Wedding for a girl: a thousand and one excitement

It is only at first glance it seems that the young menDo not worry. Just bride experiences against the backdrop of solemn pleasant hassle is much more noticeable. After all, to share the joy of one of the most important days of life are invited to the closest people - relatives and friends! I so want to have everything thought out literally to the last detail!

And creative, emotional women take onall efforts for the organization of celebrations, taking his men purely executive role: buy something something, order something else. To have time to get so much: decorate the house and car, transform the ballroom, compile and prepare a festive dinner ... And most importantly - to gather before submitting the application to the registry office bride!

Oh, and that woman - beautifulorganizers of any kind of celebrations - evidenced by the statistics. If you do not know, then get to know the figures: 35% of the task managers, projects, campaigns, sales professionals - women. But for a decent result of weak half of humanity to sacrifice to some degree of tranquility and nervous system. Any little thing can literally moved to tears. Especially when it concerns their own holiday.

For girls wedding - even more excitingevent than for young people. It is important not only that everything was perfect, but most look at 100, and a thousand percent better. To no fatigue and - eyes do not take! But let's see what's so afraid of a girl on the eve of their wedding? First, that someone is late. Secondly, there will be bad weather, and can be accidentally soiled dress (if a little - rain, snow and puddles under your feet!). Third, that suddenly breaks the heel. This is the most common fears. And what to do with them? Of course, to get rid of, lovely bride, and as soon as possible! How? Just calm down and losing the situation in your imagination. Get dirty or burnt through (! God forbid) dress - it does not matter, you can cover the scarf! Broken heel - think of it, you can go into any store and buy (and even if you go in a wedding dress may get a discount!) New. Someone is late? No, come on time. And all the fears - will disappear, as they are not at all! The main thing to imagine the absurdity of all fears, smile and say: "In my wedding day everything will be fine!"

Creating a new family is responsible step, therefore,the young man will have to exert a lot of effort, patience and tact, so as not to give the girl before the wedding to be nervous and to wind up over nothing. By the way, it has long been noted that the arguments often arise from the fact that one of the future spouses applies to the situation more calmly. Here the main thing to realize: no cause for reproach. And it is important to understand this, it is desirable not in the last hours before the registration of marriage.

And, dear bride, next to you - beloved,future husbands trust them calm and confidence, talk heart to heart. Just Stay together. Feeling so strongly supported, on the eve of the wedding she will cease to fuss, worry. So remember that you need to be close by, lovely man! And from the thousand and one emotion, believe me, there will be no trace. Only trust and gratitude - in fact expose a shoulder to each other you'll have more than a dozen years. That will be one of the main conditions for a friendly and strong family.

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