What if the bride is pregnant?

Pregnant bride in our time are veryoften, and gradually it becomes the norm. Fate often presents a pleasant or unpleasant surprises, which often we are not ready, and there's nothing you can do about it. Sometimes even pleasant event can put a person into a dead end, if he could not advance to insure.

And it happened. Very loving each other young people have simply decided not to hurry with the wedding (Read also about how to hold a wedding). First, they wanted to solve all the problems of housing, and then to finish university, gather up money for an elegant celebration ... But life is unpredictable stuff decided to give you a surprise gift, and now you have a "hands on" a pregnant bride. What to do now?

For starters, try to do without panic. You are notified of a rather joyous event, but you need only a little effort to become a full-fledged official family. You can just go and register at the district registry office, but if you both want to spend real wedding, go to the case with a mind and a big responsibility.

Pregnant bride in the first place, shouldassess their state of health. If it is peculiar to this state as morning sickness, you can assume that the wedding would be contraindicated in this period. Do not spoil yourself this memorable day of celebration terrible state of health.

It should not be too discouraged, because morning sickness lastsnot nine months. It is basically only in the early stages. So, after waiting a short while the body is tuned to the new way of life and everything will once again be in their places, and you can arrange a celebration.

If you feel well enough, andMoreover, you do not see the stomach, quietly engaged in the wedding business, not putting this event on the back burner. You have left a couple of months, because the holiday would be very difficult for you in the last period, as in the second half of pregnancy women tend to fatigue.

So, if you are going to get married and also a pregnant bride, choosing the wedding date to objectively evaluate their strength and, accordingly, the possibility.

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