Plan your wedding or how not to forget anything

Ahead you will find a solemn and perhaps the mostunforgettable day - the day of your luxury wedding. You will wear a luxurious crisp white dress and become the most beautiful and graceful bride, and yet this is what you have dreamed of since childhood. But that all went to 100% in this day perfect, it is necessary to start preparing in advance, it is best for the 6 months prior to the expected celebration. What, when and how should I do? Wedding portal today will help you to understand!

6 months before the wedding:

  • Select a wedding date.
  • Make a plan of preparation for your wedding celebration.
  • Decide whether it will be a grand painting in the registry office or visiting the ceremony.
    Visiting the marriage ceremony
  • Decide on the registry office (Wedding Palace).
  • Take a trip to the registrar and make a wedding date (or do it on the Internet).
  • Find out whether the wedding exhibition held in your area, visit them.
  • Make a list of guests.
  • According to him calculate the approximate amount of funds needed for the organization of the wedding party.
  • Discuss what wedding favors you would like to use for your celebration. Evaluate the cost.
  • Taking into account the two preceding paragraphs, make a preliminary wedding budget (add to it 20% better that the money will, than they are not enough).
  • Announce to family and friends about the upcoming event.
  • More witnesses (although it can be done later).
  • Think about your honeymoon (country and duration). Pre-book your tickets, hotel room, etc. (Especially if the wedding is planned in the warmer months).
    Honeymoon trip
  • Some make a list of restaurants (Cafe,banquet halls), where would you like to hold a wedding. Find out how long before the holiday date must be booked in the restaurant (banquet hall).
  • 3 months before the wedding:

  • Start searching for a wedding dress, to determine its color and style.
    Wedding Dress
  • Finally approved the guest list and make (do) for their invitation.
    Wedding invitations
  • Fill out and send (distribute) invitation.
  • Find videoperatora and / or photographer to capture the celebration.
  • Find the make-up artist and hairdresser, as well as manicure.
  • Locate the master (toastmaster).
  • Decide music: be it live music or a disco with DJ.
  • Think about the additional entertainment for the guests: barman show, launching fireworks, etc.
  • Book a restaurant or banquet hall (if you have not done it before). If necessary, make a prepayment.
  • 2 months before the wedding:

  • Finally determined with a wedding dress, pick him bridal accessories: shoes and veil, handbag and gloves, stockings (tights) and underwear, as well as decorations.
    Wedding accessories
  • Start searching for the costume and accessories for the bride: shirts and shoes, a tie or a butterfly.
  • Buy engagement rings, order them if you want to engrave.
    Wedding rings
  • Talk with the photographer and the cameraman about your wedding film and photo shoots.
  • Prepay for a restaurant (banquet hall) and stipulate the menu.
  • Order decoration of the restaurant (banquet hall) or on-site registration ceremony.
    Decorating the wedding hall
  • Make a route and determine the wedding walk, think of what machines will be a tuple. If you want to make a wedding cars and jewelry.
  • Talk to master (master of ceremonies) of the wedding scenario (who, when and what to do at the wedding?).
  • Consider what will be the second day, make a place for the celebration of the second day and purchase the products if necessary.
  • 1 month before the wedding:

  • Telephoned invited guests, to see whether all will be present at the wedding.
  • Buy, if necessary, products for the banquet (most often, this alcohol and drinks).
  • Book or make your own hands transplanted cards for guests.
  • Discuss seating guests (at least tentatively)
  • Decide where will be located out of town guests.
  • Buy a suit for the groom, as well as all the wedding accessories.
  • Consider a hairdresser and makeup artist for your wedding image, make a trial hairstyle and makeup.
    Wedding hairstyle
  • Order bridal bouquet (basic and understudy forthrowing), boutonniere groom and witnesses, as well as buy other wedding stuff (scarves, chest for money, and others.). Do not forget about decorating the restaurant (banquet hall), unless it is agreed upon in advance.
  • Find confectionery and make it into a loaf and a wedding cake, do not forget to prepare the towel and solnichki.
    A wedding cake
  • Take care as to where and how you spend your wedding night: make a reservation at the hotel, etc.
  • Pick the music for the first dance, and other important points (removal of veils etc.), Rehearse the first dance.
  • Consider gifts groom's family, candy boxes, and small gifts for competitions.
  • Prepare decorations for the convoy, if it was not ordered earlier.
  • Make a bride price scenario (if it is), and buy all the necessary things for him.
  • 2 weeks before the wedding:

  • Think about how and where you spend a stag / hen party.
  • Make the final fitting wedding dress and suit to make sure that they sit perfectly.
  • Was done on a stag / hen party.
  • Call all persons associated with the wedding: presenter, photographer and / or videographer, and others.
  • On the eve of the wedding celebration:

  • Make wedding manicure and pedicure.
  • Prepare champagne, chocolates and wine glasses (glasses) for a walk after the registrar.
  • Collect items for a honeymoon, if you leave immediately after the wedding.
  • On the morning of the wedding celebration:

  • Take a salon bridal bouquet and boutonniere for the groom and witnesses.
  • Take a loaf of cake and pastry shop and take him to a restaurant (banquet hall).
  • Before going to the registrar, check for the following things: a. Passport, wedding rings and etc. Do not forget about the champagne and chocolates for wedding walk.
  • That's all! Portal remains only to wish you endless happiness and boundless love for long-predolgie years!

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