Bride Redemption in travel style

An integral part of a wedding celebration - the ransomBride. Case kidnapping - it is always original, memorable, fun. Spend a similar process for a specific scenario, treat yourself to a lot of positive, unforgettable emotions. Redemption of the bride in the travel style - a romantic adventure, and a great alternative to the standard extraordinary wedding.


Journey - is an inexhaustible subject. Choose a variety of original tenders for the bride price in the style of an exciting journey will be easy. Stages of training:

  • Think of the role text.
  • Identify the actors.
  • Rehearsed text.
  • Choose style details.
  • Contents venue redemption corresponding attributes.

The script should be interesting, and tiring for the bride and groom. Carrying out redemption - up to 50 minutes. During this time, spend no more than three or four tests.

Bride Redemption in travel style

Details for redemption

To bride redemption turned in the style of travel, use the relevant thematic attributes:

  • Stylistic pirate costumes designed for the bride's girlfriends.
  • sailors costumes - for the young friends of the same style.
  • Suitcase.

Redemption in travel style
  • Globe.
  • World map for clues.
  • The circle of darts for testing about feelings.
  • Cards with the words: "love", "love", "love", "I can not live without his beloved", "married".
  • Bag with a letter.
  • The key to the box.
  • bride letter.


The main characters of the bride price:

  • Pirates - bridesmaids.
  • Assistant Chief pirate (brother or sister of the newlyweds).
  • Groom, the witness - the sailors, adventurers.
  • The photographer, who will remove the entire process.
  • If desired, you can participate guide that guides all along the "paths" amazing journey. This role will play a skilled toastmaster.

Making room

Use to design the room as much as possibleapproximate to the subject attributes. Start with the design of the access floor. Tie the rope ladder, or decorate with marine units. The very area in front of the door to the apartment Arrange balls or stylish compositions of them. At the door, attach the poster, made by hand, with the inscription: "Fascinating, you travel!". Wedding car also be issued in a similar style.

Bride Redemption in travel style

foreclosure scenario in travel style

According to the script, start with the moment when the groom with a witness climbing stairs. Near the front door will already be two friends celebration culprits:

-Nevesta Something your not in the registry office - flew to where the heat! Such is the lover of travel! Well, otyschesh her favorite, our friend? Come on, show me what you can do for our Queen!

Young goes in the direction indicated, a friend makes a big suitcase with all the thematic attributes.

-Molodets Our groom - not afraid of difficulties on the way to happiness! Well, start checking. What is your favorite country second half? Do you know? You guess it?

Photo: bride price in the travel style

Girlfriend gives pirate "main character" The Globe andRequests to designate one country. Then, if you do not guess right - it provides a map of the world with tips. The map is already marked by three states, which could go to "run away" the bride. Future husband guesses country, then receives a round of darts. Hanging on the wall of the goal, the one who plays the role of an assistant chief pirate, secures her cards with inscriptions.

-Brosay As darts, has not yet decided the mostright feeling that you have for our bride! But look, try to get the first time, as well as your favorite hit cupid arrow right into your heart! Choose one goal!

Groom with the first or second time falls, and then rewarded with the key of the box.

Witness pirate:

-You Showed himself as a fighter who can find all sorts of ways to your favorite! Take the same key as symbol of your strong love!


The main hero of redemption opens with the keybox and finds a letter in an envelope, it sees your name. Next, read the message. There's clearly stated expectations beloved place - is another room of the apartment where all the action takes place. The groom breaks there, the couple met.

Video process

Watch the video, which clearly shows how the ransom in pirate style journey:

The abduction of the bride at the wedding - the processresponsible and how interesting it will be, it depends on the mood of all participants foreclosures and wedding celebration. Redemption scenario "journey" will be an original, unforgettable experience for the young. This holiday long remembered by all guests.