How to organize a wedding without a banquet

At the wedding banquet without has its advantages. The absence of a magnificent feast will allow the young to save a considerable amount of money, as rent for premises and preparing snacks -lvinaya share of the budget allocated to the wedding. Also, instead of a boring time at the table, the couple will make an exciting horse riding, boating on the river - it will leave in memory with nothing comparable experience of the wedding.

How to celebrate the wedding without a banquet: original ideas

Morning solemn day will be held in the ordinarytroubles: dressing the bride in a wedding dress, the groom - in a ceremonial costume, a traditional rite of redemption. But if you decide to invite to the wedding several guests - organize for them a small buffet with sandwiches, cookies, fruit and champagne.

The ceremony of marriage registration advisable to startearlier, for example, in 10-11 hours. After the wedding ceremony the young couple should spend their fantastic photo shoot. Order of the photographer and videographer will cost inexpensive, but you leave for a memory of this day forever.

Wedding photo shoot in nature

After a long walk, guests will have time to havehungry, so it would be appropriate to feed them at home groom. If possible, prepare their meal in one of the cafes or restaurants of the park, where the photo shoot.

After that, the invitees can officially carry out a young couple on their honeymoon.

Alternatively, after the registrar - to hold smallbanquet, celebrate a wedding outdoors in tents, with barbecue. To celebrate chic have to take care of the installation of tents, organizing barbecue, buffet, but instead a lot of positive emotions you are guaranteed!

Celebrating a wedding without a banquet, but with barbecue

How to organize a wedding without a banquet outdoors in a tent, look at the video:

Extremely romantic idea to celebrate the wedding will be a historic castle or palace, organizing on-site reception. Fresh air, greenery, chirping birds create a great holiday spirit.

Picturesque historical sites for a wedding without a banquet

Well, fans of active recreation we offer wedding note on board. Unique seascapes, whisper of the waves, the salty smell of the sea will make your wedding an extremely original.

A small wedding reception on a boat

The script of the buffet

Dinner is organized not only tofeed the hungry guests and the newlyweds, but also to provide them with a good mood, note wedding day fun. And for this alone will not be enough festive dishes. Witnesses help newlyweds make a pre-script of the entertainment program, to prepare all the necessary props.

The process of preparing a wedding banquet withouttime-consuming, it is not always possible to spend it on their own. If you want to save your nerves and precious time, leave this matter to the authoritative wedding agency. Specialists have the necessary resources, expertise to organize entertainment for your guests at an affordable price. Do not be redundant at the wedding banquet without jugglers, mimes, caricaturists.

A wedding without a banquet with professional artists

If you have a little guest, you do not want towedding banquet without a lively entertainment program - limit to the performance of a saxophonist and jazz band. It will be appreciated by lovers of live music.

The script is very beautiful wedding day captured on video:

Diversity holiday program newlyweds photographing guests. The real highlight of the wedding without a banquet will be the first dance of the young.

A wedding without a banquet: First Wedding Dance

The question arises - whether you need something to give the young a wedding without a banquet? The gift is sure to give, even if he will be symbolic, but would be a sign of respect for the bride and groom.

Wedding menu

By tradition, the wedding reception without a banquetIt involves mostly cold dishes. Very popular variety of sandwiches, all your favorite tapas. The main thing - a variety of recipes and easy cooking. Decorate the wedding table colorful salads, vegetable dishes, rolls, mini-toasts. Not prohibited feeding and hot - meat or fish, they need to pre-cut, so it was convenient to take guests from the general plate.

Also, original seafood dishes perfect for the festive menu. Sweet treats serve as a wedding cake, candy, cookies, fruit. On request, guests can be served tea, coffee.

Festive meals at a wedding without a banquet

How do you arrange a table

Guests will be doubly pleased to accept treatsa beautifully decorated table. Buffet tables are arranged in two ways: by the wall and in the middle of the room. The latter method is more practical, it allows you to come to the table on both sides. Alcohol, soft drinks, fruits are arranged in the middle of the table. Behind them put wine glasses, wine glasses. Plates for guests not laid, and put in stacks of 10 pieces, near the same number of forks and knives half.

Bread and snacks are available no earlier than 30 minutes before the start of reception. Each table in addition to the cutlery, served jar with pepper, salt, sauces.

Decoration of holiday dishes are best left to the professionals.

As it is beautiful to do it yourself, look at the video:

Professional decoration of the buffet table at a wedding without a banquet

Benefits banquet

If you intend to mark a wedding without a banquet, think carefully about the pros and cons of such an event. What are the reasons you made that decision?

Want a fun wedding to note, but do not have time andthe desire to seek a banquet hall, decorate it and invite toastmaster, coming up with all sorts of entertainment competitions? Then use the services of any of the specialized agencies of the wedding, they will think over for you all the details.

You do not want to spend money on a banquet, wish for theseMoney to spend their honeymoon in an exotic country? Then you should calculate the approximate amount of funds that will go to prepare a banquet, and then figure out how many of your guests will be able to give you. In most cases, young at a banquet presented more than worth the wedding preparations.

Wedding banquet implies that at onetable will gather near and dear to you people -Friends, relatives, colleagues, with whom will want to share this important and incredibly pleasant moment of life. A wedding anniversary is a pleasure to view photos and videos with their participation.

Only at the banquet you a lot of time to shout: "Kiss!", You will plunge into the sea of ​​jokes, songs, fiery dances, you embrace the wonderful atmosphere of goodwill, love. At the banquet, we hear the good wishes of friends, parting words parents. A crown of triumph -huge cake waiting for him from the very beginning all the wedding! If a list of actions you're familiar with from the weddings of friends, relatives, and you definitely have decided that the wedding can be much more interesting to note? Then discard the banquet organization, think of other entertainment for themselves and guests.

Enjoyable moments at the wedding banquet


Gather in the same room so dear to the heart of people,to hear from them pleasant words of congratulations, you can only at the table. Enjoy their company and to note, without a wedding banquet with alone can favorite and during the honeymoon. You have a whole life ahead.

How to celebrate their wedding - in a secludedtown, away from everyone, only with a loved one, or in the company of loved ones - the decision is yours. Weigh the pros and cons, choose a decent option, because this is an important day to stay in your memory forever.