Bride Redemption-style barber shop

Make a modern ransom trulyoriginal help the unusual scenario that the organizers (the bridesmaids with the witness) can come up with on their own. Redemption-style barber shop - this is an unusual variant of the beginning of the wedding day. The groom will have to visit all the offices makeshift beauty salon fitness room, solarium, nail department, make-up. He will take part in competitions, tests, perform exciting jobs that will prepare top.


Prepare this redemption will be especially easybridesmaids, who certainly are regularly in hairdressing. The first thing to do - remember all the options procedures for the care of the body, provided salon / barber, and then on this basis to create a unique scenario that will amuse guests, give a good mood groom with the bride. To ransom was perfect, it is necessary to rehearse the role of the participants before the solemn day.

Bride Redemption-style barber shop

Also, girls should take into account the duration of the repurchase,top mark which - 40 minutes. Spend a few long competitions or lots of short, as long as they are not tired betrothed. If there is a financial opportunity, organizers can hire a toastmaster - this will reduce the preparation time, help to remove from the shoulders of women organizers of the pre-wedding worries.

Props for redemption

Redemption taking place in an improvisedbarber shop, not without props. It will create the perfect mood of the wedding day, will help make the event weather. The list of necessary things to implement this style of redemption:

  • Fashion style. To girlfriend looked like a beauty salon workers should be defined with style - this could be a normal outfit (jeans, T-shirt), on top of which will be put on an apron that protects clothes from cosmetics. Girls can add an image Hairdressing attributes - scissors, combs, pins, attached to the apron. Administrator interior fit the classic business suit, the trainer - sport. All Member States should be badges, defining the position.

Bride Redemption-style barber shop
  • The sign "Beauty", a list of prices for services, with the sheets folder.
  • Fake or real ticket to the fitness room.
  • Big bag with male and female clothing, headbands for the eyes.

Redemption-style barber shop
  • Several nail polish, transparent bag.
  • Lipstick, eye shadow, blush, drawing paper sheet with painted face.
  • The tape, a wig or a girl with long hair.



The protagonists face foreclosure:

  • The administrator barbershop.
  • Coach.
  • Employee solarium.
  • Manicure specialist.
  • Visagiste.
  • The hairdresser.
  • The photographer, who will make a memorable photo.

If not enough people required for redemption, some roles will be combined.


Making room

Create a hairdressing salon atmosphere will help the appropriate style of the room. To mark the beginning of the "rooms" special masters painted signs "makeup artist" "Gym" and others. The decoration of the room can serve as fashion magazines, which often occur at the Salon tables, thematic posters, clippings from magazines with models, things are indispensable in hairdressing - hair dryers, hair clips, combs, curling.

foreclosure scenario in the style of a barbershop

Redemption bride at the hairdresser begins whenfuture husband drove to the house of his beloved. Above the entrance hangs a sign "Beauty", under the guise of is strictly dressed bridesmaid. The bride goes to her.

- Hello, welcome! Men - these are rare guests edges. You came for a haircut, right? Or do you want to visit the fitness room?

The culprit responsible celebration that came for the bride.

- Ah, the bride? Was there one morning, you would have seen that she made! She visited all the offices, took advantage of all the services offered by our hairdresser, but has not paid a penny. I expected that you will appear - once is not immediately recognized. We detained her inside the building, you get the bride only when pay its debts.

Leading the groom presents the price list.

- We have a nice salon, so demand to itselfproper relationship. Here are the prices for services, which were used by the bride. Visit, please, all the offices to pay. And I pay the fine, so to speak, in damages.


The groom pays a small ransom.

- Thank you! Good luck to you. Follow the salon.

Bridesmaids opens the door to the porch, the groomIt comes and goes to the first test of the bride price hairdressing salon - gym. There future husband sees bridesmaid dressed coach. She says:

- Oh, hi! The administrator said that you're the young man who pays for the bride. By the way, this girl showed excellent, just wonderful results! I even felt a little jealous. Interestingly, you are the same sports? How much can be wrung out?

The groom is responsible.

- Not bad! A catch is how much?

The future husband answers.

- The normal rate! I want to know better about your physical preparation. Come on, at my command, to raise a witness! And p-times!

Hero for the day of redemption fulfills the condition of competition. Bridesmaid:

- And now higher toss to the ceiling flew! Can you?

The destined responds negatively.

- Oh, you seemed so well trained! It just can not let go, too fond of a healthy lifestyle, so your beloved debt attach a subscription to the fitness room - you just need to disappoint. Contribute need to separate, yes.


The future husband pays for the subscription, and proceeds to the next test bride price hairdressing salon - solarium. Bridesmaids, which is in charge of the Cabinet:

- Hello, groom, was waiting for you. Know your bride - beautiful girl, beautiful, educated, we had a little chat about anything, but she did not seem to have the financial means and by the same horrible bungler. Take a look at this!

Bridesmaids indicates a package of clothes.

- When she was dressed, the clothes messed up ourcustomers - male and female. Prestige cabin can be undermined, if all did not immediately return to the field. You have a witness to sort the clothes mixed bride, but with one condition.

Leading pulls the bandage for the eyes:

- Do you do it will be with your eyes closed, and for every thing that will not lie in my pile, pay an additional penalty. So, on the left - male, right - female.

Bridesmaids ties participants eyes, the groom with the witness meet this requirement redemption hairdresser if wrong clothes - pay the penalty.

- Well! Now it is much cleaner. Good luck!

After tanning future spouse falls into the territory of manicure room. Narrowing meets manicure:

- Hello, young man. Yes, there was your fiancee, I made it a wonderful way manicure, you will appreciate! She asks you to pick up a bottle of varnish, which is chosen.

Bridesmaids gets package.

- Suggest you I could not have guessed. For me the wrong choice will pay the penalty. This will continue until you guess the right shade.

The package contains the bright flashy colors and only one bottle fits - transparent or pink polish. Attempts to buy constricted until no guess or if not immediately select the correct one.

- Yes, this is her bottle! Take. And do not forget to pay for a quality manicure.


Bride bridesmaid dresses and goes to the next test foreclosure hairdresser. Future spouses meets makeup artist:

- Welcome to the groom! How long have I been waiting for your arrival. I know that you had to pay a large sum in an attempt to buy off our wonderful artists, but I had time to come up with a really fun challenge for you. If follow - were not allowed to pay!

Bridesmaids future spouse brings to the poster, where the marker is indicated by a person who gives him the eye shadow, blush, lipstick.

- Draw the makeup that I like. If your artistic skills will be good, I will forgive the debt of the bride!

Hero for the day of redemption passes this test the hairdresser, when the turned either portrait bridesmaid says:

- Great work! I forgive you the debt, just so you never undertook to paint anyone!

The destined one comes to the final test of the bride ransom, where he meets a hairdresser and bridesmaids with long hair.

- Hello Hello! Make-up artist told me that she had a fun time, arranging for you an unusual way to redeem the debt, I will follow suit. To cut someone will not let me painfully road heads clients, but do check the skill hairstyles.

Hairdresser seats bridesmaids on a chair and said to the groom:

- Here is your personal model, agreed to give you a chance to become a hairdresser! Hold the ribbon. I want you wove it into a braid of this beautiful lady.


The future husband is trying to pass this test bride price, if it does not braid, a leading said:

- Well, you amused me! Well, I was not allowed to pay only Treat candy.

The destined one pays the ransom candy, approaches him administrator:

- Bride, you are an honest man! We wish you a happy bride, love and beauty, which at any time provide our hairdresser. See you!

Administrator shakes hand to the groom, future spouses meet, bride ends.

Video process

Watch the video Merry redemption, where will learn interesting ideas for competitions:

Hair redemption - an event thatIt makes a joyful beginning of the wedding day. Bridesmaids should pay attention to the design style, props to prepare in advance to learn the script to the event was perfect.