Bride Redemption in the border style

Modern bride price - a uniquea view created with the help of the bridesmaids to decorate the beginning of the wedding day. Every girl, engaged in the organization of such an event for the best friend, wants to ensure its original. Redemption in the border-style - is a fascinating idea, filled with all sorts of competitions for military training, interesting games on the strength, agility, to help the groom to prove that he is worthy of a beautiful bride.


Girlfriend, decided to start preparingunusual border bride price, will have to try. The first thing to do - create a unique scenario with funny, fun, interesting contests, tasks, riddles for the groom. Do not forget about the military style of conversation for future redemption of participants. To well implement this scenario, the girls should learn in advance the text, to spend a few dress rehearsals before the day of the solemn event.

In addition to the script, it will be necessary to think aboutdesign space, props. If a girl is hard to independently engage in repurchase the company, they can hire a professional toastmaster-leading, which will make the start of the festive day unique.

Details for redemption

Bride Redemption does not pass without preparationprops required for the creation of thematic competitions and frontier atmosphere. Examples of items that may be needed during the border style of the event:

Bride Redemption in the border style
  • Clothing. attire-leading participants during competitions - military uniform. It can be full frontier suit, rented, camouflage overalls, high heavy boots, epaulettes, cap, military cap.
  • The table at the entrance, a sign on it that says "Frontier Post", the general border guard, Shepherd dog or a small rock, which the military will call the dog.

Bride Redemption in the border style
  • Medical gown, round sheets to cover the eye, balls, darts, notes with numbers.
  • Styrofoam bricks.

Bride Redemption in the border style
  • Cut out paper flowers, traces of other elements, located on the steps, the walls of the stairwell.
  • Tablets, where relatives of his wife recorded.
  • Leaf with mock oath. Girls can show imagination, coming up with an oath to the future husband.

Bride Redemption in the border style


Depending on the competition, additions or invented by the organizers (the bride and her bridesmaids), the list of participants of the boundary ransom style may vary:

  • General border guard, to meet the bridegroom.
  • Border-top.
  • The physician conducting the physical examination.
  • Soldiers in training - the groom with the witness.
  • The photographer, who will remove a lot of memorable photos and video.

Making room

Decorate the room the bride price, you getaccording to the Border category. Girls need to create a checkpoint, they can paint themed posters, drawings, humorous caricatures of military style. On the walls you can hang weapons, camouflage fabric. Doctor's office, where the medical examination, it is necessary to decorate the medical theme: posters for vision testing, drawings with handwashing rules, which are often found in the hospital.

Bride Redemption in the border style

foreclosure scenario in the border style

Betrothed pulls up to the house mistress, redemptionbride begins. When the groom comes to the entrance, he saw a chair, a table and a sign "border point". Behind a table on the porch, painted the poster: "The door to the family life." At the table sits a bridesmaid in the border form, strictly looks at the groom:

-A Well, stand! Who is granted to us? Where?

The culprit responsible celebration that came to a beautiful bride.

-Ponyatno-Clear for you immediately evident. But! To cross the border show your pass. Let's here.

The destined responds that there is no admission.

-What Is not? And where do you gather without a permit? I do not miss nothing.

Help comes the witness that the groom slips a piece of paper with a felt-tip pen, suggesting that the pass you need to draw. The destined paints, paper reaches the border guard:

-Here's Another matter! Only here on medspravka said nothing. Passed a medical examination before receiving?

The future husband responds negatively.

-Eh, You yourself create problems themselves! We'll have to go to the doctor to have it checked your ability. Patients with us on family services are not needed! That direction, go to the next room. Good luck!

Redemption in the border style

The groom and his entourage enters the staircase and into the next test of the border bride price - a medical examination. Bridesmaids dressed as a doctor, joyfully meets Mr Right:

-Who Is granted to us, a brave fellow! Hello Hello! Destination is?

Hero for the day gives direction.

