How much alcohol is necessary for a wedding

Wedding - is not only fun, festiveevent, but also very expensive and difficult to organize. During the banquet planning it is important to calculate how much you need snacks, meals and alcohol. It must be done in order to result in the guests do not go hungry, not suffered from thirst, but also to save to finance the purchase of excess food and alcohol. The answer to the question of the required quantity of a particular type of alcohol for a celebratory banquet, you will learn below.

How to calculate the amount of alcohol at a wedding?

Calculate how much alcohol is necessary forwedding difficult, but possible. Do not forget that the questions concerning alcohol need to agree with the manager of the restaurant where a banquet will be held. What factors are important for the calculation of alcohol:

  • Number of guests, as well as an approximate reference point - as malopyuschy, non-drinking, wishing well to drink.
  • Age invited - should be roughly calculate how much will be young, middle-aged people. As a rule, young people drink more.
  • Season: winter guests drink more hard liquor - vodka, cognac, and in the summer prefer lighter - champagne, wine.
  • The duration of the wedding party.

To decide who and what will be the drink -carefully review the guest list. At the wedding invite loved ones and friends, and, hence, about the couple know what kind of drink preference those or other guests. For example, men are more likely to drink vodka, while the women will prefer a lighter alcohol - wine, or liquor. By stamping against the names of the respective marks, will not be difficult to determine the views of alcohol.

Alcohol at the wedding


Crown alcoholic drink per daythe marriage is considered the champagne - they treat the parents of the bride, the guests who came to redeem. The registry office ceremonial drink - this is the first that the couple try after declaring them husband and wife. Do not do without champagne and while traveling in a limousine or a walk, to friends are not bored and wandered through the park at the time when the newlyweds will be photographed.

How much champagne at a wedding? To calculate the cost to use a simple formula. In one standard bottle of sparkling alcohol 750ml - about 5 glasses. It is necessary to count the number of guests and when they drink champagne:

  • While the bride price - 1 glass.
  • In the wedding ceremony - 1 glass.
  • During the wedding walk - 3-4 glass.

To get the exact number, the number should bemultiplied by the number of people drunk glasses and divide by 5. Approximately get 1 bottle for humans. It is advisable to reserve a bottle was still 2-3. Perhaps even need alcohol to "gratitude" for example, the driver who drove the guests or the young, but he could not share with them the joy of raising them a glass of champagne and other people who helped in the organization, but did not attend the banquet.

At the celebratory table champagne, as a rule,drink only the couple invited guests prefer stronger drinks, choosing a wine or vodka. If desired, you can arrange the original supply of champagne, building a pyramid of glasses that will surprise the guests and lead them into raptures. To learn how to do it - see the video:


For the wedding must be purchased red wine andwhite. This is to ensure that guests choose a wine to drink (for example, some red wine can cause an allergic reaction). Also it is necessary to take into account a combination of wine with food: red meat is good, while the white blends perfectly with fish, poultry, fruit. Buy wine costs at the rate - 1 bottle per person.

wedding wine


vodka Preference is usually givenRepresentatives of the stronger sex, women rarely use it, but even if you drink a little. When buying vodka at the wedding, most importantly, to choose proven quality brand, buy in the store, where they can provide a certificate of quality. Approximate calculation of vodka - 300-500 ml per person, 1 bottle for two. It is important to bear in mind that many people do not drink vodka in pure form and mixed it, for example, juice or cola, so it is important to take care of them.

Spirits at the wedding banquet

How much non-alcoholic beverages: juices and water

How many soft drinks to bethe wedding depends largely on the time of year when the celebration is held, as well as on weather conditions. In the summer, in the heat, guests will use more water, juice, rather than in the winter. Juice or mineral water must be on a walk to the guests do not wandering in search and store water. Juice or carbonated water must be the drivers of a wedding convoy. The approximate calculation of non-alcoholic beverages was 1.5 liters per person.

Soft drinks

Calculation of alcohol for redemption, registrar and walks

A list of the required alcohol is importantbear in mind that alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, guests use not only directly during a celebration in a restaurant. The celebration starts with the bride price, so it is important to prepare everything in advance, so as not to get lost, and worthy to receive guests. At the time of redemption in the course of attending champagne, juice, mineral water. Very rarely guests ready to drink spirits in the morning. Thus, the need for redemption is based on 1 person:

  • Champagne - 1 glass;
  • juice - 1-2 cups;
  • mineral water - 150-250 ml.

Alcohol for the wedding walk

Continuation of the holiday will be in the registry office, which alsoyou must prepare the champagne in an amount as ransom. Eat strong drinks with a high alcohol content before the banquet is not desirable, and if they drink, quite a bit. For trips need champagne (1 bottle for two), juice - 2 cups for one mineral water - depending on the season 200-500 ml per person. It is also important to take a walk disposable cups to be better with a margin (twice).

Table for calculating alcohol per person

To simplify the calculations, you can useA specialty calculator or chart below. To apply this method of calculation must be roughly divided into three categories of visitors: malopyuschy, srednepyuschie and drinkers. Then, guided by the table, perhaps roughly calculate how much alcohol for the duration of the wedding party who will need 6:00.

Table for calculating alcohol for 1 guest

Catching up on preparations for the wedding, it is important to take into accountall details. The question of how much to alcohol, juice and water, many newlyweds is acute, because a sufficient number of drinks you need to buy, given the preferences of all guests and adhering to "budget". It really do need to carefully calculate all and to take into account all the details that can affect the consumption of alcohol.