Marriage - it's for you?

Before the wedding, as not cool, but still want to be sure that your union will be long, eternal love and marriage - happy

  1. How do you if you paid enough attention to the bride and) of course, is not it?;
    b) No, he is always busy;
    c) I would like more attention.
  2. Between you got into an argument. Action: a) listen to each other, but not always easy to control themselves;
    b) the dispute is often beyond the scope of reason, developing into a quarrel;
    c) try to listen carefully to the views of each other.
  3. After the wedding, you'll have secrets from her husband a) no one is immune from this?;
    b) probably not;
    c) will depend on the situation.
  4. You get the pleasure of communicating with each other but) of course, we always have something to talk about?;
    b) from a part, sometimes to communicate do not have time;
    c) sometimes we speak different languages.
  5. What role does it work for you as well), whatever he was doing career - it is not important. Family - mostly everything.
    b) work - it's part of his life;
    c) it is not interesting to me.
  6. ? In your opinion, it is in the severity of your problem and the complexity of a) no, he is always ready to listen and support;
    b) there;
    c) often exactly what happens.
  7. As for you and your beloved hobby) has his own "toys", I have my own?;
    b) if I do not like it, I will do everything that he has ceased to do this;
    c) I try to actively participate.
  8. You will always be entirely trusted to groom a) of the opinion, "trust but verify?";
    b) in the marital relationship there is nothing more important than trust;
    c) depending on the situation, but I am opposed to "inspections".
  9. Do you always ask advice from her fiance, even when it comes to you and it) of course, we always solve all along?;
    b) I often make decisions by herself;
    c) advise each other, but every right to decide reserves.
  10. You always try to correct their mistakes and) sometimes?;
    b) at all times;
    c) Yes, when pripechet.
  11. You often do compliment each other? A) as without it? ;
    b) the mood;
    c) sometimes.

To summarize:

a - 1, b - 3 in - 2;

a-2, b-3, a-1;

a-3, b-1, a-2;

a-1, b-2, 3-a;

a-2, b-1, to 3;

a-1, b-2, 3-a;

a-2, b-3, a-1;

a-3, b-1, a-2;

a-1, b-3, c-2;

a - 3b - 1, c - 2;

a - 1, b - 2, b - 3.

You scored 11 to 17 points:

You tend to give more than to receive. Marriage for you is the science of building a harmonious married life. You are always ready to compromise in a relationship with your loved one. Your family will be valuable to everyone's opinion, and no one would seek to infringe upon the interests of another.

You scored 18 to 25 points:

In marriage you will need to learnlisten to its second half. Learn to feel what needs your beloved that he worried that he cares what his desires and interests. By learning together to move in one direction, you will be able to create a strong family, to make married life a happy and harmonious.

You scored 26 to 33 points:

Selfishness - this is to some extent, of course, well,but not so. If you intend to make your marriage happy, then you should learn not only to accept but also to give. Longsuffering, gentleness, the ability to listen to her future husband, the ability to compromise will help you avoid disappointment, make your relationships warmer and less strained communication. The family is not based on the ambitions of one or other partner, it is based on mutual understanding, Sharing and compromises. Or maybe you have not the time for marriage?

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