On the shoulder if you married life?

Before the wedding, many people begin to trembleHough, stalking shadow of a doubt, and I want to once again double-check everything. Well, at least for the sake of interest to know whether you are ready, according to the test for family life

Husband asked to cook your favorite dish to his mom's recipe. Your actions:

a) be sure to find out the recipe in-law;
b) prepare another delicious dish that is sure to please him;
c) prepare the dish at another time, when the mood.

Your best friend has invited you to her birthday. It was previously stated that you and your spouse will come to visit, but the circumstances are such that your husband need to urgently leave. Your actions:

a) I go to visit itself, to congratulate her friend and nice to have some fun;
b) do not go inventing any excuse;
c) be sure to congratulate, but in some other way (go to work ...)

Tomorrow you have planned to make a generalcleaning (wash the windows, clean carpets, perestirat assembled a bunch of laundry, etc.). Spouse evening reported that tomorrow you are going on vacation out of town. Your actions:

a) "purity pledge of health", cleaning is more important than enjoying the outdoors;
b) no doubt, we will go for a vacation, you can always move the cleaning;
c) we will plan together and decide how best to spend time tomorrow.

Coming home from work, your husband schelbanom welcomes you on the nose. You do not like it, what will you do to wean him:

a) The pumped hysteria on this subject;
b) I will give him back, his nose tresnuv schelbanom to be known as "nice";
c) find a way to explain what I do not like it.

  • You have prepared the cake with a prescription girlfriend came home found that no trace of the cake. Action: a) pretend as if nothing has happened;
    b) speak for him all that I think about it, then I will be offended for a long time;
    c) do not worry, there is a reason to cook one more cake.
  • Are you excited to be working on any difficulty. Your actions, when they return home: a) will share their experiences with the spouse;
    b) the spouse does not need to know about my difficulties at work;
    c) to share with her husband after a while.
  • Your spouse awaits the arrival of his sister, with her you have a strained relationship. Your actions on her arrival: a) not to see her, go away for a while;
    b) I will build her a warm welcome, pretending she was very glad to see her;
    c) the arrival of the sisters will not change anything in my behavior.
  • You often take the initiative in dealing with complex situations, which will depend on your fate: a) yes;
    b) there is no;
    c) I find it difficult to answer this question.
  • You bought his wife a bright shirt. In his opinion, it is too bright, and most likely it will lie and new in the closet. Your actions:

a) buy other less bright shirt;
b) will appeal to those that I really like the shirt, so let, it is;
c) I will answer him that never again will not buy him things, because they do not like him.

To summarize:

a - 3b - 2, c - 1;

a-1, b-3, c-2;

a-3, b-1, a-2;

a-1, b-2, 3-a;

a-3, b-1, a-2;

a-1, b-3, c-2;

a-1, b-2, 3-a;

a-3, b-2, 1-a;

a-3, b-2, 1-a.

  • You scored from 0 to 9 points:

    You should as soon as possible to escape fromPreparations for the wedding, from his own works, from thinking about the new family life, bustle and stress of relatives. Your fiance missed badly on you. Now for you both rest in the countryside, in nature, away from everyone, will not only discharge to aggravate the situation, but also enjoyable joint pastime.

    You scored 10 to 15 points:

    Before you decide to create a new familyYou probably all consider carefully weighing all the "pros" and "against." You are more than likely ready for family life. Wisdom - the satellite of your life. Before you make a decision you are likely to think things through, and then take action. You can always listen to the advice and perspective of another person, but, nevertheless, do their own way.

    You scored 19 or more:

    You are 100% ready for family life, for a long timepreparation for this event will allow you to become a real treasure for your spouse. But do not so often neglect and sacrifice their interests for the sake of others. Sooner or later they will sit you on the neck.

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