Dilemma: Which wedding scenario choose?

If you want to have your own unique andneizbity wedding scenario, you can not do without a man for whom a holiday - it's work. Not the first available toastmaster you need, and creative person, who owns an art entertainer. It excludes bearded jokes, vulgar wedding contests will write the original script to the style of your wedding. But first is to discuss and formulate your wishes.

Collect the "council of war". Relatives and friends, taste and experience that you trust to help you decide on the format of the wedding. After all, before you meet with a leading show menom, you yourself need to have a clear idea of ​​what you would like to see his own wedding. And you can start with what to choose between the traditional and original script.

Traditional wedding scenario is known to all, anddescribe it need not. If your guests are honored tradition and is considered a wedding complete without them, if they are not familiar with each other, if the majority of them - your colleagues, you do not quite know closely, if you're just friends, then a traditional wedding scenario is exactly what do you need. It is not necessary to be original. The reaction of the public can be unpredictable. The original script wedding - Is non-trivial, especially devised foryou. If the guests at the wedding - close to familiar people, equally perceive and understand the jokes and humor, feel free to proceed to the creation of the script. Do you need help the most active and cheerful all the members of your previous parties. Assign them to meet and discuss what you would like to see at the upcoming festival, which contests and jokes are allowed in your company, and what are not. At a meeting with the lead, try to describe in detail what kind of audience he will entertain and guide. Describe it in detail, as you are accustomed to spending time with this company and put the moral framework that it should not overstep. The accuracy and reliability of your information will depend on the success of the event. Leading wedding will understand what the severity would be appropriate, and where the emancipation of your boundaries and create the atmosphere that is needed for your celebration. It is only by real professionals!

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