Bride Redemption style DPS

To create a truly unique ransombride, who will long remember the heroes of the occasion and the guests, the organizers have to come up with an interesting, original screenplay. Redemption bride-style DPS - is a real adventure for the groom, who eventually granted a "right to family life with the bride." The event is ideal for men whose work is related to the protection of the order or road patrol service, as well as for experienced drivers and people with a sense of humor.


One of the many advantages of foreclosure DPS -ease of preparation. To begin her friends need to come up with a scenario that consists of several short exciting competitions, jobs, games, tests, which must pass a future spouse. To the implementation of the script was successful, the girls have to learn a good text, preparing all participants to spend a few dress rehearsals. You also need to buy a pre-requisite, choose the style of the buildings in accordance with the program of the event.

Bride Redemption style DPS

Do not forget that the modern ransom is notIt should be betrothed to bore, so do it should be short, a maximum of thirty or forty minutes. If the organizers can not cope on their own, professional toastmaster can to help them.

Details for redemption

Varied competitive props, appropriate style of clothing - a prerequisite for an interesting start of the solemn day. Examples of items that will be needed during the redemption:

  • Fashion style. Subject ransom DPS implies a form of road patrol officers. Instead of the usual form fit blouses, shirts blue or light blue, short black skirts, straps made of paper, cap.

Bride Redemption style DPS
  • Striped Rod - the main part of style employee DPS.
  • Sheet of paper, fake ID DPS inspector.
  • Radio-controlled machine, a long red ribbon - requisites for the contest, check on the driver's ability to manage complex modes of transport.
  • Rope, Blindfolds help determine sobriety betrothed.

Bride Redemption style DPS
  • Poster with painted or ready road signs.
  • Written on paper letters.
  • Toy steering wheel, black and yellow striped tape for covering the territory.
  • Jokingly certificate:. "The rights to family life"

Bride Redemption style DPS


The main active foreclosure persons:

  • Junior Inspector DPS, to meet the bridegroom.
  • The physician conducting the physical examination.
  • The captain of the patrol service (it can be a father of the bride).
  • Future driver with the team.
  • The photographer, who will remove the original purchase of the photo and video.

Bride Redemption style DPS

Making room

To make the purchase of a more realistic, girlfriendsWe need to pay attention to the style of the place where the event will take place. For example, you can put on the car inspector blue bucket next to the entrance to thrust plate "Passage prohibited" all parts of foreclosure to protect striped ribbon. Also, girls can buy themed posters or draw pictures with the traffic rules on the road, hang printed signs.

foreclosure scenario in the style of DPS

The groom and his entourage drove up to the house of the bride, whereDPS will take a ransom. The machine stops the culprit celebration bridesmaid, dressed as a road patrol service inspector, striped rod knocks on the window, which sits next to the groom. The future husband down the glass, bridesmaid says:

Good afternoon, young man! Senior Inspector DPS - Name bridesmaids. Where are you keeping? Dokumentik right? Rights, all the log with you?

The driver makes the right road with the car registration.

-So-So ... Usual right I see, and that's where your right to family life? You're just there going, right? Without the right to not miss!

The destined replies that he has no right to family life.

Bride Redemption style DPS

Oh, here it is! Well, we come. You'll have to get right, otherwise not be able to meet with the bride. To start you leave, open the trunk.

It starts the first test - baggage check.

-What Do we have here ... So true! To simplify the task of me, tell me that you are traveling, and how it will come in handy on a family life. For example, I see here for a bottle of wine.

The groom with the witness a competition for the bride price DPS Thinking, describing how those or other items useful to the family.

-Good! It seems superfluous unlucky. But the wine hurt I coveted them, take yourself, you do not mind? Otherwise you'll have the money!

Participants are responsible, not against it.

- Well! Now, follow the doctor's office, you need a certificate that shows that you can drive the vehicle, and then come back! Yes, as soon as possible, I do not drink up all the wine, and I can not take your exams.

The groom with the witness go to the next test bride price DPS - medical examination. Their encounters bridesmaid as a doctor:

-Prishli, My dears! I know, I know, vision check. Come closer, more!

