Bride Redemption in grandmothers style

Modern bride ransom, first of all,original presentation, designed to lift your mood heroes of the occasion and present guests to the official part of the celebration. Each organizer who is planning a holiday, wants everything was fun and unique. Redemption grandmothers of the bride in style - this playful event where the groom make to pass the test, participate in funny competitions, and most importantly - are leading the very grandmother at the entrance, which is well known.


Prepare the event is relatively simple. Bridesmaids should come up with the witness contests, games for the groom, and then incorporate them into the script. To bride ransom was perfect, all the participants will have to learn the text well and preliminary to spend a few rehearsals. Do not forget about the typical conversation for the neighborhood grandmothers - to cheer the audience, have to pick up themed phrases carefully.

Bride Redemption in grandmothers style

All goes well, if the bridesmaids carefully prepare for.

Props for redemption

For every interesting ransom neededprops, which will help to create more atmosphere, as well as the things necessary during competitions / puzzles. Examples of props to redeem grandmothers see below:

  • Clothing. To create a grandma style, we need a few key things: first and most important - a handkerchief on his head, colorful, bright, shiny threads. Large stretched sweater or jacket with buttons, long skirt to mid-ankle moccasins. Add style-girlfriend's grandmother may other accessories large beads, rings, a stick.

Redemption in grandmothers style
  • Gopnik Clothing pants with two stripes of Adidas, sweatshirts, cap-duck, sporting sneakers or pointy shoes; tongs, lipstick, cream, etc. Tonalka.
  • Cards with true or false facts about the beloved.
  • Suit groom, decorated car, bouquet, props required for the test "fake fiance."
  • A long rope.

Bride Redemption in grandmothers style
  • Rope with a lot of knots, knotted bride.
  • Chair, sheets, caps, baby nipple.
  • Balloon.

Bride Redemption in grandmothers style


The protagonists in foreclosure at the grandmother:

  • Grandmothers - bridesmaids.
  • Gopnik, who meet in the stairwell of her spouse.
  • Narrowing, and also a witness to the guests.
  • Away team bride with a tug of war contest.
  • The photographer, who will remove the action pictures and videos.

Making room

Contents venue redemption possible differentmeans, for example, to place throughout anticipatory signs "No smoking!", "Do not litter!", "Do not go!", "Do not make a noise!", "Do not spoil the shops!" at each write a fine of 1000 rubles. Entrance girls can decorate their own themed painted posters, newspapers, arrange all board games. In the form of prizes for good results in the competitions can act seeds, which are so fond of her grandmother.


Scenario foreclosures in grandmothers style

When the bride arrives at the house of the beloved, seeingstrange picture: in front of the entrance is a car decorated with flowers and ribbons, and next to the car is a man in a suit with a bouquet, boutonniere - so begins the redemption of the grandmothers of the bride. The destined out of the car and the other groom loud rooms apartment grandmothers of the bride sitting on a bench. Grandma answered:

-Milok, So you're in (the bride's name) ours? Wow, that girl has grown so fast! Just yesterday there was running, remember, Erin Ivanna?

-How To forget! This mischievous, active, and now look!

-Room We'll show you how to not only learn something happen? Oh (paying attention to the groom), and that we have one? You to whom, my dear? Also, eh, to the bride?

The destined replies that arrived just in time for the bride.

Well it is so, pigweed Petrovna, that two of the groom to the bride one? It is such a fashion among the youth today? Are you two going to get married?

The fake bride:

No, only one of us! And it will be me.

This denies betrothed, then re-enters her grandmother:

-Oh-Oh-oh, that's news! You know, we have this baggage from childhood know, so I think we can resolve your hard dispute. Tested! This groom certainly knows much more about the mistress, so we will ask you a few questions about the facts of her biography.

Okay I figured out Irin Ivanna! Who will give more answers, that we miss: find on our (bride's name).

Grandma asked suitors questions concerningbride, groom fake does not give any answer, only gets out, the real answers correctly at least more than once (do not ask too difficult questions). When my grandmother understand who the true betrothed, saying:

-All clear! We found this groom worthy to marry this wonderful girl! So march here, rascal (referring to the false groom)! Look at what has conceived, deceive us so our bride pick!

Pretender runs, second grandmother throws a stone after him:

-Begi-Run, so you have worn soles!

-So This is the girl you waiting for? Well Lawless Heart, I'm sure our little girl in a good person does not make a mistake. But! As those who saw the growing bride we can not stay away. Convince us that you are the one who needs it.


Are regular, pigweed Petrovna. Several tests you have to pass. That's our girl a real beauty. On hand will wear it?

The bridegroom answers that will.

- Good. And show us some witnesses as will wear!

The destined raises a witness.

- Power is yours, but the Warriors it? Irin Ivanna, drag rope!

Grandma brings a rope behind her are a few male guests from the bride.

- To prove their strength, will hold an old Russian Competition - tug of war! Kohl strong will win and the other team will miss without problems, and there is no so who knows, we can, agree.

If the future husband with the team wins, moves on to the next test, no - pay grandmothers.

- Well, Erin Ivanna, say, warrior?

- Hercules still what, pigweed Petrovna! Our bride worthy!

- The first test you passed, then we will check your imagination. The girl-she gentle as a flower, a flower to be healthy you need to water it, fertilize!

Grandma with her fiance go to the staircase, take a long rope with ten knots.

- So the girl is necessary to fertilize the perfect beautiful, gentle words. Nodules on the rope that was tying herself beloved, and you will have to untie them, my dear.

- But that's not all! Unleashed, you have good words without stopping to talk. How to untie the knot up a notch you can climb. And forget the word so we advise you for a fee.

The destined performs the test, grandmother raised him on the stairs, they are greeted by an unpleasant company Gopnik, who immediately starts to stick to the groom:


- Oh, who do we have here? A smoke is not there?

- Hey, Vasek, it is not to (bride's name) by accident?


- To her, to her, that you are attached, youth!

Gopnik, referring to the heroes of the occasion:

- So we owe your bride on a grand scale, so let's see poshuriku. Salvage is?


-A Come stop this talk! Vasya, Dim, you are that we want to bring to the grave ?!


- Well, Erin Ivanna, sorry. Well, give the opportunity to redeem debt patsanchik differently: these are the ladies handbag - shove his hand without looking, tell me, what kind of thing.

The future husband tries to guess the items, if not guess - pays.

- Ha-ha-ha, here's what I figured. More come in, kid!

Grandmothers with the culprit celebrations go on in front of the apartment of the bride is the chair on which rests a large sheet, bonnet, nipple. Grandmother:

- My dear, we can see that you're a good husband, strong, gentle! Now show us some with pigweed Petrovna, which also will be a good father to swaddle witness lull, lullaby sing!

Narrowing as he can, he performs the task. Another grandmother said:

- Look! In all our hands groom master! What the young man grabbed the bride, eh?

Together with the leading actors come to the apartment.

- And now the final test. Take a balloon so podbros away! The farther it flies the more steps will do.

- For the remaining coin you give us. What? The pension is a small now, it is necessary to pay for the light. Well, I'm quitting!

The future husband throws a ball, makes the steps for each next to the bride's room pays the money. Redemption ends.

Video process

Look cheerful bride price, which will help you learn interesting ideas for contests, tests to narrow during the redemption grandmothers:

Bride Redemption in the original style of grandmothers - ita unique event that will amuse guests, and most importantly, make heroes of the occasion to smile. To the beginning of the wedding day was interesting, carefully prepare the script, the room, check the participants' knowledge of roles.