Preparations for the wedding the bride

Probably, there is not one pair, and even more soa girl who would have ignored the preparations for his own wedding. Preparation of the bride - the most time-consuming step, but also the most enjoyable. To plan and think through all the details, try to enjoy this unique and fleeting moments in his long life, when you - the bride.

Hair and make-up.

You are looking for a wedding stylist, hairdresser beforehand. Carefully stipulate with him the image of the future and discuss the appropriate hairstyle and make-up. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and natural in the role, which choose. Clearly, not every day have to wear a dress "on the floor", and gloves, and a veil, and the appropriate wedding hairstyle. Preparation of the bride - rehearsal. "Feel" your dress and how to behave in such a manner. At the wedding, you will look as if all his life went only in such outfits and royal manner familiar to you from childhood.

Once you know the exact day of the wedding, you canstart slowly and carefully prepare your skin for the upcoming holiday. The main thing you will have enough time and moisturizing mask, and nourishing, and cleaning, exfoliation and even can manage to go through the procedure course. And it is much more effective than in the last week to grasp at everything creams. Healthy complexion - one of the main purposes of the preparation of the bride for the wedding.

Solve organizational issues concerningCall or visit a hairdresser house, make-up artist, stylist, independently. Check the time and address once a week before the wedding. You must be sure that the pads will not.

Wedding manicure and pedicure should be done the day beforeweddings, and even on the same day. It all depends on the complexity of the option chosen by you. Surround design is done in just a few hours before the event, and jacket - and you can during the day. Choosing surround the design on one finger, the thing on which will be wearing the ring, you will save time and eliminate excess.

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