What was believed to groom should take the wedding

The wedding is for most youngexciting, pleasurable and most memorable day in my life. And the young like to issue all the rules: and that Tamada was the best, and that turned out to be a bridal salon with a wide range of products and help in the selection of dresses and accessories needed for the bride and groom, and the banquet hall, of course, should be the most elegant. And most importantly, nothing important not to miss the small things and not to forget anything. Therefore, the future spouses is put a notebook or notebook, which records all the items in preparation for the wedding. Rewrites all the best beauty salons with skilled craftsmen, who can help in creating a wonderful and fabulous image of the bride. I recall all the traditions and beliefs for a wedding, came to us from our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers.

In many ancient beliefs it was thought thatthe bride to the wedding ceremony was to take with something "new" that symbolically marked the beginning of her new status. This may be, for example, her new wedding dress, shoes and veil. Compliance with such custom is not burdensome, besides now this task is simplified as to help the newlyweds modern wedding salon offers a wide range of wedding packages is new.

More on the take to take with brideanything from the "old". This may be a family heirloom, for example, a gift from the bride's mother some jewelry in the form of rings, brooches, and the like. It is important that this thing was from premarital bride's home. The old thing, take the wedding symbolizes peace and wisdom to future married life.

Bride with a take on is to takeany object, which is obtained on credit. But such a thing should be taken only at the happy family life of a woman who, as it were blessing for a happy and serene family life. At the wedding the bride should take more with them and do some "blue". Most likely, it is correlated with the fact that Christians, as well as Gentiles, the blue color symbolizes love, modesty and fidelity. This color can be used, for example, in garters or jewelry. And can be used in the hair, the more beauty salons will be able to create exactly the image that will be pleasing to the bride.

Of course, to stick or not to take suchbusiness newlyweds. But during most of the wedding is still trying to return to our origins. And today we spend bride price, sprinkle with young corn and coins, meet loaf with salt, shouting "Bitter! "At the wedding banquet, and observe many other traditions.

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