Wedding preparations

Preparation for wedding - Quite troublesome and laborious affair. wedding day is very important for the bride and groom, so they have to carry it as far as possible without the damaged nerves and fuss. From this it follows that the whole organization of the wedding party, including the various little things (design of a wedding cake, decorating machines and cultural program), you need to consider and decide in advance. The earlier you can decide exactly what you want to see at your wedding, the more likely that you can easily translate into reality their dreams. Most of all it concerns the wedding season, which traditionally falls at the end of summer - early autumn. Based on this, many questions need to try to solve a few weeks before the upcoming event.

Now let's talk more about how to prepare for the wedding.

First of all, you need to determine where it will betake your wedding: in a restaurant, café, dining room, or maybe you want a home atmosphere ... Most often, after some hesitation the couple choose a restaurant, since this choice will not be a headache for those glasses, the number of seats, etc. In addition, almost every restaurant is happy to respond to your offer to hold the wedding was in their room.

The next question - is the choice of transportation for you andyour guests. Nowadays it is fashionable to make wedding and moving walks for the city by car. Many companies are now engaged in the delivery of exclusive cars for hire. This is mainly limousines or executive car. Before you make an order, estimate, how many people will participate in the motorcade, and be sure to decide the route of movement and about the time spent on journeys.

Another important question is given a photo - andshooting video, because such an important event like your wedding, should remain not only in your memory and guests but also on reliable information carriers, so it is important to think in advance about how and who will just take pictures and shoot the newlyweds and, accordingly, their guests.

And finally, the last of the most important issues -This cultural program during the wedding. The concept of "cultural program" is playing the newlyweds and guests during the festive banquet, as well as the entire program is a solemn day. The cultural program may also be included in the church wedding. If this case applies to you, try to agree in advance the wedding ceremony in a church or temple, depending on where it will pass.

So that everything was perfect for you and your guests, do not be lazy and advance scribble plan to prepare for the wedding. Then you and all participants fully remain satisfied with this important and memorable day.

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