Bride Redemption-style bandits

Since childhood, people watch movies about familyItalian mafia gang stylish gangsters who do not live by the rules, and their fascinating life. Many want to try to play the role of these bandits, feel the atmosphere of the last century, when crime flourished, and everything was allowed. Redemption-style gangsters - an original way to hold the event, which will help the participants of the process to feel the mood of those years, to feel like a real gangster.


To organize interesting gangster redemptionbride, her friends have to work hard in preparation. Of great importance is the unique spelling of foreclosure scenario, inventing contests, tests, games, intended for future spouse, learning of the text and conduct rehearsals. Also, her friends will need to take care not only about the competitive props, but also the design style of the room: because the interior is very important in creating atmosphere.

Bride Redemption-style bandits

Girlfriend with the financial possibilities, likeversion of the invitation leading professional toastmaster, which will charge the guests present positive and groom with the witness make sweat during ransom bandits.

Details for redemption

Props plays an important role in carrying out foreclosuresbandits bride. Some of the things with the girlfriend witness can prepare yourself (for example, draw posters), and some will have to buy in the store. Examples of necessary props for the bride price bandits:

  1. Clothing criminals of the last century is ideal for retro wedding. This will allow the participants of the celebration not only change clothes to buy. Here are ideas for female and male images:
  • Female style. 20s were a time of change, the girls changed their curvy dresses with a corset on a suitable carrying case. Bandidas girl should adorn gloves, shoes neutral color, a bandage on his head or hat-veil. As for the hair, suit or cold waves collected beam. Please add a stylish image get feathers, rhinestones, garter on the leg, long mouthpieces of cigarettes. Makeup suit vibrant - pale glowing skin, deep-dark lips, accentuated eyes.

Bride Redemption-style bandits
  • Men's style. Bandit of the last century - is the embodiment of style. A neat, perfectly ironed suit neutral gray, blue, polished leather shoes, vest, hat fine. Sometimes gangster suit could be implemented using a fabric with fine vertical stripe. To add the image of a man fat cigar - a mandatory attribute bandit 20s.
  1. Pistols. Underworld does not allow the bandits to go without weapons, so the guns - one of the main parts of the image to the bride price. Girls suit stylish small revolvers, men will look good with Tommy Hahn submachine gun.

Bride Redemption-style bandits
  1. Alcohol. In times of prosperity of American mobsters had adopted prohibition, banning alcoholic beverages. On the territory of the venue should be tea sets, filled with whiskey.
  2. Darts, tablets with inscriptions. This set will need to buy out the competition, where the groom is to get a dart at a dart station which corresponds to it because marriage.

Bride Redemption-style bandits
  1. Lego . It refers to the fun competition redemption.
  2. Two water-filled pots, tea spoons, glasses, a sieve. For the redemption of the competition, where the betrothed will be using these funds to pour water from one cup to another.
  3. A glass with a little water. Future spouse will have to prove that he has considerable resources, coins and fill the glass to the water flowed.
  4. Poster drawn alphabet. Girls would point to the letter, as a witness to praise the virtues of Don Groom.
  5. Frozen keys. To access Teschin house, narrowing will have to find a way to break the ice and get the keys.


Examples of actors at the bride's redemption in gangster-style:

Redemption-style bandits
  • Don Groom and his faithful entourage - witness with friends.
  • Doña wife's mother, together with bridesmaids.
  • Doña Bride - coveted prey for the hero of the occasion.
  • The photographer, who will remove the original photos and videos of the process.

Making room

Interior - one of the easiest waysatmospheric transmission. The style mobsters foreclosure premises includes unusual props: old phones, card tables, poker chips, cards, and other elements of the 20s decor. The room itself should remind the illegal casinos. Ideal to complement the space with good music, which will create the right mood - a great jazz, Broadway work, foxtrot, tango melodies.

Redemption-style bandits

If finances allow, the organizers may withdraw already equipped premise, which is aimed at carrying out activities of the spirit 20-ies.

Scenario ransom style bandits

The future husband together with the witness and his entourageHe pulls up to the house of his beloved, which begins ransom bandits bride. They were waiting for the bridegroom bridesmaids, dressed according to the style of Chicago 20s. The girls immediately notice the groom, one of them says:

-See A minute, Don (Groom name) ownpersona! What do we owe this honor? If you and your father made a new truce plan that meets your needs only, if you please turn around and go their separate ways, we have already passed. So why come?

The groom answers, that is going to take away the bride. Another friend said:

- Our girl? That's funny! How do you think you're going to make it?

-Weather, Mary ... We have not listened to all the conditions. After all, surely this superbly dressed bride wants us something to offer in return?

Bridesmaids hint to buy, the future husband gives them gifts: alcohol, candy, money.

Not bad ... We love donations, but the bride love most, so before you pick up the baby from us, you will have to pass several tests. They will prove that you are worthy of it. Or not prove.

Bandidas mysteriously smiles.

-Tell Us about yourself-ka. All that we know - it's your noble origin and those successful cases that led you to the West Coast. That it was not so simple, we will limit you in time.

The witness takes out a match from a box.

-So Far the fire is burning, tell me about yourself. We are all curious to know what is really a contender for the love of a beautiful bride.


The groom is tested ransom bandits, talking about himself.

-How Interesting ... It seems that you're good. But now we want to know the opinion of you from your friends. Well, the witness, tell me everything you know about the groom. Imagine that you are under oath, so tell the truth!

The witness also passes the test.

Congratulations, groom, your friends love youso as much as you love yourself. So you deserve, at least, my respect, if not the bride. But let's go further. My sources have reported to me that you are a good shot which alone is worth the story in the port ... But I want to see this myself. You know, bandits often taken the glory in any six-boy.

Nod witness indicates darts, hanging on the wall.

-Take A weapon (the girl holds the futurespouse darts). You have three attempts to show us the reason why you call the bride to marry the love, not the whim of your daddy, look forward to a truce. To do this, you need to get into the center of the target. If we will not get another truth.

Each zone darts is the causes: the godfather forced clan advised, out of love.

Well well, shoot, you have three attempts.

The future husband is involved in this competition ransom bandits bride. If it misses three times pays the money.


Yes, you are accurate. It's nice to watch it with my own eyes, I trust that you will be good to protect the bride.

The witness picked up a box and dumped on a table or floor, covered with a carpet, a lot detalek Lego. He speaks:

-Our Bride accustomed to luxury living: expensive cars, haute cuisine restaurants. An important condition is that you need to perform to get it - show us where the bride will live. They say: a sweet paradise and in a tent, but I disagree with that. With these detalek you have to build a home that will be your refuge, only to do so will have the time for. So to be: allow your good friends to help with the construction.

When the groom to cope with the test ransom bandits, moves to the next, if not, the witness said:

-Vizhu, Construction was delayed. I recommend you to buy a little more of my time without a roof over his head, our beauty will not sleep.

The groom and his entourage completes repurchase competition. Moderator:

-It Is good that you are not afraid to work with his hands. As it happened: a profession in which we are involved, may result in unexpected consequences, it is necessary to change the range of activities. Now I ask you to show your creativity. Look here.

The witness points to a table where there are two semicircular bowl (one water), screen, glasses and spoons.

-I Need to know if you have the necessaryingenuity to solve even the most unexpected problems. Brute force might defeat the enemy, but to agree on a good percentage for the supply of smuggled whiskey can not - will have to show intellectual abilities. Think how quickly pour the water from one bowl to another with the help of these items (meaning: glasses, spoons, a sieve).


The future husband passes foreclosure test leads he says:

-You Bad happened, but I haveanother water test for you. Our bride is easy to spend money, she used to indulge in anything. But if your finances will be enough to provide all of its whims? Now we check: a third of the glass filled with water.

Bridesmaids pulls out a glass.

-Kladi Money inside. If you have enough funds to keep the water out of the glass fracture, I believe: the bride will not live in poverty.

The culprit celebration with the witness held ransom test.

-Well, You have enough money, the groom, accuracyalso has, at the level of ingenuity, and love our bride. However: like any girl, she wants to not only love, but also its expression. Now we'll see how well you handle it.

Bridesmaids indicates the alphabet, hanging on the wall, takes a pointer:

I'll be showing you a letter, which you have to quickly come up with a compliment beloved. Linger - you pay. Three times allow the witness to help you.

The future husband and a witness involved in foreclosure competition after leading says:

Yes, little will be left without the good things. Okay! I think we have seen a lot, right, girls?

Other member-leading nod.

-Zhenih, You got to the door, behind which you expect the bride. I and all my clan bless your marriage. You're the last task.


Bridesmaids brings a frozen block of ice in the key.

-I Hope your love heat will melt the key, and he opened the door that separates the lovers. Good luck!

Leading go, groom and witness to find ways to break the key, open the door, the future spouses meet the ransom bandits bride ends.

Video process

Watch the exciting video, which clearly shows the bride ransom gangster-style:

Bride price in the original gangster style -presentation that will be remembered for a long time to all participants. To create a unique event, the bridesmaids should be carefully prepared, to take into account all the details, pay attention to details.