-A-And family life! Yes, many want to. Well, look, you're a man healthy, beautiful, this test will pass easily. Moreover, according to a troubled person I can see that in a hurry: in this case I can help. I, you know, have experience in the acceleration of the medical examination process, if you know what I mean.

Bridesmaids winks, hinting for a bribe. The destined bestows doctor.

-Good! One survey we will combine with others to strongly do not delay. For starters check your vision. Take a close look at the balls that hang close. You see? Excellent! Already good! And now I'll let you hit the detectors.

Leading gives future spouse darts.

-A Now close your eyes our special means, we'll shoot!

Round leaves the groom covers one eye.

-Well, Our betrothed, shoot! On this depends the fate of your shot medspravki.

Groom shoots, if not ingested, pay a ransom for the next attempt. When a dart succeeds, note drops out of the ball.

-And Here is the second survey! You see how fast? It will check for memory and intellect. The note is a figure that has to do with the bride. To be able to go further, you need to tell that the figure represents. If you can not cope, I help you. But this is for a fee.

Bride Redemption in the border style

Bridesmaids call numbers, the groom is responsible. When this test is finished the bride price, the doctor says:

Congratulations, the patient, you're absolutely healthy! Keep the certificate, and boldly follow the family path. Happily!

The groom takes the certificate, should be the third test of the bride price - physical training. Narrowing meet leading disguised military:

-Ryadovoy, Media-and-IRNA!

The future husband becomes still.

-In-Aulnat! We already reported about your ward. I see you've got a medical certificate confirming the ability to carry a family service, so we are taking to run a few tests.

The first test - physical training, because without the proper skills not happen for a long time to carry the bride in his arms when she had tired legs!

-A Weight packages grocery store often reaches exorbitant marks!

-We Start: bricks in front of you that have broken into numerous stone fragments. But no one, and with a witness!

The bridesmaids give men foambricks, but the girl did not say that the groom has to quickly cope with the task, not to pay the ransom. If the witness to cope more quickly, one of the girls said:

-Here It is! Maybe not for that guy to marry our bride is? Groom, pay a ransom, so we forgot about the results!

If the groom handle faster, then:

Silyl your no doubt! Congratulations. And now, when you have proved your strength, agility will have to prove, because the mines are often found on a heavy family way!

Along the way, find the stairs, where a lot of inherentmin. Our sapper, who investigated this road before, left a mark - marks on which to walk safely. Feature mines is that they respond only to the beloved bride. Now think of how to overcome this distance!


The future husband should ask the witness to guess bring him in some areas where there are traces on the walls or ceiling. If everything works, the participants do not pay a ransom. Leading say:

-Well, You have a good team, young man! Such friends should be protected. You get close to the beautiful bride. It remains the ultimate test: everyone who enters the service of the family should understand the ranks. It is an oral exam, which will test your preparation. Let's start?

Groom nods. The bridesmaids called the wife's relatives, and betrothed to say how they will be called after the wedding (my mother - mother-in-law, father - in-law, brother - in-law). For prompt pay. After passing this test, boundary bride price, the future spouse falls into an apartment, where he meets the general.

-Well, The bridegroom! Despite the hardships, you have come to the end. I and all of our Border Service are proud of you. To become a soldier of family life, you need to give the oath. But be careful: after that is no turning back. Are you ready for this?

celebrations culprit says that he is ready.

We're in you do not doubt! Here is the text of the oath. -Read.

The future husband reads aloud the oath written by the bridesmaids or the bride herself. When completes, the general said:

-Otnyne You are a soldier, who should love and protect his beloved from all adversity. We wish you a happy journey and easy service to each other. At ease!

The groom opens the door to the room where the bride is waiting for the redemption ends.

Video process

Watch interesting videos bride price, which involved military special squad:

Bride price in the original style - aan event that will not leave anyone indifferent, for a long time be remembered by all participants in the process. Girlfriend will need to give serious attention to the organization, to think all the details to the border ransom was perfect.