Bride Redemption in interview style

Traditionally, the groom before the wedding ceremonyHe buys his beloved. Before committing foreclosure was a necessity, an essential element of courtship, but now the event is purely symbolic. Modern wedding fashion provides for the organization of thematic celebrations in different styles, for ransom in an interview style - is a great way for the bride and groom have fun with their friends. How to organize such an event?

Bride Redemption in interview style


Carefully prepare for the event, to avoidincidents, force majeure. interview style is not so complicated, besides near the newlyweds, who at least once but got a job. Consider a scenario, the role of the spread, and then start to learn the words. Do not forget to prepare the necessary props, find suitable premises for the process, then in addition to the wedding you will be happy to remember the bride price!

Props for redemption

Without these items can not do:

  • Costumes (formal style) - pencil skirts, simple and plain blouses, high-heeled shoes for women; white shirt, polished shoes for men.
  • "Human Resources" tablet with an inscription.
  • Most notebook.
  • Toy cars on the radio control.
  • Chupa Chups.

Bride Redemption in interview style


Conduct an interview for the post of the futurehusband can bridesmaids. Style events - business, strict. The main role - the head of the personnel department - should give witness that will cope with this responsible work, there must be kept under the control of the whole event. The rest of the friends will be involved in the purchase as a secretary.

Making room

Action is desirable to carry out at home a bride. One room is given to the hero of the occasion, issued in accordance with other office style: in the middle is a large desk, next to the boss's chair at the table are paper, stapler, pens, pencils. Also, do not forget to put a sign "Human Resources," to invite the secretary. In other words, show the workflow, so that the applicant for the bride's hand and heart were no doubts in the reality of the situation.

Bride Redemption in interview style

foreclosure scenario in the interview style

The secretary met the groom on the doorstep, said to him:

- Welcome to ": Cool bride" (the groom's name). Follow me, I will guide you to the office of our chief.

After that, the secretary of the groom leads the witness to the head of the personnel department (KRC) to determine whether the post. It expects to witness the upcoming wedding. KRC:

- Welcome! Heard, applying for the post of the groom to the bride? I can offer some really good positions (open big book and shows vacancies): husband of Baba Yaga, Mermaid Ariel or (bride's name). Ready to give a brief description of the three brides. Baba Yaga - dry old woman Mermaid Ariel - capricious, caudate, besides the smell of fish. Anna (bride's name) - hand-written beauty, lovely hostess, is wise beyond his years. What position will choose?

Bride Redemption in interview style

Future husband calls the name of your favorite, and then the fun begins. secretary:

- Since many applicants, we must checkyour personal qualities, make sure that you are suitable for this job. You are cautioned that for a wrong job, you will be forced to pay a fine for the development of our company. You are ready?

After the bride responds with, starts the first test for him. KRC:

- We accept only employees with excellent memory. Let's check out how well you remember the important dates in the life? Answer the following questions:

  1. Date of birth of the bride?
  2. Mobile Number (bride's name)?
  3. Number of apartments, where you are?
  4. Date of your acquaintance with (bride's name)?
  5. Age sweetheart?


For each wrong answer relies fine, the amount of which determines the witness together with her friends. secretary:

- Work in any capacity in our companyIt provides for wit, as well as of remarkable mind, so we need to check how well you, young man, deal with unexpected problems. For each letter in the name of the bride think of compliments for it.

Upon successful completion of this task, prepare lollipop. KRC:

- Congratulations, yet meet all criteriaa candidate for the position you are interested in our future husband of the bride. We are interested in another navyk- Do you know how to sing? For the position we are looking for a person with creative skills. Receive, please makeshift microphone, we fulfill any song!

Bride Redemption in interview style

The bride is trying to sing a song under the applause of all participants in foreclosure. After that, it is necessary to perform a final task the event. secretary:

- In addition to the desired positionyou will need the ability to drive a car. We have to see how well you cope with the car. Park our trucks parked as carefully as possible, without damaging other cars. For each damaged car-a fine.

The groom is led to an impromptu parking lottoy cars, hand control panel from the machine. When he successfully carries out the task, the witness, together with bridesmaids congratulate him enrollment in the company's staff. KRC:

- Congratulations, (groom's name), you meet allour requirements! This means that you are appointed to a vacant position in our bride groom. Please proceed to their duties - take the bride to the registrar to fill an order for the appointment to the post.

Video process

Watch this video and Draw lots of ideas for the success of redemption:

Redemption - an integral part of the wedding fun. He will give a triumph of flavor, fill the holiday with positive emotions and good mood. Take the preparation of redemption with the responsibility - all participants of the event will remember it for many years after the wedding!