Hookah wedding

To make the wedding celebration flavor,Many couples try to organize an event in a particular style. Popular in recent years - the eastern wedding, on which there is a unique atmosphere. In the creation of mood involving many details that make the triumph of interesting, enigmatic and mysterious. One of them - a hookah. It is popular not only in Eastern culture, but also around the world. To find out whether you will need this tool at your wedding, consider the advantages, disadvantages and feasibility of smoking entertainment.

Hookah for a wedding in eastern style

If you and your guests enjoy a shisha, andevent theme - the East, the unit may be appropriate. Thick smoke, bubbling water, pleasant smell - it all helps the audience to relax and talk in a relaxed atmosphere. In the Arab countries, where there is a ban on alcoholic drinks, hookah has become a common artificial relaxant.

The presence at the wedding of a hookah in oriental style -a big plus if you want to maintain a festive atmosphere. As a rule, the attribute is away from the revelry, so guests at any time be able to escape, a break, a change of scenery, so that in time to come back to the cheerful holiday. Hookah looks original and beautiful, if made in the traditional oriental style.

Guests of the hookah table at a wedding

Hookahs come in different shapes and sizes, sometimes inas the vessel used fruit, and the water itself is often replaced with unusual device for liquids, such as fruit tea. Tobacco, too, can be different for the hookah at the wedding: Each species has its own unique taste and smell. Besides the obvious advantages of hookah on the wedding party, there are disadvantages:

  1. Hookah smoking is harmful. Many people believe that the water filter device can clean the tobacco from the resin, but it is not. Together with the heroes of the occasion get the ferry is much more harmful substances than cigarette smoking. For comparison: Hookah smoking for half an hour, by inhalation of carbon monoxide is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes smoked. If your guests - smokers and are able to limit myself, nothing bad will happen, but inexperienced people may feel unwell after such entertainment.
  2. Alcohol does not fit well with a hookah. If the wedding is held in view of the Arab traditions, and alcohol there is little or not at all, that smoking does not bring a lot of harm to the participants. But if there is a celebration classic set (vodka, cognac, wine, champagne), and guests like to drink, you should warn them that shisha is able to harm their health in combination with alcohol. Alcohol poisoning and body together with a high content of tar in the tobacco can cause severe allergic reactions.

Hookah device at a wedding event

Ideas for the organization of a mini-hookah on a celebration

Hookahs at the wedding in any case it is not necessaryput on the main banquet tables, where guests sit. First, if there are children at the party is unlikely to smoking contribute to their well-being, some guests it can also be frustrating. Secondly, the inhalation of tobacco through a hookah vapor - intimate, mysterious act, which takes place in a suitable atmosphere, pleasant and relaxed. Thirdly, the organization of a separate room for a mini hookah is a great element of decor, underline the original wedding theme.

Special tent outside

Visiting registration of marriage and the subsequent banquetoutdoors under a tent - a great option for the decoration eastern wedding. This environment makes it easy to organize a suitable place for hookah smoking. This may be a small separate table, on which stands the apparatus surrounded by soft sofas and cushions lying on the ground. To enclose the smoking area of ​​the banquet, and create a special atmosphere, the couple can use the screens, decorated in oriental style, light, flowing curtains, pots of live plants.

Mini hookah under a tent at a wedding

Private hookah room

If the future spouses have decided to organizewedding event indoors and do not want to do without a hookah, is to take care of a private room, which will host the smoking act. If desired, the heroes of the occasion can advance look banquet room where smoking is permitted and provided cooking hookah service. In many Oriental restaurants are already beautiful, specially equipped premises. Decorate a room should be appropriate: oriental lanterns, curtains, rugs, pillows, hand-painted designs.

Hookah room room for weddings

How much is visiting a hookah bar?

To remember all of the eastern weddingpresent, the bride and groom can enjoy a rent-site hookah bar with a professional hookah. The cost of this service depends on the number of vehicles, tobacco and time, which will hold an expert at the event. Three hours with three hookahs and hookah one will cost about seven or eight thousand, four hours with five hookahs - about thirteen thousand. It is necessary to make sure that professionals provide disposable tips for each guest and a large selection of tobacco.

Professional Hookah for celebration

The presence of hookah on a celebration - it is unusual,unusual, but original. Be sure to note the number of guests, in order to properly calculate the required number of hookah apparatus. Do not forget to warn guests about the combination of fun with alcohol, inform them of the possible consequences. Evaluate the pros and cons of this entertainment, to determine the need for it at a wedding event.