Bride Redemption in marine style

Increasingly popular style,themed wedding. But do not forget that one of the most important parts of a wedding is the bride price, you need a good energy boost, cheerfulness on all further triumph. One of the unusual stylistic way - bride price in a nautical style.

The sea has always attracted its mystery,tranquility, romance. This original script foreclosure suit lovers of the sea, sailors, people with maritime professions, just dreamers, for any time of year, most importantly, to show imagination.

Details sea redeem pirate hats and swords


Preparation does not take a lot of time andmeans all the accessories available or already have at home. Choosing a bride ransom original nautical style, be sure to go shopping for fishing: fishing attributes are ideal for the repayment of jewelry. Useful shops will be creative, decor.

Do not miss the children's stores, where possiblebuy: swords, bandanas, pirate hat and coins, toy guns, false mustache, the steering wheel, binoculars. There's a lot of attributes that is useful to you to decorate the room to convey the romanticism, mystery marine style. The best part is that you will not be difficult - all decorate their own hands, saving on paper decorators.

Props marine redemption: Pirate Treasure Chest

Details for redemption

To better convey the atmosphere and arrange the ransomBride in the beautiful marine style - do not be afraid to experiment, be creative. For decorative porch, as well as invitations, bouquets, boutonnieres, finishing the dress, shoes, clothes guests, you will need the following items:

  • Shells, stones, starfish, sand, mesh, tape, cloth bright red (blue, turquoise) color white pearl.
  • Paintings with ships, scarlet sails or their thumbnails.
  • Pirate costumes, sword, vest, shape (cap) captain peakless cap sailor akvagrimm and so on. D.
  • Money to replace pirate coins.
  • Many carved hearts.
  • Cloth, paper, drawing paper, old book.
  • Large rope.
  • A bottle of rum (optional).

Adhering to these components to transfer marine style invent something of their own. This style is unlimited, the end result is sure to please you.


As can act as actorsclose relatives of the bride, witnesses, neighbors. If you will miss some character to your ideas, you always have time to hire a professional animators.

Participants sea redeem bridesmaids vests

Decoration of rooms for ransom in a marine style

If you spend a bride price of access, decorate as their platform, so taking the stairs at the entrance.

  • Pattern the stairs with the help of a fishing net,shells, stones, combined with ribbons of different colors sea. Print the photos that embody the Marine style (sea, ships, maps), hang them on the walls of the entrance.
  • Shells with starfish align with ribbons, such a composition perfectly decorate the bridal bouquet, boutonniere, glasses, a pen on the door or the door itself.
  • Inside the apartment beautifully hang cloth of blue,green hues, these colors will blend well scarlet cloth, which secure the wedding rings of tiny steering wheels, make them themselves or purchase.
  • For competitions stick carved hearts ondoor. Old book (possibly with yellow leaves) use for letters, invitations, notes (pre-burn the ends, that was similar to the papyrus).

All the attributes of good that you will need for decorating marine bride price, and for the wedding.

groom party dressed as pirates in ransom

foreclosure scenario in a marine style

Meet the groom mother of the bride or girlfriend screaming, that missing princess, tells the story of how it was stolen by pirates overseas. And declares:

- Who will find and rescue a beautiful woman, for that it will issue a marriage. Let's play a wedding, which is still not seen the light!

Reveal note from the pirates, in whichsets out that only a real, strong, quick in his actions a man can endure all the tests, answer all the questions, go through the difficult road, to stay alive, to win the right to marry a young lady.

Gathering his strength, a young man with his retinue comes to the already decorated in a nautical style porch, where waiting relatives dressed as a bride.

The first task of redemption, which he willto go, to say the password, or no further input. Password - a date familiarity with the bride, and for every wrong answer penalty. It may be money, pirate coins, goodies, candy, champagne. Almost on each floor are waiting for new obstacles. Contests recommend to distribute individually.

The groom and the witnesses on the sea repurchase

Contests for the groom and witnesses

Just the same time competition for bride pricefor the groom and witnesses. After a successful name password, go further, seeing in front of a poster, and a lot of numbers on it, symbolizing specific dates. Groom guess what they mean. It could be the date of birth, love, house or apartment number, height, shoe size, passport number, your wedding day or even during certain events. Guess you need fast, on each date of 3 minutes, otherwise fine.

The process of redemption in a marine style

Next, take out the hat (the pirate, captaincap) wrapped with pieces of paper, where different female names. The future husband must guess, pulling a piece of paper with the name of his beloved. For each wrong name will be the penalty claim.

The next task. Draw bride, displaying all its beauty, write a number of the finest quality, for which the man fell in love with the beautiful bride. For this competition encourage real sea drink - a glass of rum.

Following, the groom will have to guess the number of puzzles, riddles and must bear for a marine style, some of them look at the photo below:

Riddles for the bride on the sea repurchase

Guessing all the puzzles, rescue the bride get ona new job. They will have a tug of war. On one side of the rope will be the groom with the witness, but on the other - a bridesmaid. For fun, secretly, tie one side of the stairs. The bridegroom and his crew win this test.

That husband has approached the apartment, there is one final task - cloth with prints of the lips, the bride to be to guess the imprint (not guessed - the penalty).

When the groom comes to the door, in order toget into the apartment, and then the room he needs to find the key. On the door is pasted a lot of hearts, you need to guess: under what heart is hidden key (incorrect attempt - fine).

Finally, there is a key, opens the door to the groom. To wake up the bride, you want to remove the spell, but it needs to read a poem or a declaration of love to say, sing your favorite song.

Then they see each other, the bride rescued, everyone is happy. Redemption is over!

Marine ransom: the bride groom found

With such a cheerful mood proceed to the official part of the ceremony, a ball, a banquet.

Video process

Redemption of the bride in an unusual sea stilepodarit you only positive mood. Watch the video by which you better understand the whole originality, gaiety process:

Bride Redemption - an integral, important part of thesignificant day for you, like a wedding. With such a scenario, you will be interesting not only for the process but also the creative preparation for it. Marine theme is amazing, versatile, you implement your creativity, dream sea, style preferences.

Adhering to such a scheme, thatorganizovatvykup bride in creative marine style, you, your relatives, guests will receive a great mood and unforgettable emotions, remember this day forever. Good luck to you!

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