Do not forget the second day of the wedding

Wedding - is a fabulous event thatwill remain in the memory of everyone who has ever passed this way to the end. White dress, bridal bouquet, veil, a young man in an elegant suit, come to buy their favorite ...

All happy go to the registry office, after registration and solemn promises of eternal love to each other, going to celebrate this auspicious day.

Yes, who does not dream of the girls get married, the idea of ​​the white dress and the Incarnation tale into reality, visits each of us.

Many people want not what would sign, namely,because of this feeling fabulous holiday and reverent feeling bride. Waiting for her future husband in his apartment when he goes through all possible tests, in order to buy their favorite.

After the banquet the couple go to a secluded place, which would have to be alone with each other.

It would seem that everything is simple and clear, the wedding took placeat Ur, and all were satisfied. But do not forget to hold a second wedding day. As the second day of the wedding - a kind of continuation of the wedding, so you should thoroughly prepare for it.

Of course, until the young have left in solitaryplace of all guests, the guests in turn can continue the fun and go to the sauna. Sauna in Altufyevo perfect for the continuation of the wedding celebration.

Moreover, the continuation of the wedding will go only the most persistent, and the fun will take place just fine.

Well, if we are talking about the second day, we can offer several options.

For example, eating a meal with the rest of the first daycan be transferred from home, in a café or any other institution. You can discuss the first day to see the first pictures and remember the contests. Always at the wedding of someone to excel, and you can, remembering to laugh merrily.

You can certainly go on nature, the moreIf the weather allows, it would be an excellent option. Nature - it is active, and a great pastime. You can take yourself and some active sport such as paintball or horse riding. And there can be rented for a day, a boat and spend the second day in a sea voyage?

Well, all the same, or a variant with a sauna. Sauna Arbat can help you with this. If you select this option for the second day of the wedding. You and warm up and swim in the pool, relax and just wonderful.

Options for the second day of the wedding a lot, and whatever you choose, it is a long time you remembered.

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