How to arrange tables at the wedding

You need to organize a wedding banquet,comfortably accommodate guests? The wedding ceremony will require the organizers to consider the smallest details. To triumph was a real treat for the couple and guests need to pick a room, arrange the tables in it, put the invitees. How to do it, what recommendations should be taken into account? Try to understand together and make a plan of arrangement of tables.

How to seat guests at the wedding reception?

How to accommodate guests at a wedding party

You are invited to the wedding banquet considerablenumber of relatives, friends, colleagues? Or planning a significant event noted in a small circle with their parents, witnesses and the closest? In each of these cases will have to smash his head on the question of how to comfortably accommodate the invited guests. To holiday leave positive emotions, consider these points:

Relatives and friends at the wedding table
  • Decide on the final version of the list of invitees.
  • Try to find common interests, hobbies guests. Think how to combine individual companies, couples, families on both sides, placing them at the same table.
  • According to etiquette, male and female individuals, it is desirable to alternate.
  • There are special places for youngchildren next to their parents. For older kids select a separate table. It's so cool - independently from their parents sit at a separate table, congratulating the young.
  • Young friends, relatives, colleagues, it is desirable to acquaint before the wedding. Then, taking into account the interests of the company you will be able to unite, placing together.
  • Unmarried and unmarried couples without guests should not besit next to an elderly aunt Masha, the whole holiday, I wish to talk about their sores. But pimping is not worth watching and measure around the observe.
  • Separated couples, family is not particularly zhaluyuschih each other, inform on mutual invitation to the feast. Places pick so as to reduce unwanted communication to a minimum.
  • Special guest, VIP-persons place close to the couple, helping them thus favors.

How to place the newlyweds at the wedding table
  • Try to place the guests so that the young could see all the guests, at least during a toast to the newlyweds and the health of the traditional kiss the bride and groom.

European, American options weddingbanquets involve premeditated accommodate guests at the table, separate tables with the name of each guest. Invitees is prepared plan of arrangement, which previously introduced last. Popularity of this option and our youth. What are its strengths?

The card with the name of an invited guest at the wedding
  • Intended place involves a quick and comfortable accommodation. The guests do not wander in search of free space; not "come to grips", to whom and where to sit.
  • Convenience with the formation of the wedding menu, taste preferences, try to find out in advance.
  • The constant movement of guests after the competitions, dancing does not cause the need to look for a new place.
  • Older family members or VIPs can not be uncomfortable in the company on the edge of wedding table.

Take care in advance of pollingBanquet, select the appropriate option arrangement of the tables, consider organizational matters. Carefully balanced plan for accommodation of guests at a wedding party save your friends, relatives and loved ones from unnecessary problems, and you can relax and have only joyful emotions throughout the holiday.

Possible arrangement of tables at the wedding with photos

Organisation of Weddings

Having defined the number of guests, notpostpone the decision on the choice of room. After all variants of arrangement of tables in the selected room and seating guests depend on the qualities of the room. Pay attention to the following points:

  • size of the room for the wedding celebration (how many tables you post, how)
  • the presence of pillars in the room or podium (to be sitting at the table comfortably);
  • free space to participate in the entertainment program;
  • the possibility of placing tables, seating guests according to your plans.

There are several plans of arrangement of tables at the wedding banquet:

  • traditional long tables lined up in a row, or the letters T, W, P;
  • freestanding round or square tables with a podium (European scheme);
  • BANQUET Banquet option (American-style); as separate tables "herringbone".

Let's try to understand the variety of proposals.

The traditional scheme

The scheme of the traditional placement of tables at the wedding

Slavic tradition suggests the balanceone long row of tables. Remember how in the old Russian fairy tales? Suitable this option for a small wedding with a limited number of guests (up to 20-25 people). Seating guests assumed as follows: pair sit opposite each other; do not forget to "dilute" the male and female members of the opposite sex.

