Making wedding Candy bar - photo

Western tradition became verypopular during weddings in Russia and the CIS. From there, modern couples have learned already well-known thematic celebrations, visiting registration of marriage, the European balance tables at the banquet ... there were some "sweet" side of the Western celebration - Candy Bar. This interesting piece looks beautiful fourchette events, helps to emphasize the style of your wedding, giving guests the opportunity at any time to enjoy the delicious sweets.

What's Candy Bar?

Candy bar - it is the so-called European"Sweet table". It is a BANQUET table on which there are various kinds of chocolates, candies, cakes, cookies, jellies and others. When there is a break between dances or numbers of the competition program, Candy-bar allows the main characters of a wedding and everyone present to enjoy the delicious sweet dishes. Used construction is everywhere - at weddings, during birthdays, anniversaries, to any other parties.

At the wedding, a bar with refreshments will be finepiece design - all elements of the table with sweets can be matched in a single color. Candy Bar does not alter the appearance of birthday cake at the end of the banquet. Table with sweets will be a great decoration of the hall, while the present waiting for the cake. At the very beginning of the holiday Candy bar surprise came with their beauty, originality of design, unusual dishes, matched newlyweds.

Beautiful version of Candy Bar

At the end of the wedding party the couple mayannounce the guests that all the sweets that are present in the Candy Bar, they can take home with them. So, a nice compliment to the beginning of the festival, will turn into an unexpected gift. Newlyweds can prepare in advance candy boxes for everyone present to to fit one or more items Candy Bar. Note that most of the dishes at that time may already be eaten. It is desirable to stock an additional set of sweets to wait for their time in the kitchen, already packed.

What is included in the wedding Candy Bar?

What are the elements to pick up Candy Bar onwedding - to decide, first of all, the future spouses. Set of sweets will depend on the triumph of style and personal taste preferences of the groom with the bride as well as the time of year when fruit table is planned. If the newly minted spouses want to please everyone, they need to choose many different kinds of dessert -. Light and airy, with lots of cream and toppings, nut, fruit, chocolate and sweets, etc. What will be perfect for a wedding Candy bar?

Candy bar with sweets at a wedding

All kinds of sweets and desserts

Having determined that the wedding willpresent Candy Bar, future spouses will select his options for meals. Give preference to better light desserts that do not create heaviness in the stomach, as well as the sweets that will simply take your hand or just eat. It is unlikely that guests will be convenient snack that can stain your suit if not handled properly. Here are the sweets are usually used for decoration Candy bar:

  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate. This option is appropriate in cases where the wedding is taking place in the summer, during the ripening of the berries of the season. Then buy or cooking such dishes Candy bar will not cost too much. Instead of strawberries newlyweds can use other fruit. For example, bananas, raspberries, oranges, tangerines, grapes, cherries, pitted. Sweetness may be filed as simple to special napkins and toothpicks on long graceful. Decorate the dish of coconut, walnut shavings, icing sugar.

Delicious strawberries in chocolate
  • Fruit in caramel. Such a sweet dessert for a quick snack exactly like a guest at a wedding - a variety of fruit with a crisp pleasant taste. Serve this sweet guests in Candy-bar in the form of pieces, impaled on a toothpick or small kebabs on wooden skewers.

Caramel Candy fruit for the bar at the wedding

  • Cupcakes. These air reminiscent of sweet pastries cakes with filling on top and inside, they become vivid detail Candy Bar. Newlyweds can offer those present at the wedding to choose some kind of cupcakes with different fillings. At the time of the order of sweets to the future spouses need to see a lot of different ways to design Candy Bar, and choose the appropriate option.

Cupcakes - sweets for Candy Bar

Cake-pop. This unusual dish looks festive, original and interesting. Sweetness is a sponge balls in chocolate or icing of it, decorated with all kinds of confectionery items. This item Candy-bar are particularly fond of children, it attracts attention and causes appetite. Served cake-pop usually on wooden skewers.?

Cake-pop - fun entertainment

  • "Macaroni" Cookies. This French dessert Candy Bar Sweet won the love from around the world. Biscuits made using ground almonds, its manufacturers add food coloring to get the delicious sweetness desired color. Then two baked pechenyushki connected by tasty toppings. Macaroni is ideal for decoration Candy-bar in the style of Paris and beyond. Newlyweds can order them in any color, according to the theme wedding.

Cookies macaroni - original sweet dessert

  • Marshmallow. These European sweets - a cross between a marshmallow and marshmallow. Marshmallows come in different colors, flavors, shapes, sizes. What a treat to be in a wedding Candy Bar - depends on Honeymoon preferences. Marshmallow served in special small vase or toothpick.

Marshmallow for Candy bar at a wedding

  • Cream baskets. The lush, airy cream in baskets, cookies, a favorite from childhood, just have to taste the audience. To pastries were fresh, future spouses can be ordered for Candy-bar sweets with fruit filling or berries, baskets stacked inside. This dessert is served on a regular or tiered tray.

Sweets to Candy Bar: basket with cream

  • Eastern sweets. If you are planning an exotic wedding, the bride and groom can make Candy bar with oriental treats - this is unusual and interesting. Guests will be able to discover something new, unknown rasprobovat them to this day tastes. But these sweets are not to the taste of everyone. In addition, put on the table Candy bar something more familiar - chocolate, biscuits, fruit jellies.

A variety of oriental sweets

  • Sweets of different peoples of the world. If the triumph of style reflecting the traditions of a specific country, find out about their favorite desserts of its inhabitants, and then Treat them wedding guests, offering among sweets Candy bar. Such a surprise for sure will surprise and please the audience, it will provide an opportunity to better understand the culture of another country. But, as is the case with oriental sweets, gently try to trim desserts and write composition on special plates.
  • Chocolate fountain. This wonderful device for a rich wedding, it looks amazing. Newlyweds can take the chocolate fountain rentals. These devices come in different sizes - small and large-scale weddings weddings. Around the fountain put fruits and other dishes that guests can "dip" in the melted chocolate.

Stylish chocolate fountain

In addition to the above you can sweetsuse any others who love themselves. It can be glazed carrots, mermaids in sugar, chocolates, Raffaello, dried fruits, nuts in caramel glaze, profiteroles, truffles, lollipops. Ideally, for the Candy Bar is selected for more than seven kinds of sweets, to people invited to the wedding could eat a slice each dessert. Portions should be small, it is best - One-night bite to the sweetness was easy and convenient snack during a break or software between dances.

Drinks in the respective colors

To maintain the style of the wedding, sweetsit is desirable to select appropriate colors, it also applies to drinks. Newlyweds can decorate Candy Bar diverse juices - apple, orange, strawberry, banana, cherry, as well as punches - alcoholic and nonalcoholic. A good drink for sweets table will be stewed, cooked in fresh fruit or dried fruit. To make the color more intense, the bride and groom can add to drinks a little food coloring.

Beautiful Beverage Candy Bar

Making sweet table at a wedding - photo

An important part of the decoration of the banquet hall as a wholeIt serves as decoration Candy bar at a wedding. One of its main objectives - to attract attention. Well, if all the sweets will be the same color or more matching colors, for example pink, white, sandy. Beautiful decor Candy-bar will be beneficial to look at a photo shoot. The main elements of decoration - it is, above all, appropriate dishes, as well as textiles, printing, figurines.

Wedding Candy Bar

China, the relevant category

Tableware - an important part of wedding decorCandy-bar. Charming jars with lids, lovely crystal bowls, vases, coasters stacked, colorful trays, cups are the perfect decoration. It is desirable that all elements of dishes suited to each other in style, have the same color or close. For themed weddings as supports for sweets may make boxes, large open shells of pearls, cans jams, baskets, even birds' nests.

Beautiful tableware Candy Bar

Optional accessories

Suitable mood will createOptional accessories for decoration Candy Bar. Options for its decor a lot of interesting ideas will be discussed below. Newlyweds should be well thought out, which elements will be the most suitable for the wedding:

  • Natural flowers. This grand, elegant design will look great.
  • Photos newlyweds. If the main characters of a wedding put on the table with sweets several joint pictures, guests can admire them during the selection treats.
  • Statuettes, figurines. Decor Candy Bar, reflecting the theme of the wedding, perfect for events.
  • Textile. Tablecloths, ribbons, lace napkins, ribbons - all this must be done in the same style, in harmony with each other.

Beautiful accessories for wedding Candy Bar

  • Balloons. Helium ornaments Candy bar with sweets create a truly festive, fun atmosphere.
  • Cards with names of dishes. For guests to a wedding celebration know the name of this or that sweetness, that is included in its composition, where she came from, future spouses print in printing cards with the relevant information.
  • Candles. These details help create a cozy atmosphere at the wedding. Elegantly decorate the table with sweets graceful long or small candles.

Where can I find a label template?

Candy Bar can become not only a place forsweets, but also stand for sweet dishes. Their guests carry with them. As a small gift for the wedding invitation can be boxes of sweets and candies, chocolates wrapped labels with the names of the newlyweds and parting words for guests. Templates for labeling sweets you can find on the internet or draw them yourself. Your choice to be printed in the printing industry.

Workshop on design Candy bar with their hands

To make a sweet table with his hands,you will need: A large cloth or fabric of a suitable color, a few boxes, exquisite dishes, multi-tiered stand, sweets, skewers or toothpicks. The first thing to do - cover the table with a tablecloth. Then wrap the box of the same fabric or a suitable tone, to put the greatest ago, those smaller - closer. They are heroes of the occasion can put some treats on the trays and supports, and on the table to place the other dishes and sweets. See the video below for how to arrange Candy Bar:

Tips On How To Make Candy Bar in Rustic

Rustic or country style decorationwedding - a popular trend in fashion. To make a table with sweets in the rustic-style heroes of the occasion should choose natural fabrics - cotton, linen, wool. As decoration Candy Bar is perfect and the rough burlap thread. As coasters, trays of dishes using wooden plates, jars of jam. Well, if the table itself with sweets is made of wood. A great decoration for Candy-bar serve crocheted napkins, bottles, candles.

Rustic Candy Bar

Ideas for organizing the sweet table in the style of Provence

Provence style - a beautiful, picturesqueplants, an abundance of lavender, pink, white, natural materials, soft pastel colors, the French sophistication in the design of dishes. The table itself Candy-bar main wedding heroes can cover a linen cloth, richly decorate it with flowers of lavender, peonies, wild herbs. As an approach treats biscuits pasta, cupcakes, cakes, croissants. Additionally Candy Bar adorn lacy napkins, ribbons, candles, plates with floral pattern, elegant trays.

Provence: parts design wedding Candy Bar

Video recipe for cupcakes Candy bar at a wedding

Cupcakes - is the perfect sweet treat forCandy-bar. The style and color can be anything - orange, blue, pale pink, lemon. To save money, delicious dessert you can cook yourself or entrust the production of sweets close relatives, friends. The video below shows a detailed recipe for creating original sweet cupcakes for a wedding Candy bar: