The first step to legal marriage

We are happy to future newlyweds in recent times to apply for registration of marriage can be in any of the administrative districts! Moreover, regardless of the place of residence. Fortunately, a great choice.

However, deciding what is a registry office to applydeclaration should take into account such a moment, as the distance from the bride's home. Traffic congestion, or simply a long way quite a spoil even the most organized a welcoming mood. Good idea to ask in advance the presence of the registry office at the parking lot or parking for cars. Perhaps the bride and groom will have to overcome the distance to the cherished door on foot, it is important to take into account during the cold season. Caring about the prices for photo and video, the duration of the ceremony, the presence of a "live" band or tape recording, the volume of the hall registration and other nuances will be borne by the witnesses. The more creative they will be taken to its mission, the more memorable will be the day of the wedding for the newlyweds. Going to apply to the registry office, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances that can be easy to miss among the other wedding hassle. First, we find out details of the registrar's office and pay the state fee. Then, with the receipt of payment, passports go to the registry office. And necessarily together. Before that one member of the couple was married - it is important to have on hand a certificate of dissolution of a previous marriage. The preparatory phase of this completed.

The registry office you will be offered to fill in the questionnaire,determine the date and time of the wedding. All this ceremony "submission of an application to the registry office" is completed and you can safely go home and prepare, in fact, for the wedding. Just keep in mind: minimum period between application and registration of marriage itself takes a month, maximum - two months. A weighty argument in favor of the marriage registration urgency becomes a doctor's note confirming such a rush.

And one moment. If you do not show up for registration, the application loses its validity. And when re-treatment will have to re-apply, in compliance with all formalities. Just remember: Sunday and Monday in all registry offices - the weekend. And still going to go to the registry office to apply, consider the time for lunch.

What should be a day of marriage registration,so it is a passport and a future second half. Better, of course, if the Passport and rings take care of the witness. Let it also takes with him a couple of bottles of champagne, a box of chocolates, a few plastic cups for the guests and a pair of glasses for the bride and groom. Another useful small towel, wipes for hands and a plastic garbage bag.

For those who do not like pomposity, today tooprovided options. Handpainted can be on a weekday. And witnesses have not necessarily. You can invite your photographer or operator, to fix a marriage ... a gentle kiss and go on a honeymoon. A similar ceremony at the fortress of the family, as practice shows, has no effect. Although it should be noted that the scenario of the wedding at the palace wedding, all the rites, in beautiful clothes, with solemn ceremonies characterized by a rich and respectable families.

The question whether the name change, it is best to discussin advance, possibly even before the submission of the application to the registry office. Modern women today do not want to part with her maiden name: someone is proud of the glorious birth, for others it is simply harmonious. Discuss this issue with family and, of course, their own chosen. By the way, the double surname - a worthy trade-off in this situation.

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