your team is the same smart?

The same test is held ransom witness with friends of the groom.

- Well, all questions asked, boys. You're the last.

The last test of redemption Gopnik has been held in an apartment, in front of the door where the bride waits for her spouse. Leading confronts future husband a few glasses with seeds:

- In one of these glasses is the key that opens the door. Guess what in particular.

Hero for the day passes the test if no guesses immediately pay a ransom for the next attempt. When the bride receives a key leader says:

- Well, kid, you're with a team exceeded our expectations. I did not think that there is someone worthy of our friend. Do you want a small fortune, and that everything was clear. It happens!

Bridesmaids go, there are heroes of the occasion, the redemption Gopnik ends.

Video process

Watch the video report about the unique wedding Gopnik and an entourage of event:

Modern bride price - a great excuse to roam fantasy. Feel free to use fresh, unusual ideas that will bring future spouses with the guests happy mood.