Bride Redemption quest in style

Modern bride price representsfun original idea, designed to surprise and please the heroes of the occasion. The event can be held in a variety of styles, be short or long. Bride Redemption quest in style - this is an interesting adventure that will have to go to the groom, witnesses, friends of her future husband, which includes contests, games, tasks and puzzles. After a few unusual tests betrothed reach the goal - a meeting with her lover.


Unlike many other similar eventsplan, the redemption coveted bride-style quest involves a laborious process of preparation. It is necessary to take into account many details to calculate the finances, because often such redemption involves moving around the city. If the organizers (most likely it will be girlfriend) do not have enough funds to carry out large-scale event, the repayment easily simplified by shortening the route. Also, girls can consult, add up finances in the common fund.

Bride Redemption quest in style

Props for redemption

Depending on the quest script, you may need various props:

  • Clothing. This costume can be a mysterious fortune teller that predicts future husband, where to look for his beloved, or strict pants option for bridesmaids, who asks future spouse decipher the code, as well as other options. Suitable even funny outfit Cheshire cat, which indicates the way betrothed - in this case, the entire quest can be done in the spirit of "Alice in Wonderland."
  • Beautiful paper or sheets, decorated byantique. If the redemption takes place according to the uniform style, clues, tasks, riddles must be written on the same paper, it will help to maintain the atmosphere of what is happening. Also it will be written message from the bride who is waiting for her lover.
  • City Map, bought in a store orpainted by my friends on their own - a mandatory attribute of the quest of redemption. If the map drawing organizers, they should take care that the stylized version was like a real, and future husband was a focus on it.

style Redemption quest
  • Suitcase or safe. One of these devices is necessary for a fun competition in the style quest, where the bridesmaids will ask future husband facts about the beloved, and the number will be a response ( "How old is she?", "What is the height of the bride"?). The correct answer to all questions and will cipher, which will open the safe. There's the groom to wait a clue where to look for his beloved.
  • Phone, which will help future husband gothe next stage of foreclosure in this style, and to him - three rooms of different people who are in every way to dissuade him from going to the bride tempting. When he refuses to tempting offers, the last person to tell him where to go next.
  • Printouts of pictures, puzzles, balloons for possible competition.
  • Candy and accessories that will be needed at the end of the action.


Connect to this style can redeem not only the organizers, but also other interested persons have the artistry. The main participants in the process and the possible quest of redemption:

  • Bridesmaids. Girls can help their own quest narrowing of their friends, and may hire a special courier who takes the first letter with the signature of the bride. To girlfriends do not get bored, waiting for her future husband at a predetermined location or running from him through the city, they can give advice by phone betrothed for a promise that he would give his beloved: to walk with her to the shops every morning to prepare breakfast or bring coffee in bed.

Bride Redemption quest in style
  • Male friends. Help friends need, when they each will call the given number to find clues that will help him to come to the bride. Of the three roles belong to two men - the first will entice future spouse to go to him in the bath with the girls, the second - a man gay - will ask questions with sexual overtones. betrothed challenge is to abandon the proposals, then he will get a clue, where the map is.
  • Groom and witness. They both have to try to get to the main heroine of the celebration. When choosing the route should take into account the nature of her spouse, if he is not too fond of riddles and large-scale movement should give preference to the simple quest of yard.
  • Photographer. Quest bride price - interesting and even exciting action that is sure to capture pictures and videos, so call a professional - a great idea. Newlyweds after the wedding will be a pleasure to review a memorable start shooting their wedding day.
  • Other characters: fortune teller, fantastic characters.

Photo bride price in the style quest

Making route map

Making convenient card is of great importance: it is important that the restriction was easy to move around the territory of the district or the city, or at risk of becoming whole holiday spoiled because future husband will be tired at the stage of redemption, before the trip to the registrar. If you plan to tour a large area, girlfriends need to explore in advance the ease of travel to the nearby streets, the number of traffic jams in the morning before the ransom again verify the data.

Ideal route - when the whole questIt occurs in the territory of the district, where live future spouses, even if the restriction adventurous, urban environment is also suitable. The plan should be prepared with the bride, who knows a loved one, for example:

  • First team of the future with the witness of her husbandHe drove to the house where supposedly inhabits the culprit celebration. These approaches courier, handing the letter, which says: "Dear (name)! I can not believe anyone: monsters that take your form, follow me. Only you will be able to collect all the clues and find the place where I was hiding. "After the courier offers future husband to get tested with a safe.

  • Tip of the safe quest style canindicate the location of the billboard / signage / graffiti, past which the future spouses are often held together. When participants reach the place, they must wait for the phone, where there is only one room - this is a competition in which the hero of the occasion will persuade to give up the search.
  • The last person tells betrothed locationcard, which will lead him to a fortune. That will tell where the favorite, but only after the monetary rewards. After the groom will give the woman money, that will determine the final destination.
  • At the end of each task to the redemption, the bridegroom receivedexcept prompts something else - candies, fruits, perhaps, accessories. All this will need when betrothed gets to the venue with his beloved: to protect her become a girlfriend who will not pass without the groom gifts.