Participants coming to the doctor who starts to fuss.

-A Now close one eye and try to hit the target in the center of ... Optionally, at least for her. Here darts, please.

The bride closes one eye and tries to hit the target, which is located at a considerable distance. Not falls, paying a small ransom bridesmaid, if ingested, the doctor says:

Bride Redemption style DPS

-Good! Perfectly! Bravo! Now experiment with your memory. I have some figures. Where are they?

Leading digs in the papers.

-And here! The bride left a few numbers and wrote their values. I figure you and you say that that means. For every mistake I pay a fine.

Doctors call certain numbers, which can mean age, weight of the bride, the date of birth. When the groom passes this test, a leading said:

-Well, You have excellent eyesight, and memory is not a problem! Keep spravochku, admit you to the exam. Good luck on the road!

Participants redemption DPS inspector returned to patrol duty.

-Yavilis! I really thought that you change your mind. Thus, where a certificate? Yeah, that's it. Vision is good, a great memory. Well! We will carry out the most important tests of your life! Ready?

The bride and the witness replied in the affirmative.

-To Begin with I want to say that family life -it is a joy and challenge. To go along the road of love, should be taken into account: it can be difficult. To avoid unpleasant situations will help correct management! Now we will check your ability to manage heavy transport modes, Come to the exam site.

The inspector is betrothed to an important test. A small area is fenced maze created ribbons. Before labyrinth is a small machine. Moderator:

-Here We are! I issue you a remote control vehicle (bridesmaid groom gives the remote). To pass the exam, you will have to hold the car from the beginning of the maze before the end. If you turn aside from the path, bump into the fence, cross the tape, pay a fine. Fines have large machine is not cheap! Well, Getaway

Bride Redemption style DPS

Inspector whistles, the groom passes this test.

Not bad results! They were errors, but they are small. Congratulations, this exam you have consulted.

Bridesmaids is to groom the next exam site. In the middle of the road is flat tape or rope.

-Poroy Resentment, anger clouded our minds do not allow to think soberly. And temperance is needed in dealing with all sorts of conflicts. Now we will test your sobriety. Turn around a minute back.

The bride turns to the bride's girlfriend back that fastens his eyes ribbon.

-That's better! And now the fun part: the groom, you need to go on a flat line next to the rope, and it will be our tool sobriety test. The farther away from the tape roll up, the more pay the penalty!

The future husband is tested sobriety, a leading says:

-What A wonderful temper! I am proud of you, do not like alcoholics. And the next task to prepare the bride for you: have to tell the meaning of traffic signs of family life. Under these small tips.

Hero for the day of redemption involved in the competition DPS, calling the value of signs, such as a spoon with a fork - Food, water tap - do dishes. For error pays the ransom.

Oo signs sorted! You, young man, have already passed a medical examination, Now we hold it to your friends. That is to say, the test for intelligence and mental state.

So a doctor friend, carries with it a poster Alphabet, he said:

I will refer to the letter, and you, the witness and friends, quickly say good things about the groom that letter, not that we will not allow the bride!


The witness, along with the groom's guests undergo a medical test. Inspector:

Great clear coat, and you too well! Well, let's move on to the next test for your friends. The bride, you too need. We have prepared another labyrinth, and we know that because of difficult life situations will always help to get out good friends. Let's see how well you work as a team!

Bridesmaids groom gives the steering wheel, the witness gets behind in this test can also participate other guests.

-Your Task locomotive to pass through the maze! Gently and quickly. Forward!

When the test ends with redemption, bridesmaid says:

-Well, Groom, congratulations! You showed your sobriety, agility, ability to manage heavy transport modes, teamwork. We give out a light heart you the right to family life. I wish you a pleasant and exciting road sharing driving with the bride!

Bridesmaids groom gives the right, narrowing meet redemption DPS finishes.

Video process

Watch the funny video, which implemented this interesting bride price:

Bride Redemption in the original style DPS -a unique event that will appeal to heroes of the occasion with guests. To prepare this presentation, you will need a little financial means, artistry of participants, as well as the desire to make the future spouses happy.