How to cancel or postpone the wedding with minimal loss?

There are good reasons why the newlywedscancel or reschedule your wedding. Among them are uncertainty in the choice, outside pressure, unresolved conflicts, mistakes in preparing for the wedding, requiring additional time for the organization, and much more. But the latest news of our country and the world about coronavirus made this issue more relevant than ever. So cancel the wedding?

Coronavirus epidemic

Especially for our brides Wedding figured out this situation and collected the most relevant information for you. We will answer the most exciting questions of the newlyweds, we will find out whether weddings are canceled all over the world, including in Moscow, and how to correctly act in the current situation with coronavirus.

Coronavirus epidemic

Top 5 reasons why weddings are usually canceled

In fact, the reasons for thisThere are many cardinal decisions, and each pair has their own. However, often young people, realizing that something went wrong, are simply afraid to make a decision so as not to upset their parents, not lose money already spent or become objects for gossip. Is it possible to cancel the wedding? The answer is obvious. Life often brings surprises that lead to such decisions, because we ourselves are responsible for our own happiness.

Whether to cancel the wedding

Uncertainty in your choice

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons for cancelingweddings are considered insecurity about one's choice. Young people decide to marry, being in love, and then living together, life and vanity because of the organization of the wedding take off “pink glasses”. Partners understand that they do not fit together. This is a very difficult situation. However, such a marriage would be a mistake. You should meet a person with whom you are comfortable. The spiritual connection between people is the key to a happy and strong relationship. Wedding signs and sayings such as: “To be tolerated - to fall in love” do not work in real life.

Uncertainty in the choice

Pressure from loved ones

There are situations when relatives orclose friends put pressure on you and rush to get married as soon as possible. Or vice versa, they say that you do not fit each other, your partner is not worthy of you. There are people who are very dependent on the opinions of others. But in this case, there is only one recipe: listen only to your heart! It is your life and your choice. If you love a person and you feel good with him, do not even doubt the decision is right. And in the event that you yourself do not want a wedding, you think that it is too early that you are not ready, then do not agree under any pressure from your relatives.

Parental pressure

Unresolved Conflicts

All unsolved problems accumulate in one bigcom and ultimately lead to very serious conflicts in relations. This is one of the reasons many couples break up. If you are faced with such a problem, then, of course, in such a tense atmosphere it is difficult to think about a wedding. However, it is possible that not everything is lost in your situation. Talk with a partner, remember what connected you, why you chose each other. Try to solve your problems. But if it still fails, then there can be no talk of any family happiness, and you need to think about how to cancel the wedding.

Relationship Conflicts

Mistakes in organizing a wedding

Problems in the organization do not require the cancellation of the wedding,but perhaps the transfer of your celebration will be a great option, because on this day everything should be perfect! If everything is not going according to plan, you do not fit into the budget, or the place where you wanted to hold the ceremony is busy, it is better to change the date of the event. This holiday is only yours and you must fully enjoy this special day. And if a wedding without a host or in a restaurant near the house is not at all what you dreamed about, take extra time that will help you correct mistakes and organize the celebration of your dreams!

Organization Mistakes

Unexpected events

Sometimes life brings surprises thatchange our plans. It could be an unexpected business trip, pregnancy, or something else. If such an event does not fit into the concept of your ideal celebration, for example, due to pregnancy, you will not be able to wear the dress you were so dreaming of, then the best solution is to postpone the ceremony.

Pregnancy at the wedding

Cancellation of a wedding due to the epidemic of coronavirus

The sad events of recent months make ourThe topic is most relevant. Will the wedding be canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic? This question is very worrying for everyone who prepared the celebration this year. Unfortunately, the answer is mixed. In the near future, in connection with the pandemic, there are restrictions on the number of people who can gather together in one room, and for how long it will last, no one will be able to answer. Despite this, many couples do not plan to cancel their ceremonies. Therefore, whether it is worth canceling your wedding in the summer because of the coronavirus epidemic, it's up to you.


However, the current situation is very serious, andIn no case should you neglect it, because we are talking about the health of yours and your guests. In addition, not every invitee will be ready to come to your ceremony because of fear of illness, and the registry office may suspend work, which can greatly upset you and make this event not the way you dreamed. Therefore, you must admit that it doesn’t matter if weddings are canceled due to coronavirus or not, because the time for holding the most important and significant event in your life is not the most favorable. So it’s worth considering how to postpone the date of the celebration.

Move the date of the wedding

Many famous people did the same. In order not to endanger themselves and their loved ones, the famous couple Catti Perry and Orlando Bloom canceled the wedding. Also received Natalia Vodianova. All of them decided to postpone their triumph and postponed the plan of preparing for the wedding for a better time, when the risk of spoiling or darkening the best day in life will disappear.

How to cancel or reschedule a wedding without loss?

Once you have decided to cancel orto reschedule your triumph, you must immediately notify everyone who was involved in the preparation. The further you advance in the organization, the higher your expenses, and, consequently, losses.

Minimal money loss

Therefore, when canceling or reschedule a wedding, it is important:

  • Contact the restaurant where you plannedholding a celebration. At the conclusion of the contract, a clause could be prescribed by which you would have to pay penalties. However, in the current situation in the world, they can meet you, especially in the event of a transfer event.
  • Restaurant for a wedding
  • Contact the registry office to reschedule or cancel the ceremony. To do this, you will need to write a statement.
  • Application to the registry office
  • Cancel the contract for the provision of photographer services,video operator, organizer, host and other organizations involved. Read the termination clause carefully. As in the case of the restaurant, perhaps they will meet you, and you just agree on the transfer without paying penalties.
  • Photographer for wedding
  • Report the transfer or cancellation of the wedding to invited guests.
  • Inform guests
  • Return received gifts. Sometimes wedding gifts are given even before the wedding. All this is worth giving back.
  • Return wedding gifts

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