Bride Redemption in Ukrainian style

Ukrainian style - original Casesolution for a wedding celebration. Folk costumes, traditional rituals, songs and dances will not leave indifferent any wedding guest. A great start to a wedding celebration is the bride price in the Ukrainian style that emphasizes devotion to national traditions, giving a festive, happy mood all present. How to organize a Ukrainian bride price?


Preparing Ukrainian bride price - an importantorganization of the wedding, on which depends the success of the event. Heed to the scenario: Clever plot outline, define characters by distributing roles among the participants list the competitions for the groom. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of the venue Ukrainian bride price, pick up props, suitable wedding celebration. All these actions will help you to hold the event in a joking mood, easy and fun.

Props for redemption

For Ukrainian bride price, you will need:

  • Table covered with an embroidered cloth.
  • Traditional dishes - dumplings, dumplings.
  • Wooden boards, nails, a hammer.
  • Goats, logs, saw, stopwatch.
  • Paper trail.
  • Balloons, paper, scissors.

The table is necessary for the fair, where the groom are treateddifferent people's meals, carry out a test of body strength and spirit of the bridegroom. Use traditional Ukrainian embroidered tablecloth patterns (as in the photo), pottery, wicker baskets. Dumplings (dumplings) make in advance, one of them putting a coin.


Wooden planks, hammer and nails used,to test physical strength newlywed. Typically men's classes will show how clever and knew how to groom, as it will deal with household chores in the future. The presence of humor will make this lesson a spectacle for all those who will participate in the redemption of the bride.

Cut paper trails of different sizes helpto organize one of the interesting challenges for the future of her husband, and balloons, paper, scissors serve for the manufacture of important components for another contest. Props in this redemption is not complicated, affordable, and because the very idea of ​​redemption is close to many Ukrainian.


The traditional roles of redemption: witch Solokha, Vakula the Smith, Ukrainian lasses.

The role entrusted Solokha future mother orprofessional toastmaster at a wedding tradition, she meets the groom, witnesses and guests when they come to the fair. Asked about the reason of his arrival, the groom feels for ingenuity, wit, offers at the end of each competition to put a glass of vodka in a circle for the bride's health.

The role of the blacksmith Vakula-master instructed ora man from the bride - a relative, a close friend. An applicant for the role must have good physical data, be tall, muscular, strong, to accurately reflect the image of the famous Ukrainian hero. Task Vakula - check physical strength, prowess newlyweds. The rest of the roles are distributed among the friends of the bride.

The traditional Ukrainian costumes underline styleevent, give the bride price real folk flavor. Female Ukrainian outfit consists of a multi-tiered skirts, shirts, waistcoats, a handkerchief or a wreath. Required attribute of the female costume - bright red beads. Male version of the Ukrainian attire: white embroidered shirt, colored trousers, sash with embroidered pattern, fleece hat. Examples Ukrainian costumes looking at the photo.


Making room

Selection of premises for Ukrainian bride price, andthen its design - a critical part of the preparation for the wedding. It is advisable to hold the event in a private home, then you will be able to use the entire yard, you no one will interfere. But if this is not possible, and the bride is held ransom near the entrance of an apartment building, it is necessary to think carefully about their actions during the scenario, organize the site so as not to be distracted by strangers.

Venue bride price should be given Ukrainian rural style. Here will be useful:

  • Wicker fence;
  • wagon or its parts (eg, the wheel), tongs, broom;
  • colored ribbons, artificial flowers (sunflowers, poppies), bells;
  • folk costume, hay, stubble;
  • towels, shirts;
  • pottery (pots, bowls), wicker baskets.

Wicker fence or a fragment garnishpottery, flowers, ribbons, see photo. Do not be afraid to draw venue of major elements, playing with them, for example, wagon - a table with snacks. With the help of Ukrainian suit, straw fabricate their own hands fabulous Babu, which protects the bride from unclean spirits. Look beautiful bells hanging on satin ribbon. Doorway spaces, passageways to the bride decorate floral garlands with ribbons, wreaths Ukrainian.


foreclosure scenario in Ukrainian style

The success of the redemption depends on the scenario,Definition storyline, roles, master replicas, competitions, games and rituals. The plot is based on the well-known Ukrainian fairy tales or the product of Gogol "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka", taking into account the lifestyle of the people of Ukraine. We offer you a ready script Ukrainian bride price.

The groom led the wedding procession arrives athome of the bride. In the courtyard of the covered Ukrainian embroidered tablecloth patterns table sits Solokha. The table is decorated in the Ukrainian style: gorilka, bacon, dumplings, dumplings, pickles, onions, a dish of pies. Nearby Smithy organized: an anvil, a stone hearth, the box with the log, short board, tools (saw, hammer, nails). Vakula the Smith chopping wood with an ax. A flock of young Ukrainian girls standing on the sidelines.


Solokha begins redemption:

- Vakula, look what Garnier boys came to us! With the good news you come for?

The bridegroom answers that came for the bride.


- Our Gal (bride's name) - a beautiful maiden. Face is bright, the braid to her waist, skillful hostess, dear character, good camp - only the brave young man worthy of her hand.

