How to make script bride price !?

As with any celebration, a wedding does not pass without entertainment. Bride Redemption is an integral part of it, which, perhaps, officially begins the whole holiday.

All young want to make their weddingremembered for a long time, I had fun, interesting and, of course, fabulously beautiful. Therefore, every modern wedding is complete without a toastmaster, specially selected competitions and games. But this is something that concerns the evening and in the morning, too, need to stir occasionally more sleepy guests, bring them to the appropriate disposition to meet and carry out the registrar Bride and groom with a smile on his face.

Therefore, to the guests were not bored, waiting for the bride in the doorway of her house, and give the groom to understand that not all as easy as it seemed, thought out script bride price.

Traditionally, writing (selection) foreclosure scenarioBride doing her friends, but above all a witness, because it is often it becomes the leading of the event. The witness agreed with the bride collects girlfriends, sometimes the event is combined with a bachelorette party where all the planned redemption scenario. But there are some nuances, the young in the last month, and especially weeks are very busy, and to allocate even one night it will be difficult for the bride. The second caveat, bachelorette party means "crowd", and focus on girlfriends scenario will be very difficult.

Bachelorette party could be held in a bar, cafe, restaurant, sauna, home, but remember if the main purpose of the planning bride price, the noisy places is not the right place.

Having defined the venue for stag parties,the next step is to gather all the girlfriends. Thus, all the assembly. First check with the bride her wishes, perhaps she already had a plan of their own redemption. Next, determine how much "hard" are the conditions for the groom. Based on the information obtained can be further scenario yourself by resorting to the help of a very common Internet resource.

There are also some issues that need to be addressed:

  • the duration of bride price (based on the fact that the time of the marriage ceremony in the registry office a fixed and finished sooner or tightening the ransom is not quite appropriate);
  • financial well-being of the groom.

When the main wishes of the bride and with regards to the nuances of finance and time resolved, proceed to substantive work - writing the script.

bride price scenario standard includes the following measures:

  • design bride entrance (balloons, flowers, ribbons, etc.);
  • selection of wedding contests (poems, songs, dances, riddles, etc);
  • distribute competitions on roles (if driving is not just a witness), calculate the estimated time of passage of each tender;
  • select from a list of all those contests bride price, which, if necessary, will be sacrificed if the bride does not keep within the time allotted for the contest.

Once the bride price scenario willready, the next step is the allocation of responsibilities and roles: the formulation of an entrance leading to a given competition, the preparation of scenery and costumes. Remember that the main role is played by a witness, all other girlfriends its main assistant. It should also take into account the creativity and skills of girlfriends.

Often reaching bride price scenariowitness and bridesmaids allow a big mistake by not agreeing with the witness scenario. This is very important because, one or another of your choice competition can surprise the groom, moreover, it must be prepared to pay the total amount of ransom.

Also, you need to put a witness or of the groomon notice about the time of his arrival for the bride, the groom's tardiness may result in a lot of trouble. But his early arrival will cause nervous witness and girlfriends involved in the preparation process.

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