Relations with her mother in law: myth or reality?

The first meeting with the future husband's parents for every girl is full of experiences. And it is natural. After all, it would be desirable not only show but also to prove that it is worthy of their son.

How to please the future mother in law? How to establish contact with her? Strike up a good relationship with her in-laws as soon as possible, because after the wedding, you have to be at her house, where the main hostess she always will be.

Unfortunately, cases where the relationship with her mother in lawdoes not add up, it is not rare. Women are hard to find common ground as to share her lover with someone else (regardless of whether he is the son or husband) do not want anyone. But do not give up. Nobody said it would be easy.

To establish relations with her mother in law - is hard work. But it can be done and to ensure that her husband's mother will treat you worse than to his own daughter. Of course, this is a huge plus. The main thing is to take care of the groom's mother did not burden you.

According to scientists, it often happens, when a man inmarried life trying to beat the lives of their parents. Therefore, the daughter is often similar to his mother in law. Perhaps this fact explains the good relationship between mother-son and chosen one. After all, they have so much in common.

If you truly love your husband, thenrelationships-in-law will take shape as well as possible. Surely, your mother in law has the same qualities as the beloved man. Look for these qualities in it, and it will greatly facilitate your task - to find common ground.

In a good relationship with the mother-in somedaughter called her "mom". However, many are shy of this word, believing the bride's mother and the only one to call because someone else is simply unacceptable. But do not understand the word "mother" literally. But when she tried to find her mother in law in the features of his mother - it is quite another matter. As a rule, the mother of his wife and the mother of her husband - are two completely different personalities. I doubt that you can replace in-law's mother, but to become a good friend - always.

If your share of life-in-law fell under theone roof, do not worry ahead of time. It's not so bad. Talk to detail your joint life, and all problems will disappear by themselves. Start a conversation first, because it is in your best interest to establish relations with her mother in law.

Remember the famous phrase, "The love of man is through his stomach"? Compulsory in-law take cooking lessons. After all, your husband was so fond of her kitchen!

Do not hesitate to ask her advice. And it would be nice, and you will be helpful. But the right to choose the final decision should always be behind you.

Do not make her husband a situation where he is forced torush between two fires. Do not complain to him about the differences between you and her mother in law. All your arguments both in-law and my husband and I decide for yourself. Do not wash dirty linen in public.

If you have the opportunity to live separately from her husband's parents, do not miss your chance. So-law relationship will be better, and you can feel like a full-fledged mistress of the house.

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