Chocolate fountain at a wedding

Chocolate love both adults and children. Want to organize your sweet wedding, rent or even buy a chocolate fountain. This table decoration - is a luxury and a treat that will appeal to guests of the event. And the couple themselves are not averse to eat delicious white, milk or black kind enough goodies. But the choice of a chocolate fountain for an interesting wedding - it is troublesome. How to organize an amazing supply of goodies?

How to choose a fountain at a wedding?

Many will be surprised to know that suchdevices have their own classification. Before buying you need to explore the main selection criteria in order to equip the triumph of high-quality device. Experts classify them in two main features:

  1. Size (height of the device, the number of storeys).
  2. Type of chocolate, which is fueled device.

Fountains of different sizes

After reading these criteria, you will be able to choose the optimal device for your wedding. Consider selecting a detailed instructions chocolate fountain on an unusual wedding.

The height and layering

From the size of the number depends on deviceChocolate, which is present in it. Therefore, choosing the height of the device, consider the number of guests who will attend the festival. If you are planning a quiet celebration for 20-25 people, a great option would be a small three-tier chocolate fountain for the wedding (about 60 cm). As for the magnificent event in a hundred guests, it can not do without a meter device consisting of 8-9-year-tiers.

Calculating the number of chocolate

To all invited enough goodies worthcalculate the amount. Define Formula counting not proceed from the number of invited guests. For example, if the festival will be attended by:

  • 20 Th man offers, the lack - 2 kg of sweets.
  • 30 Th guests - 3 kg goodies.

Melted chocolate fountain for adaptation

It is worth mentioning that have not cookchocolate bars, and a special grinding. Chocolate powder is poured into the unit base is melted and begins to climb the vertical rod. Next fused mass flows cascading tiers on. If the treat is solid, it does not have time to melt. So after a full count visitors stock up the required amount of sweet powder.

chocolate color

The color is determined by the weight of not only Gradegoodies, but also its quality. This device does not tolerate low-grade candy, so you should buy a quality product Belgian or Swiss manufacturer. The taste of this delicacy will please and will be a worthy dessert.

Chocolate fountain for different varieties of accessories

High-quality milk chocolate will havebrown, black - dark brown, white - cream. It is necessary to get acquainted with the unusual varieties of sweets filled. Chocolate with orange or lemon filling has a distinctive yellow color, with strawberries - pale pink. Any deviation from the norm indicate substandard products.

Chocolate fountain at a wedding: rent or buy?

By all rent devicemuch cheaper than buying. Buy it for your wedding will turn out very expensive, but the money before the event, usually distributed to the penny. The average device model costs about 100 at. e. But if the financial situation allows you to buy a chocolate piece of art, it's a great idea! With it, you will be able to enjoy themselves, and in the future of children and the sweet treat when they like.

What is the best fountain?

Chocolate fountain at a wedding the mostIt used during the banquet, the part of the festivities, when all the guests gather at the same table for a meal together. The device is desirable to set the center of the table. But watch out for, so that its distance from the guests was moderate, otherwise the chocolate streams can contaminate clothing someone from the audience.

Fruits for chocolate fountains

Skins for chocolate snacks

Guests are allowed to eat chocolate wedding inpure form, but they like to see in the dessert fruit pieces. This delicacy is necessary to taste sweet tooth. Diced pineapple, apples, oranges, bananas and other fruits to taste, place them near the device. Do not forget to put next to the fruit skewers! With their help, guests will be stringing pieces of fruit, then encapsulate them in chocolate. Chocolate fountain at a wedding would be appreciated.

Watch the video clip showing the supply of fruit and other delicacies. Look at it, then you can do it with fruits decoration, designed to fit easily:

In addition to the fruit is allowed to use marshmallows,cookies, nuts, or even pieces of birthday cake. They need to be pre-cut into small pieces. In this case, an unusual chocolate fountain at a wedding suit even the most demanding sweet tooth!

Photo chocolate fountain

Fountain of chocolate for the wedding



Chocolate Fountain - a memorable decorationany holiday. Make a splash at the wedding, give guests a tasty delicacy and positive emotions. Do not forget to take pictures during the wedding to capture the sweet moments of triumph