A long row of tables at the wedding banquet

It's boring and monotonous? The options are:

  • First, the couple may want to be "closerto the people. " Separate placement is not always convenient in the head of the table, as the circle of communication will be limited to sitting beside him. Think about whether you want to take a seat in the middle of the table, placed in front of parents and friends, and next - witnesses and friends.
  • Secondly, the number of tables in one should not necessarily be in the traditional manner. How do you like this option, as in the photo? Very original and unusual.

Seating guests the letter P

One of the popular ways of arrangement of tables -in the form of the letter P. There are two options - with gaps between the tables or without. This type of arrangement is preferred for a large number of guests in a small room. At the head are placed the couple, witnesses and parents. Then, relatives, friends. "Mix" of all, combine the interests, age, eating habits, interests, etc.

The circuit arrangement of tables with the letter P

If space allows and the number ofguest, try to accommodate everyone so that no one has turned back to each other or to the young. It is impossible to do such a thing? Consider the balance of tables, especially the chairs of each wing of the letter P at a distance of not less than 1.5 m from each other. Inside a lot of space to move around the room between the tables? Well, the first dance of the young, contests and fun will be able to see all the guests.

How to use the space between the tables

The letter T

You are invited to a wedding at most30-40 people? One of the convenient options of accommodation in this case - the letter T or F (depending on the banquet hall). At the head of the table and place the young witnesses. Parents offer a choice of places nearby at a separate table with the newlyweds and on the other hand, at the beginning of the "legs" letters T. The only negative point: sitting at the end will be uncomfortable to watch the events taking place at the table of the young.

The layout of the tables by the letter T

W-shaped arrangement of tables

Plan to organize elegant weddingceremony? The number of invitees has passed for 50 people? In order to conveniently and comfortably accommodate all, connect the two previous options. We obtain the W-shaped arrangement of tables. Do not forget that the room size should allow guests to freely get up from the table without running backs of chairs. This method of arrangement of tables is not good enough because the division present in groups, especially sitting back to back.

How to place a large number of guests at the wedding

American option

Young people are getting married, sometimesThey prefer to focus on closer relations than the official program. The number of meals and snacks does not play an important role for them. You just such? Overseas wedding traditions will help you. Traditional for the Americas is a buffet option. The table is located in the middle of young banquet space to heroes of the occasion could be seen from any place of the guest.

The American version of the wedding banquet

Private long table forarrangement of meals, snacks, drinks. In this case, you need to think about how to arrange a place for rest and a snack: free sofas, armchairs, chairs. Just do not be surprised if the grandparents remain dissatisfied with the reception - for the older generation is inconvenient to keep weight on the plate, moving it around the room. The American version will be good for the youth wedding.

European placement scheme (Separate Tables)

The European tradition of weddingcelebrations involve a feast consisting of several courses. Detached roundtables - a fashionable trend in the domestic wedding industry. Italian version of the ceremony involves the creation of a podium on which the newlyweds table. Tables are usually square, designed for four people. English method distinguishes detached rectangular table and round tables for guests up to 6 people.

Layout of the wedding table in Italian

In the center or the place at the head tablenewlyweds with their parents and witnesses, as proposed in the scheme. Around arrange tables in a staggered manner. So it will be easier to communicate and invited heroes of the occasion. To turn back to the groom with the bride, consider a version of "Cabaret." Number of sitting at the table is reduced by 2-3 people, to all the guests were a person, as a last resort, sideways to the newlyweds.

The method of placing the wedding tables for cabaret type

Wedding guest seating "herringbone"

Not every restaurant, cafe boastthe presence of round tables. The way out of this situation would be the placement of "herringbone" tables. This method can be considered successful fusion of the traditions of European and national wedding celebration. In the middle is set the "main" table for the newlyweds. Under certain angle placed separate rectangular tables so that guests were not back to the Brac.

Video: how to put the tables in the hall?

Known lead Kochurin Paul, who visited thedifferent weddings, happy to share their opinions on the topic of how to properly arrange the tables at the wedding and accommodate guests. His tips will help properly place the tables in the room, as well as pay attention to family, relatives, friends, especially the older generation. Watch the video and take note of advice: