Bride Redemption-style gangsters

Bride Redemption - a fun, interestingpresentation, which is prepared for the bridesmaids main culprit celebration. To the event was unforgettable, you must pick up the original script. Redemption of the bride in a gangster style - modern way to spend an unusual event. To create a unique atmosphere of the last century since the emergence of gangsters, mafia groups, the organizer should take care of the preparation long before the celebration.


Preparing for the redemption of the bride can take manytime as is necessary to consider a lot of little things, to such an event seemed a natural and beautiful. We need to take care of props, costumes, finding an interesting scenario, the distribution of roles between the parties, rehearsals, execution-style rooms or the street, which will take place repurchase coveted bride in gangster style. Be sure to hire a professional who will make a memorable photo and video.

Details for redemption

The repurchase, which is designed to recreate the atmosphere of the board's gangsters, played a huge role details. Here are the main props that will be needed for a perfect gangster bride price:

Bride Redemption-style gangsters
  1. Clothing. Best of all, if the guests, participants of redemption, as well as heroes of the festivities will be dressed according to the style of 20-ies of the last century. For this reason, the ransom is perfect for celebrating retro wedding.
  • Female style. Fashion twenties - a straight cut dresses, exquisite natural fabrics, skirts flying. Accessories that will highlight such a way - gloves, feather boas, stockings. A perfect hair style - cold waves, but also you can use any collected hair armbands decorated with feathers, veil. Optional accessories can become the mouthpiece.
  • Men's style. The costume of the last century from the gangsters - deuce or trio. Use smooth shiny fabrics, dark colors (brown, blue) and light (gray). Negligence was unacceptable. Well, if the groom's suit is sewn to order, he must sit perfectly. Shoes necessarily perfectly polished.
  1. Pistols. This attribute is a necessary part of the image of the gangster, because how else to protect yourself and your clan? To create a completely realistic simulation of mafia groups, to give preference to better model Colt or tommy-gana. However, many do not hesitate to use the usual toy guns.

Redemption-style gangsters
  1. Another small props, emphasizing the style of gangster on redemption - cigars men graceful canes.
  2. Retro car. This option is suitable for those who have the financial - then get to rent a vintage car, for example, the Lincoln or Cadillac. If not so clearly do not follow the subject, fit and luxurious limousine another brand.
  3. Appropriate music: deep soft saxophone sounds, melodies Broadway performances.
  4. Competition props - maps, target safes.
  5. Alcohol stylized bottles, bags, filled with hundreds of artificial cuts.


The protagonists - gangsters from neighboringgroups. One of them - on the part of the bridegroom, which will all be called Don (Name), the other - from the bride. During the redemption they need to agree on how and under what conditions the bride will go to another "family". If finances allow, the organizer can invite musicians who will accompany the entire foreclosure process.

Making room

Create an original style of the room(The courtyard of an apartment house, the entrance, the apartment) can be through a variety of antiques, which only manage to get - carved furniture, old telephones, musical instruments. In order not to bother recreating an exact or a similar situation, the repayment should be transferred to the territory of the casino or have a stylized bar.

Redemption-style gangsters

foreclosure scenario in the style of a gangster

Groom together with the witness and friends approachingto the house of the bride at the entrance waiting for his girlfriend's future wife, dressed as gangsters, who sit at the card table and sipping whiskey from tea cups. Bridesmaids, the first to notice the groom says:

- Hello, hello, Don (name of the groom). You forgot where your gang territory? Something far you and your little dog walked away from the marked possessions. Did you know that our patron does not approve. Perhaps the reason for the arrival of call?

The future husband replies that came to pick up the bride.

- Bride? And she was aware of this case?

He answers yes. Another bridesmaid:

- So, where she spent the night! This liar assures us that nothing's up, saying, if we can trust her!

- Take it easy, Kate. You know that love knows no boundaries, right? We can afford the loss of a gangster, but can not afford to take her to the place where the bride will be no future. That's right, the groom? You're able to provide our beauty?

The destined responds positively, then begins the first test bride price gangsters:

- Good. Our girl used to live in luxury, only to wear the most expensive clothes, have the most delicious food. Prove that you will be worthy of a wealthy husband: for this our eyes you build a house. So be it - I allow your faithful retinue help. Construction in front of you.

Bride Redemption-style gangsters

Bridesmaids gets Lego constructor.

Ah, I almost forgot! It must be done within a certain time. You have five minutes.

The future husband and his friends pass the test of bride price, if do not have time to finish, a leading said:

- Come on, groom, do not disappoint me - you need to finish the house. I know, construction sometimes delayed, but will have to buy extra time.

The groom pays the ransom, the participants finish building the house.

- Well done! I'm sure the girls, this man will be able to provide housing for the bride. Proceed to the next question. Our groom - active lady who loves to all revolved around it. Strongly Do you quicker and smarter for our beauty? Before you two bowls - overflow water from one to the other, using any object.

On the table are the glasses, spoons, a sieve.

- Make it'll have for a while. Start!

If the bride has time, then moves to the next contest gangster bride price, if not, bridesmaid says:

- What a pity. However, you have a chance to impress us with his wealth.

The destined one pays the ransom.

- We see that the money you have a lot, but whether they will be enough for all the whims of the bride? Now we will check it. The water in the glass has to spill over the edges - be filled with his money.

The future husband must give up a lot of coins, so that the water flowed over the edge.

- Your condition is admirable! - Says one girl.

- And envy - picks up another girlfriend.

- But there is one problem. Despite the fact that you have many positive qualities, there is a barrier that is difficult to overcome. According to legend, our two groups of gangsters curse - an alliance between us is impossible. To lift the curse, you have to break the thread, but it can not be touched or cut. What will you do?

The future spouses must guess ignite thread for the tip pays ransom.

- It's amazing! Curse lifted. How many years have we been waiting for someone who can unite our families again. I do not doubt that you're getting the bride - but you'll get a few more tests. You agree to fight next?

The bride agrees. Bridesmaids says:

- Our bride in childhood was a real tomboy- Even then I walked with a gun and threatened the boys next door! You knew that? How to know? Interesting. Now we know how well you are familiar with the past of the bride. We'll tell you a few facts, answer "believe" or "I do not believe." For each miss will have to pay a ransom.

Bridesmaids tells the biography of the bride facts celebrations culprit answers correctly or pay. Leading says:

- Do you know a good lover! It is worthy of praise. Here is my husband still does not know that those bloodstains on the carpet - my doing!

Bridesmaids laugh. Moderator:

- Well, a good laugh, and that's enough. We detain what is about to happen. For you, the bride, the last test left, which finally will allow you with a lovely bride to be reunited. Ready?

The future husband responds positively.

- Your bride loves to use goodspirits. I'm sure you have spent many nights together, inhaling the scent of each other ... Although, what I mean ... So: several scarves choose the one that belongs to your beloved. Then no one else will dissuade us that you are perfect for each other.

Bride sniffing a handkerchief chooses. If wrong, pay a ransom for the next attempt. When is the right smell, the leading says:

- Congratulations, you have passed all the tests honestly! Your intelligence, dedication and love for our friend leaves no doubt. It's time to reunite loved ones, so we will leave.

Bridesmaids go, groom meet with his beloved, redemption ends.

Video process

If the bridesmaids do not feel confident inreliance in the organization of the event, they can use the help of others. Watch the bride price, which is carried out by two leading talents:

Gangster ransom - the original way to entertainguests. To measure failed, the organizers need to prepare for it in advance, to determine the style, fun contests to find unusual that participants will be long remembered. Interestingly Beat the redemption will be a great beginning of the wedding day and allow the bride to the groom inspired to go to the registrar.