Bride Redemption-style building

Every couple wants to make their joint celebrationwedding was a really interesting and original. One of the important stages of the wedding day - carrying the bride price. This is a modern, fun performance by the witness to the bridesmaids for the bride. Bride Redemption building - an unusual way to hold the event, which will make the beginning of the wedding day a memorable one, cheer up the main heroes of the occasion and all present.


Prepare construction redemption will not be tooheavy. To begin with girlfriends should consider the original script, which later will include contests, fun, humorous tasks, unusual test for a future spouse. Before the day of the girls should be good to learn the text, and then spend some preliminary rehearsals. Building ransom does not require serious props girlfriend can easily buy the necessary items in the store.

When you create a script bride price should beremember that the process should not tire of the groom at the beginning of the solemn day, so it is best to restrict a few long competitions or multiple short - most importantly, that the duration of the event does not exceed 30-40 minutes. When funds are available, girls can hire a professional toastmaster, who hold all at the proper level.

bride price in movie style

Props for redemption

List of bankruptcy and real props to redeem the building of the bride:

  • Clothing shtukaturschits - protective coveralls in paint, shirts that do not mind, hard hats or scarves.
  • Cut paper traces - baby girl and beast.
  • Different building materials - a bucket of paint, plaster, brush, roller, trowel, trowel and others.
  • Blindfolds, a bag, a few children's toys (dogs, seals, bears), one of which is a Barbie doll.
  • Cardboard card with the words "love", "mutual", "understanding", "tenderness", "passion", and others.
  • Frozen Key - attribute to the last competition.


The protagonists of the construction of redemption:

Redemption of the bride in the movie style
  • Shtukaturschitsy, played bridesmaid.
  • Foreman, appearing at the end of redemption - it may be a witness or a father of the bride.
  • The groom with the witness - the builders.
  • A professional photographer who will make a memorable photo and video.

Making room

To create the right moodtheme of redemption, the organizers will arrange a room in a building style. Girls can make a semblance of the foam scaffolds, cover the floor with pieces of solid cardboard, arrange and expanded throughout construction tools - brushes, spatulas, rollers, buckets. Before the entrance, where they will wait for the groom's girlfriend, want to put a sign "Wet Paint!"


foreclosure scenario in the style of construction

It all begins when the hero of the occasionHe pulls up to the house of his beloved. At the entrance of the groom sees the two girls in the clothing construction, they plastered the wall next to the door. The destined to witness suited to girls, when one sees the culprit celebration, said another:

- Oh, what a beautiful, huh? I wonder what came?

- Who I know. Hey! Young man! Young man! What I am here granted? We've got a repair, all painted in such a beautiful suit is better not to go ... Or do you want to help beautiful ladies poshpaklevat wall?

The culprit responsible celebrations that come for their favorite.

- Oh, so you're the bride - on the case, so ... Is there only one, only not let until check whether her exact granted. Come on, call it that is urine!

Groom shouts the name of narrowing.

- Well, it does not matter, let's louder!

Hero for the day is calling louder.

- Weaknesses in your ligaments, dear, sorrowful, so she will not hear you ... But I have another check - laid out her name in the land. The lay out - I do not know, but hurry!

The future husband with the witness spread the name of his beloved sweets, money, leaves - anything that comes to hand. First witness:

Redemption in movie style

- Look, it came out, thought of the boy!

- Well, right now I believe that you go to the bride, was too clever! She's also a girl with wit, yes ... We pass, but go with you. We need to see how you handle it among repair the devastation!

Hero for the day with her friends comes to the staircase. On the ground floor before the stairs three tracks.

- Your bride held here, and trace theirleft ... again have her all to wash! But she was not alone here - you see a few traces. Choose your track, owned by narrowing or return back!

Groom correctly passes the test, because one track is too small, and the other animal.

- Yes, you know good leg bride - then it will be good to buy shoes! Do not lie to us, the groom, that guides it - more to sincerity there is no doubt.

Another witness:

- You're doing fine! After all, to get married - it's like to start building a beautiful house ... and build it out, only if you know each other. But in addition to understanding and love may need other things. Go to the next floor and take whatever you find, and then look at how to do this!

Redemption of the bride in the movie style

Hero for the day goes to the next test,. On the way collecting different building objects - a trowel, brush, bucket, roller, etc. When betrothed with her friends are on the floor above, one says:

- I see a lot you brought with you. Correctly! Nothing is missed. And now tell me how you this will come in handy in life (bridesmaid points to roll) ... And here it is (then a bucket). About all the things you tell - just look, we need to convince!

Second friend:

- And if you can imagine, for which it is useful, buy me a hint!

Reduced bore this test construction redemption, if not guess - leading pay money.

- Yeah, the guy you're clever, for the second time in this we see, and how much useful to take a - beauty bride will help with the housework.

Hero for the day with her friends sent to the next floor, where the future husband awaits next test construction bride price. Moderator:

- Resourcefulness and ingenuity are important inconstruction, but they are not alone - sometimes I want to look, too, was beautiful. We will verify if you are familiar with "architecture" of the bride well, it will give an understanding of whether you can make your life together a great ... But first we will be tying up your eyes.

Narrowing blindfolded, the witness gets the sack.


- There are in our bag different subjects, the characters - all for someone similar. But you choose the one who more than others seems like a sweetheart!

If the groom guesses right, the test ends with the construction of redemption, if not, the witness said:

- Well, if it's your future wife, the sympathy! Do you want to - to try his luck again. Only paid for it will have to make.

The destined plays up until not choose a doll.

- Congratulations, it is - your bride! Beauty, clever, and even at the height of the figure ... Come on!

Hero for the day with her friends go to the next test. It should be a table, on the table cards are made of thick cardboard with inscriptions.

- You have proven that you can make a beautifultrim, but the house is not important. To the structure to withstand the storms, hurricanes, cold and heat, you need a good, solid foundation. Now you have to build a home that you would like to see during the family life - use cards with the words, they will form the foundation of your family happiness.

From card "love", "understanding", "friendship", "mutual aid" and other celebrations culprit is building a house. If the house is falling apart, the witness said:

- Yes, I see the estate did not work hard! Well, nothing, for a fee we'll all quickly patched.

In this case, the betrothed pays. If the test goes well construction, a leading said:

- Well, with such good skills you one way - to be an architect!


Another friend:

- Yes, I used the very house you ordered - a strong left ...

Leading with the future spouse enter the apartment, the groom gets to the bride's door, closed with a key. So the foreman (the witness or the father).

- I have heard from my subordinates that you showedhimself a great builder - smart, clever, and the sense of taste you have. It looks like you will become an excellent builder of family happiness! But will your love heat to melt the key to the hearts of his beloved?

On a plate foreman future husband teaches icy key - this is the last test. Bridegroom will unfreeze it in any way possible. When the handle, the foreman says:

- In the good you are! Congratulations to the bride and wish you together to build a house that will stand the century!

Hero for the day is included in the room betrothed, construction redemption ends.

Video process

Watch the hilarious video where includes many interesting ideas for the event:

Bride Redemption - an important part of the holiday, because of thehow the event will take place, it depends on the mood of the participants at the beginning of celebrations celebration. The original script will help the organizers to make the event a memorable one, create a joyful mood all stakeholders.