Bride Redemption in the folk style

Before a man to marry his beloved, mustIt was to buy it from their parents. This tradition has survived to this day, only now accept ransom friends, people close to the bride. Come up with the groom and friends fun competitions in which the applicant for a girl's heart proves his love. It is fashionable to organize thematic events, which include the bride price in folk style. How to make a ransom?


To ransom was successful, carefulprepare for it. Make sure to purchase the right props for celebrations. Arrange the room according to Russian folk traditions. The bridesmaids have to distribute each other's role and learn the words of the script. Organize video and photography to after the wedding to remember were funny moments of the event.

Redemption in the folk style

Details for redemption

For the organization of repurchase will need the following items:

  1. Darts.
  2. Toy sword.
  3. A poster with a photo of all the children's girlfriends, among which must be a photo of the bride.
  4. Glass of water.


The redemption participate bridesmaids,witnesses, the groom with his friends. The setting must be set at least three women. If the bridesmaids more separate words accordingly. Participants dress redemption based folk style: Men - trousers and shirts, girls - flared skirts and korsetki. Spread between a role, learn the words and start the show!

Redemption in the folk style of bride

Making room

redemption event takes place at the entrance of the house wherebride lives. On the way to the apartment of the groom must carry out tasks, desires. Entrance should be issued according to the Russian style. Not a bad version of the decor - artificial cobwebs hung around, placed in stairwells pots on poles. Poster necessary to wear out, using scissors and a lighter. Login garnish with sprigs, towels, wildflowers. You can also hang the poster "Hello, my good fellow!" With the inscription


bride price scenario in the Russian folk style

To make it interesting and original, the ransom needed to diversify the fun contests. It is necessary to pre-allocate roles and learn the words. Then the event will take place without force majeure.

Redemption begins with the arrival of the future spousegirl. It is desirable that the groom arrived on horseback. Friends are in the wagon that will carry the horse. The traditional Russian costumes on the men will create the right atmosphere. As soon as the carriage drove up to the entrance, the action begins:

Girlfriend 1:

- Dear guests, ladies and gentlemen, that you forget you are in our region?


- We came for the bride!

Girlfriend 2:

- We have one girl, hand-written beauty. White-faced girl, slender, beautiful, young. The eye can not take away from her! But to get such a treasure, you have to prove to us, young man, what are you for real her betrothed. To do this, you will carry out our job!

Groom agrees and girls charge the first board with him. This will require a glass half filled with water:

Girlfriend 3:

- It just will not give up the maiden. We want you to show us your heroic generosity with a special ceremony. To do this, throw here (takes the glass) as many gold coins to the water began to flow over the edge.

scenario ransom bride folk style

After the groom performs a task, the procession enters the entrance. At the entrance hangs a poster with the children's photos bridesmaids and most girls.

Girlfriend 1:

- I see you are a generous fellow, but savvy you? Now test your ingenuity! Here's "The Enchanted Mirror" (serves to groom a poster with a photo). Well, Guess-ka, where your (bride's name)?

For every mistake relies penalty that set the girls. Followed by an error amount of the fine is increased. After completing this task proceed as follows:

Girlfriend 2:

- That's because our fellow savvy, yet guessed our riddle. But clever it? This is what we learn with the help of fire of copies that need to hit the target (the groom gives darts). Sumeesh it?


A man must get to the goal. For every mistake you must pay.

Girlfriend 3:

- Show you our skill and generositysharp-witted warrior. And now I had a chance to show you my heroic virtue. The serpent-dragon maiden locked in our parlor, and the key in his left. To get to it, you need to kill the villain. Do you have a sacred sword?

The groom responds negatively, then girlsell him a toy sword. Further, "the young man" are the stairs to the construction of basins, rags, bowls, under which must lie the key to the apartment. Man destroys the building with his sword and takes the key. After that, the groom is allowed to unlock the door.

Girlfriend 1:

- Good is not easy, and craftsman daring! Test everything you went through a red maid found. Now feel free to lead her to the registry office!

Video process

An interesting and unusual bride price in Russianfolk style will bring a lot of pleasure to all participants of the event. In advance take care of all the details, and you will long remember this event with a smile on his face!

It is better to present the peculiarities of foreclosure will help you this video: