Marriage: the nuances of registration in the registry office

What you need from the bride and groom? First of all, apply. From this moment begins the procedureRegistration of marriage in a registry office. Fortunately now you can apply it in any registry office, regardless of where they live. However, when choosing a registry office, should take into account the distance from the bride's home, cork, or simply tedious road will be completely out of place in this day. Choose yourself the most suitable, the best registry office!

Receipt of payment of registration fee, passport,certificate of registration of the certificate of termination of the previous marriage (for those who was previously married). Perhaps all. Fill in the questionnaire is determined by the date and time of celebration. We are waiting for a month or two (if you need to formalize relations as soon as possible, will have to go to the doctor for the appropriate certificate). Just remember: in the case of non-appearance at the marriage registered in a registry office statement loses its validity, and when re-treatment should be started all over again.

In addition to the guests a good idea to grab the registry office for the registration of the marriage certificate and the second half of the future. Without these two components certainly will notcreated a new family. Yes, and more - the passport and the ring. Better, of course, if you will take care of the witnesses. For future newlyweds with excitement and their names may inadvertently forget. You can grab the champagne, a box of chocolates, a few plastic cups, napkins and a plastic trash bag. As practice shows, the little things do not happen in this day, so it is better to anticipate and plan ahead.

By the way, you can sign on a weekday. And witnesses have not necessarily. You can invite your photographer or operator, to fix a marriage ... a gentle kiss and go on a honeymoon.

Registration in the registry office without incident: In advance discuss the issue with her future husband with the name. You want to leave your own? Or you decide to take a double surname. Our advice - discuss everything from pre-chosen. It is better to put her future husband in popularity even before the submission of the application.

Not the best solution to go to the registry office atregistration of marriage "a noisy crowd." Few places, and tedious: the bride and groom will still have to wait for their turn. And in a small room, where you can celebrate the ceremony a few sips of champagne, hardly free before. Add to that waiting until you can see the latest video footage, and the ceremony of a pleasant turn into tedious. So invite a few people to the registry office, and the rest will receive congratulations from the guests later arrived in a wedding car.

What else it is important to do before marriage registration - To solve the problem with photo and video. The professionalism of the photographer, a good camera and reasonable prices - all this is important to take into account to calculate long before the holiday. If you do not have time to arrange it on your own, then, rely on the witness stand.

What categorically contraindicated to doSo as not to spoil the festive mood, because it is imposed to the registry office employees with an invitation to note your wedding. Believe me, all very happy for you, but they need to work.

Rice and small coins for good luckTradition, of course, beautiful. But here are a couple not so nice nuances. registry office employees sometimes make remarks to the guests. A fine grain and can damage some of the coins of the body. The same applies to the broken glasses - caution is still above prettiness. Even happen any incident, he will certainly be taken as a bad omen.

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