The scenario of the wedding palace

How to behave and what to do during the wedding ceremony? What happens during wedding Palace? The answers to these questions are not complicated and the subject of this article.

Honeymooners it is not necessary to worry too much about what will happenduring the marriage ceremony. Basically you just have to say "Yes". Sometimes only the bride's first look at his mother, waiting for her consent. It was only after his mother nod, answer "Yes".

And now for the details. An integral, important, but in fact the little things that can not be overlooked as they entered into wedding Palace.

During the ceremony, wedding rings They are the groom. According to a good take on the first ring wedding rings groom dresses for his wife. Later the bride wears the ring on the finger of her husband.

Often the marriage ceremony sounds wedding band and plays a march by Mendelssohn. As a rule, in the palace of marriage has its own orchestra, with which it is possible to agree in advance which songs he would play. However, it may be necessary to order his own orchestra, than you should not neglect.

After the marriage ceremony, the couple receive congratulations congratulations. As a rule, the first couple wishesofficial who performed the ceremony. Then many guests bring their own congratulations in the waiting room. For the young it may not be easy - take as many greetings in wedding Palace from a completely unfamiliar people. But, as one of the greats, "... there is nothing to do so cheaply and then does not pay off as expensive as a courtesy." All congratulations should politely thank and accept flowers from these "unknown well-wishers."

Then the wedding procession is usually divided. The bride and groom are the photographer made a couple of great shots newly married couple. It is not always the photographer when ZAGS'e make colorful commemorative photos. It is difficult to approach the process of creatively engaging in day-to-day mechanical pereschelkivaniem essentially identical processions. And parents, as well as people involved in the preparation of the festival, this time in a hurry to finish the final preparations.

Now gifts. Do not let things drift. Hints - covertly or overtly - that it would like to see you as a gift. It is important not to overreact. Just people - there are people. What is one gift from above - for others the curse of the evil one. If we gave you an unnecessary thing, Something Wicked, but not in a hurry to get rid of it as soon as possible. It will take some time - and the thing either break or go to the other owners.

Time of delivery of gifts can vary greatly: before traveling to the wedding palace, the wedding, and maybe for some time after the wedding - but this should be arranged in advance. Do not forget to give thanks for the gifts. If unable to thank personally - that within weeks by telephone or by mail.

So you got acquainted with the simple but interesting process of marriage and some of its subtleties.

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