Cards seating guests

Young couple before their marriage does not thinkOnly about who to invite to your holiday, but also how to seat guests. How to distribute the guests at the banquet? Usually people at the banquet table are grouped, taking into account their interests, preferences, age, marital status, way of thinking. So you will help guests feel comfortable and cozy at the ceremony, which will positively impact on the overall atmosphere of the wedding. To accommodate the guests at the banquet using guest seating cards.

Tips for Choosing cards for seating

Nursery cards are used as pointersPlaces for each guest at the table. Qualitatively, interestingly made, these details wedding underlined the particular importance of the event and the excellent organization of the festival. If the celebration is not crowded, the couple can make original cards transplanted hands. But most couples trust it to professionals. They are advisable to book in the printing house when the banquet is planned with a lot of guests. When choosing a banquet card, consider the following tips:

  • For celebrations choose pointers seats for guests in a beautiful design.
  • They must have the same design with other wedding accessories.
  • For thematic celebrations pointers places can be issued using the items associated with the wedding style.
  • Guest names on cards in large print.
  • pointer size is chosen so that they are visible and fit harmoniously into the overall design of the table.
  • Font inscriptions on the cards seating should be legible and visible from afar.
  • Colour cards must comply with the overall color scheme of wedding.

Map seating guests on a plate

Seating card with the specified name on her guestset on a napkin or next to the plate on the table in a certain place, which is intended for a guest to a celebration of man. There are many manufacturing card-pointers options seats. The classical form of the card is folded in half and set house heavy paper indicating on it the name of the guest.

Nursery cards for visitors

In this case, it all depends on the imagination and tastenewlyweds. To make maps of places for guests use pebbles, shells, fruit, badges, bottle caps. Unusually, the original look pointers seating in small jars or chocolate with written on them the names of guests. Guest cards can be combined with additional elements that accentuate the elegance of the celebration. For example, a number of them put one apple or set them on a flower pot.

Ideas seedling registration cards for visitors

To the holiday was fun, the bride and groomyou need to think in advance all the details of the celebration. The choice of form of seating cards will help to emphasize the originality of the couple and their taste. Delicate, beautiful design of this accessory will encourage guests to keep it as a memento of the wedding. Let us consider in detail the three popular forms of seedling cards.

In the form of postcards

In the role of space pointer for a banquet tableoften use postcards. Such seating cards may be performed in the form of animals, flowers, or any other relevant and original shapes. If you write to the inner sides of cards kind words and wishes personally to each guest, then friends and family definitely will keep it as a memento of your wedding. This type of card is convenient to put on the table in the form of a small house. Beautifully decorated seating cards will create along with other decorations banquet hall special festive mood.

Guest-greeting cards

On the stand

If each card will be banquetmounted on a stand, pay special attention to its design this framework. As the holder can be used fruits that color or whatever their property combined with the subject, style celebration. Such edible stand a little incision, and then fix it with a pointer to the name of a guest. Nursery card will look beautiful on a support in the form of a bouquet, flower pots, figurines of plants.

The role holder pointer that says the name of the guestmay perform any appropriate items for wedding design. Attach banquet for ribbon card can be a glass or candle. Surprisingly, but it is interesting look in the form of cones holder. Nice, nice way to design a nursery card - its fixation on candy boxes, which is a small box with a surprise guest.

Candy as a stand for seating cards

In the form of figures

Cards seats for banquet in the form of figures difficultjust make your own hands, so it is better to book with professionals. But such fine original accessories will decorate the wedding table and guests will appreciate. As for the images of figures can be flowers, candy. A particularly fashionable, stylish look guest card, having a form of dress of the bride and groom's suit.

Maps seating guests

How to make a banquet card with your own hands?

Some couples want to make a guest cardindependently. It's a fun and creative process that will bring the joy of the newlyweds. Nursery cards, made with your own hands can be in the form of origami. They are perfect for decoration of celebrations in the Japanese or Chinese themes. Nursery cards can be produced in the form of a butterfly. Such details table decoration is well suited for a wedding in the summer.

Card Butterfly named guest

Simply, quickly made a nursery of cardswide satin ribbon. This option is ideal for brides who do not have opportunities to engage in the creation of a long banquet accessories. To make the guest card, take ribbon and tie it a beautiful bow. And on its edges write the name of the guest's name. Lay these pointers-bows next to each place at the table.

Holder-bow place cards

The heart-shaped banquet card will lookromantic, beautiful. For its production need: heart, stencil, red construction paper, glue, pencil, scissors, pen. Work on creation of cards begins to trace the stencil sheet on the color and carving hearts. Then in the right top of the cards write the name of the guest's name and a pair of scissors, cut it from the bottom to the center. Glue the left side of the figure to the right lap, turned the volume to the heart. The resulting excess paper to remove.

To create a banquet accessory can beused live or dried flowers. It will decorate the table, will cause you a pleasant emotions. To make such a seedling box with a card, take it written on guest data and put it in the water flower living in a small container. Or, create a composition of dried flowers and a card-index.

Template and cutting scheme

Make a card for seating guests easiersimple. The preparation of such cards should start well before the wedding day. For their production, you will need: Cardboard, scissors, tape, punch, mark. Dimensions postcards choose at its discretion. To make the nursery card, use these instructions:

  1. From paper-cut square of 10x10 cm, fold it across the middle. Should get a leaf shape in the form of books.
  2. Above the fold line near Make a hole puncher. Through him, pull the tape, take a bow.
  3. Write the guest's name on the card.
  4. Decorate with bright stones or beads.

You can use another interesting and simple master class on making a nursery cards. For the production of cards, you will need:

  • colored cardboard or construction paper and white cardboard;
  • glue stick;
  • Lace paper napkins;
  • printing rubber in the form of letters;
  • Stamp pad.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. If you do not have colored cardboard, glue colored paper on white cardboard.
  2. Cut a square of 10x10 (try to trim sizes on request), fold it in half.
  3. Take a napkin, just fold in half.
  4. On its outer side of the seal put down the guest's name.
  5. Stick the cloth on a postcard to the fold lines are aligned. During the process, the card is best to straighten.
  6. Fold the card.

Patterns of guest cards

Layout for seating guests and the table numbers

Quickly find his place at the table for the holidaybanquet guests to help plan the seating chart. This visual navigation is particularly important at a wedding with lots of people. In her guest will easily find its place. The chart lists the people who will sit at a particular table. This helps to quickly orient invited, to avoid confusion. Guest finds himself in the list on the plan, know the number of his desk and goes to him.

Driving seating

Design the seating plan should be combined with the generalroom decor style. Traditionally plates on a table at a wedding do in the form of a frame, but the original schemes offer designers use design such as windows, doors, ladders, garlands. These signs help visitors easily find their place. Number plate is manufactured so that they adorn the wedding. Some newlyweds do not use numbers to refer to the tables, and they come up with interesting, original names. For example, instead of "table №5" write "flower bed".

The plate with the table number for the wedding guests

Photos of the original seedling cards for visitors

Photo cards