This is an example of the route to redemption-quest, but each card must be prepared individually, taking into account the joint history of the groom with the bride.

Scenario foreclosure Quest style

Groom together with the witness drove up to the housebride, but they had not met. Participants already sent redemption to the entrance, where their path is blocked by an unknown man - courier. That presents a future spouse an shabby paper written by the beloved. The letter said:

"My dear, darling (Groom name)!

I feel like I'm in danger. The dark forces want to kidnap me, they are called by thy name, changing the face, but I know it's not you!

I had to hide in a place where none of them will be able to find me - it is protected. Only you will be able to get to this place, because you know me better than anyone.

I left you a few tips. The man who brought this letter will help you pass the test. Do not worry, I trust him!

I kiss you and I wait. With love,

Your Bride "

Groom finished reading the letter, then the conversation takes a courier:

- Your bride asked me to lead you to it, but before that you need to spend a couple of tests, which prove that you - the one who needs it. The first task - to open the suitcase.

Courier indicates the groom on the suitcase, which is the first part of the test bride price.

- He coded. To open the combination lock will have to answer several questions related to the bride. Answers to these questions - the numbers, if they are named correctly, it will open the suitcase, where you will find the next clue. And now proceed. The first question - how old the bride?

The groom is responsible, a courier brings the first digit.

-Good. What size have a ringlet sweetheart?

Betrothed says.

-And What size shoe she wears?

The future husband is responsible. Every mistake he pays the ransom for the tip. When the test is completed, the courier said:

- Well, you were able to open the suitcase! There awaits a hint that will help get to the appointed place, and a small gift.

The suitcase is a note that indicates thelocate the following tips, and spirits. The allusion in the note should be associated with something that the groom often sees and knows well. For example, a billboard or a nearby grocery store. For prompt future spouse can pay the courier, if he guesses, the master says:

- You correctly identify the place. I accompanied you back to the road did not have trouble.

The future husband with the courier sent tothe place where the bride price prompt quest. After a little searching, participants are testing the phone with one number and candy. Hero for the day there is nothing left but to call him. From the tube a woman's voice:

- Hi dear! How are you? Why do you call?

The destined responsible person he is looking for.

- Bride ... It's interesting. Why do you groom? Maybe it will come to me, grab a bottle of wine? We have a great time.

The future husband refuses.

- Are you sure? Not every time such a proposal comes, baby, are you sure you do not want?

The groom gives a negative answer.

- Hmm ... So you really love her. Good. Write down the number, I dictate.

She dictates the next number that will ring hero of the occasion. The tube takes a man familiar future husband, hear music:

- Egegey, hello! How are you, my friend, what are you doing ?! Come to me - here takaaaya party! Girls, alcohol, dance - crazy fun! Record an address?

Betrothed says that getting married, he needed to see his beloved, so do not come.

- Boy, are you missing out! Are you sure? Well, times sure then write the number, I was warned about your call!

In the next number tube man picks up again, and making "sweet" voice says:

- Hi, honey ... I've been waiting for you. Come to me, sit down, discuss something, see a movie, have coffee, tee-hee.

The future husband refuses.

- Ka-ak, you do not want? And I already dressed for you - obomleesh! Well, la-adno you to nothing and there is no judgment. You did not succumb to our temptations, so get the next clue. SMS-Coy throw off you locate clues.

When it comes to SMS-ka, hero of the occasion with the witness go to the next part of the quest bride price. There they met a fortune teller.

- Stop! I saw that you would come, I know that will need! The bride ought to get? Then, if you please pay! Just do not be greedy, my services are expensive.

The groom with the witness to pay a ransom, a fortune teller standing over the ball, saying:

- I see ... is there something going on ... I see that happy will be soon! Children see ... So, go back a little ... Yeah, I found it!

The fortune teller calls the whereabouts of the bride. The groom is about to leave when she exclaims:

- Wait a minute! I almost forgot: my small gift - the sweetest nectar. I hope this helps you, go!

The future husband gets to the place where the bride, but girlfriends are among them. One of them says:

- Stop! I saw you from afar, and the bride will not miss! To begin to cajole us some gift. For a small fee will give you a hint.

The groom pays the ransom, one of the bridesmaids recognized that loves to learn new odors. Here comes to help bottle obtained in the first test.

- Wow, what I wanted! Wizard. Girls have to miss!

The future husband pays for the next clue, another friend says:

- Do not be refused a sip of wine ... When I drink, always good!

The groom presents one present from the fortune-teller.

- Oh, my favorite! Well, it is necessary - the bride grabbed soothsayer!

The remaining girl gives a man a box of chocolates, which is found with the phone. That surprised exclaims:

- How do you know that I have a sweet tooth? I love candy!

Girl distracted for gifts, make way, the groom found his bride, redemption quest ends.

Video process

Watch a short video, which is implemented quest bride price. This is an interesting action, which carries all the participants in the process:

In place of the traditional redemption increasingly comebold and unusual solutions. Redemption quest - one of them. To implement such a quality event, we need serious training, responsibility and care of the organizers - only then will the normal redemption extraordinary adventure.