Bride Redemption in the SAI style

Modern bride price - a fun game,representation, which organizers are usually bridesmaids. To view was a success, the girls need a fun, original screenplay. For example, the bride price in the SAI style. It will help them to create an unforgettable experience for the groom and witnesses that will long remember after the wedding. Let's look at how to prepare and conduct the event.


Before the bride price must beseriously prepare: need a lot of important details to create the right atmosphere, special costumes, decoration of house, driveway and even streets. Participants will have to learn leading-text several times to rehearse it before the day of the celebration. Bride Redemption in the SAI style requires a thorough approach and attention to detail.

Props for redemption

To ransom coveted bride in the SAI style was ideally have the following requisites:

  • Shape Inspector. It will be good if you can get hold of girlfriend suits, close in style to the original, or a striped vest. But if it does not, fit a strict suit, and attached to it, paper chase. Perfectly complement the image of a police cap, which can be made of paper.

Bride Redemption in the SAI style
  • Rod inspector. This indispensable feature of the image of the traffic cop is easily done with the help of cardboard, folded and painted black stripes, or a decorated stick.
  • The certificate of GAI or DPS. Draw a comic "crust" on their own or buy it at the gift shop.
  • "Brick", as well as other road signs, painted and cut from cardboard.

Redemption in the SAI style
  • Multicolored ribbons treated with spirits, some of which - the spirits of the bride.
  • Business folder in which reports are stored.
  • Designer-machine.
  • Children wheel, bought in a toy store, or create your own bridesmaids.
  • Many plastic bottles.
  • Striped or red long ribbon.
  • Wooden poles for signs.


Redemption in the SAI style can take only twoactors - the chief inspector and mechanic, who will give the groom the job, and then enforce. Gather a few guests that were public, observing the scene and invited the operator let engraved on the process of photo and video.

Making room

Bride Redemption in the SAI style

By purchasing props, proceed to registrationterritory. Attach a makeshift poles road signs, cordon off the area in a long ribbon, set up plastic jar in the form of a special maze. Almost all of the foreclosure action will take place on the street, it is important that these constructions are not prevented passersby. To decorate the entrance suit themed posters with rules of the road, you can decorate the space amusing verses about family life.

foreclosure scenario in the SAI style

  • Part one. The arrival of the groom

Groom together with the witness enters the courtyard, wherethere is a sign "stop". Narrowing stops witness or another bridesmaid who assumed the role of chief inspector, showing the certificate:

- Hello, dear. Captain (girls name). Present documents: the right to live together, the data sheet, please.

Groom says he does not have "the right to live together", only a driver, then the girl replies:

- So then I miss you I can not. We'll have to pass several exams to obtain a special license, which will allow you to travel to the bride.

  • Part two. Inspection valid.

- First of all, - said the inspector, - I need to check your machine for the presence of things that you are going to take for the future life with his wife. Open the trunk.

Future husband dutifully opens the trunk andFacilitator asks the bridegroom to tell how all these items will be useful to him and his wife for the family life. Funny is, if the groom lay down all the necessary for the redemption of things (alcohol, sweets, etc.) into the back seat and in the trunk will be, for example, rods: it will give the opportunity to show imagination betrothed.

If the inspectors are satisfied with the answer, he would give his opinion: "The machine is working." If the bride has not shown sufficient ingenuity, will have to pay for the "repair" of the machine, and then go on.

  • Part Three. Skilful hands.

It appears mechanic who has to check the consistency of the groom as the host:

- Hello dear. I see that your car is in order if you are now we will check, will be able to contain its own. In family life, you do not have time to repair the outlet, refrigerator, and sometimes restore the mechanics of the relationship after an argument. Prove that you are able to do so.

Mechanic hands groom constructor ofhero of the occasion which is to collect the car. Run this competition for bride price needed for the future. If the groom does not work, you have to pay a fine.

  • Part Four. Driving in the team.



- And now, I witness the groom will have to prove,he's a good friend, always support future husband, no matter what happens. To do this, you both will have to pass a driving test. We'll see how good the team got constriction in the fight for the heart of the bride.

Here is useful prearranged maze of cans. The participants' task is to go through it, "locomotive": front becomes groom behind him holding the belt witness.

This fun competition for the purchase of the desired style of the bride in the SAI will not leave indifferent present. For each bank hit by the groom to pay a fine witness.

  • Part Five. Drunkenness.


- Well! - Says the inspector. - You have mastered all the previous assignments, congratulations. It remains the last - test for alcohol intoxication, because drive can not be living together in a state of intoxication. It is known that drunk drivers impaired sense of smell, so we will check it with you. Find the scent of the bride among other flavors, and we define the sobriety of your mind.

Bridegroom invited last competition redemptionwhich has been held in the entrance: it is necessary to smell ribbons with different perfumes and scents to find your favorite flavor of belonging. If the smell is named properly groom applauding, redemption is over, he can rise to the bride. If not, pay a fine and buy "rights to life together."

In any case the Chief Inspector said:

- I congratulate you, the citizen, to givehonorable "the right to live together!" We want you to confidently keep your hands on the steering wheel of your brand new machine called "Marriage", to avoid left turns, always sure to follow along on the way of love. Please come with us to meet with your companion.

Inspector with the mechanic and the groom escorted the guests to the apartment, where it meets the constriction.

Video process

Redemption beloved bride in the SAI style - itan unforgettable holiday, which will long be remembered present. Beautiful costumes, props, role of unlearning well - all the necessary ingredients of the event. Fun examples of bride price to the traffic police in the style of the video will help you to implement his plan: