The route walk to the wedding if you are in Moscow

Recall Muscovites and visitors the best advisePopular wedding trips in the capital. Become delirious to start kissing bridge (landmark - the cinema "Drummer"). The tradition here is - the groom must carry the young through the bridge. A picturesque place! It frames made here will decorate your family photo and video archive.

Become delirious honest company to Red Square. Not bad for a walk on Okhotny Ryad, and in the Alexander Garden. Moreover, the merits of these places do not count - convenient access, parking (which is important for wedding processions) and urban landscape - a great backdrop for the filming at any time of the year.

Another breathtaking view opens withBig Moscow River bridge! That's really where the space for the manifestation of fantasy photo and videographers. Their inspiration is not the limit! So, get ready to play the role of professional photo models! Go up to the Poklonnaya Hill (near Kutuzovsky Avenue). It is especially pleasant to wander here under the tender rays of the summer sun. In addition, there is everything to worthily celebrate the holiday - a lot of benches, musical score, the ability to ride, and numerous fountains - just a fabulous backdrop for professional photography! In addition, there is not a temple and a museum, where, if desired, can also be a glimpse.

If you are organizing a wedding in the suburbs, theyou can look in the Crocus City Mall (landmark - Novorizhskoe highway and Volokolamsk). The breathtaking beauty of the interior for staged photographs. This is especially significant for those who play winter wedding - the bride certainly will not get lost on such a posh background!

Become delirious (only very very briefly) andObservation deck that on the Sparrow Hills. Entertainment for a fee from the amateur actors are guaranteed, as well as a very interesting view of the cable car - so to speak, a little extreme before entering into family life.

In the "Kolomenskoye" in addition to the incomparable naturalbeauty, there is architectural - the church, where you can go if you wish. Popeye is a place in our route walking wedding and for another reason: the river has attracted a stroll on the boat. In "Kuskovo", that at the Ryazan Avenue, cozy and in the heat and cold. His praise motorists - it is possible to drive and park your car without any problems. The amazing beauty of the park, and permission to do photo and video inside the palace attract many honeymooners. And what else is needed for the happy newlyweds!

Bridges at walking routes to take weddingspecial place. And this close to the park of culture and rest, between Frunze and Pushkinskaya Naberezhnaya, be sure to include those who register the marriage in the winter. Bridge made of glass, and heating works here - in general, it is better not think for a photo shoot in the winter!

Picturesque landscapes "Archangel" (next to 5-mElias kilometer highway or highway Moscow-Riga), it is unlikely someone will satisfy! So feel free to invite guests here and enter this place in your itinerary wedding walk to the wedding. To describe all the benefits - not enough even the most bold and bright epithets. And, as they say, better to see once ...

Manege Square should also make the list. Ideal, if the weather does not please the favor. In addition, you can eat without problems, if guests or the newlyweds hungry. And all winter here will be comfortable.

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