  • Competition №1

Ukrainian bride redemption proceeds Solokha words:

- Come to the table, dear guests, UkrainianGorilochka help yourself, a snack dumplings. And you, my good lad, tell me what you're so attracted to our Galya? How well do you know her? Than any she to you? Name 5 advantages bride, so tell me how you will take care of her, take care of our beauty. If I have the liking of your account, reward, and anger the I have to pay a gold coin for the bride.

Bridegroom calls the bride's 5 advantages, such as: beautiful face, figure Ladnaya, skillful hostess, docile nature, good education, a sharp mind. Witness wedding guests to help come up with epithets: "eyes like bottomless lake", "swan gait," "flexible, like a reed." Leading Ukrainian bride price cheering newlywed fee prompt correct answers. After the competition in the cups poured gorilka, all participants noted the successful completion of tests of the groom.

  • Competition №2

Solokha continues Ukrainian bride price:

- Enjoy pies, dear guests. Only they are not simple! What stuffing will fall, so married life is young! For each patty - 1 gold blacksmith Vakula pay! Who is first?

Money bills collects second driving foreclosuresbride, putting them in the leather pouch on his belt. Interpret the filling: meat - well-fed life, cabbage - a lot of children, rice - prosperity in the house, egg with green - money, jam - sweet relationship. Alternatively, bake in pies wishes written on paper, as well as coins. Upon successful completion of the contest, all drink to a happy life newlyweds.

  • Competition №3

Vakula the Smith takes the lead redemption:

- Solokha, thank you! We heartily watered, fed. Are you ready, my good fellow Stepan (groom's name), to pass my tests - to show their heroic silushku, agility and daring valiant?

The bride agrees, and continues to lead:

- Then perhaps my fiefdom - forge. Before I could even chop wood and fire to keep the workshop they should be about-ho-ho much! Podsobit Vakula, the blacksmith, lad? Will you show your skills valiant?

Facilitator summarizes the groom to the goats with the log and says:

- First you need to saw the log. How quickly you cope? Within 5 minutes, you say? And if you have missed, how much to pay?

There is bargaining, the master then stops him and says:

- Let's check! Put on your gloves, choose Assistant.


The groom chooses his witnesses or helpersone of the wedding guests, the leading parties produces gloves, saw, note the time. Contestants start the test, guests cheer. To create a special mood enable fast, lively music Ukrainian style. If the contestants do not have coped with the task, the leading pay a fixed amount of money. After successfully passing the test leading Ukrainian bride price invites all to drink to the health of the newlyweds.

  • Competition №4

Vakula the Smith continues ransom words:

- Stepan Good (groom's name), we proved thatnot only verbally adroit and able. And here's a new challenge - to hammer a nail with a single blow! Do you think you can handle? On the first attempt? And if not, what is the penalty you will pay?

Bidding. Presenter gives the groom a hammer with nails. The board for the competition down to the ground, an anvil or other flat surface. The groom with a single blow must hammer a nail into wood. The number of attempts is not limited to, in the event of failure of the witness or the wedding guests to help the bride and groom. There is also a great addition to the competition of bride price in the Ukrainian style - fast, mobile music.

  • Competition №5

Solokha intercepts buyback initiative:

- Vakula what a wonderful fiance got ourGale! All tests were successfully completed, showed itself in all its glory! Now you Stepan (groom's name) there was only one path - to a narrowing! You see marks on the grass? They are in the front room of incomparable Galina! There comes a neat and guess riddles, then no evil spirit does not put you to connect forever. And if you do not guess a riddle - pay for the tip! Ready?

On the grass in advance laid the tracks laid to the house of the bride. Leading wedding starts guessing riddles for redemption:

  • The meeting of two lovers hearts - is that ...? (Date)
  • Family covenant on the finger - this is ...? (Wedding ring)
  • Triumph, where the family is created? (Wedding)
  • Sweet period after the wedding? (Honeymoon)
  • Forever unites a man and a woman? (Love)

Guess the first puzzle, the bride stands on the first track, the second - crosses to the second, etc. Upon successful completion of the contest is to groom to the bride's apartment door.


Solokha completes Ukrainian bride price with the words:

- Stepan (groom's name), you have proved that strongeragile, smarter than your boy will not. You truly deserve your hands lovely lasses Gali! Open the door, come in the parlor. The bride long since been waiting for you! And we blacksmith Vakula, we wish you a great family happiness.

All those present are in the room whereis the bride. The bridegroom presents sweetheart a bouquet of flowers, kisses future wife to the sounds of festive music. To this point perfect song "Ah, this wedding sang and danced!" Or other wedding songs. The parents of the bride, wedding guests congratulate the newlyweds, raising champagne glasses or cups with gorilka for the successful completion of Ukrainian bride price, and then the wedding procession is sent to the registrar.


Video process

Movie Ukrainian bride price willplease you for many years of life, helps to preserve fond memories of the wedding ceremony. On the basis of the selected storyline mounted fantastic story with fairy-tale characters. Exciting adventure, complemented by a romantic story of a young loving couple - bride and groom - a good excuse to shoot a mini-movie.

Shooting foreclosure perfectly complement filming Ukrainian wedding. See the video: