Bride Redemption style Airborne

Bride Redemption - a small performance, zestwedding. Actors perform all - the bride, witness, witness, guests. Depending on interest, honeymooners preferences chosen style of a ransom. If the groom is in the military or by the nature of their professional activity he is a military officer, a young bride suitable ransom Airborne style.

Bride Redemption style Airborne


In the theater, the play is preceded by any preparation- Selection of props, scenery harvesting, sewing costumes for the main characters. So here, to the redemption of the bride I was interesting, before it will have to work hard. It is advisable to make all advance to the last few days does not run at breakneck speed. Search necessary things in this context will not take power, because there is not exotic.

Props for redemption

Participants bride price in Airborne original style should be possible to dress in military uniforms, boots, caps or officer's cap.

Participants bride price

In their hands they will keep the toy or prop machines.

Members of redemption may be in possession of toy guns

Girls do not necessarily wear a form, they can simply attach the cardboard epaulettes. For the competition it is necessary to prepare:

  • Darts, pieces of paper with the words, in which the groom will fall.
  • Leaflets with abbreviations.
  • Figures mines and daisies.
  • A set of kitchen utensils, cosmetic items.
  • A bunch of tangled cords.
  • A folder with the text of the oath.


The commander of the bride price standswitness, bridesmaids help her hold contests. Groom bride buys using the witness and friends. As a rule, the role will be and parents on both sides so that the fathers of the bride and groom are easily converted into the army authorities, monitors the progress of redemption.

The witness - the commander of redemption

Making room

Entrance, where the bride price, with a meanrecalls checkpoint of the military unit. On the walls of the stands with military theme, spread out in the middle of the table with papers and a chair in the corner of the fixed state flag on the coat of arms of the wall. At the entrance sign "Stop! I shoot on sight "and poster" Admission to the family service. "

Bride Redemption style Airborne

foreclosure scenario in the style of the VDV

He pulls the car to the groom, accompanied by his friends.

Bride Redemption style Airborne


- Stop! Who goes?


- It's me, the groom. He came for his bride.


- Strongly want to do a family service? Are you sure?


- Yes!


- Marriage - a crucial step. Displays help with the medical examination that is suitable for you family service!


- I did not know that we need such a certificate has not brought.


- Then, Now see if you pass the selection,Whether for a family service approach. You have to go through several tests. First, define what you shot. And at the same time we find out the reason why you want to marry our bride.

  • 1 job

Girls hang on the wall with darts attachedpapers. They are written comic reasons marriage "of convenience", "does not want to wash socks," "wants to eat soup every day", "loves his wife's mother" and pr. In the center hangs a piece of paper with the words "out of love", it has to get there the groom. If he is unable to cope during a few attempts, it pays a fine witness and continued to contest until the fall.

One of the tasks of the competition check on the accuracy of the groom


- Good for you, shoot you straight. Verify your mental abilities, because soldiers are not without wit soldiers. After the wedding, you are waiting for difficult tasks. I think you're able to decipher them the first letters.

  • 2 assignment

To the wall attached written on sheets of paper abbreviations:

  • PMP - constantly washing dishes.
  • NZHNR - wearing wife in his arms.
  • AP - build a house.
  • BP - to raise a child.
  • BOIP - be a pillar and support.

Groom decode abbreviations with the wrong answers or pay a penalty fulfills the wish bridesmaids.

  • 3 job


- This soldier knows the military ranks. Now check out how you know them. We have military ranks are relatives of his wife. What is the name of:

  • The parents of his wife (father in law, mother-in-law).
  • the bride's brother (brother in law).
  • bride's aunt (aunt of the bride).
  • Husband wife's sister (in-law relation).
  • The son of the wife's brother (his nephew).
  • Relative (nephew).
  • The Godfather (godfather).
  • Great-grandfather's father (ancestor).
  • 4 job


- A soldier must possess excellent memory and attention. Now check your knowledge and attentiveness towards the bride.

Girls asked various questions about the bride betrothed, he gives precise answers.

  • Growth
  • The weight
  • Ring size
  • Shoe size
  • Looking Date
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of submission of the application to the registrar
  • Favorite dish
  • Favorite color
  • Is there a mole on his cheek

Among the issues should be those which will show how the bride knows the nature of his better half.

  • 5 job


- Let's see whether you can through a minefield to get to your favorite?

On the floor of scattered cardboard mines and daisies. Going need only daisies, without stepping on mines. Daisies less than minutes, they are located far from each other so that the groom was harder for him to get.

  • 6 job

The groom must show their knowledge of the differentkinds of weapons technology. Before him laid out kitchen accessories and beauty accessories (tongs, hair iron, blender, various knives, pepper, coffee grinder, chopper, curling eyebrows). Groom says the name of each item and its purpose.

The bride should know the names of kitchen utensils
  • 7 job


- Like a real military, you should be able to find a way out of any very confusing situation.

Suite bundle of tangled ropes issued, he must unravel them for 40 seconds. Allowed the help of friends.

Ropes are required for a wedding contest


- All you cope with all our tasks,He showed excellent results. Our Commission has decided to enroll you in a family service. But how should this soldier, you now accept the oath.

The groom is given a folder with the written text of the oath, he solemnly read it:

"I, (name) do solemnly swear to be faithful to his wife (name). I swear to carry love to her until the end of life, to help her in everything, be a true friend, a worthy husband. "

The keys to the bride's room

After taking the oath groom receives the main prize - the keys to the bride's room.

The entire foreclosure process is removed in the photo and video, is an integral part of wedding photography.

If you have something to add to the scenario we are waiting for your suggestions in the comments.