Mother in law and daughter in law

Marriage leads to large changes inof your life. Changing your social status. Most likely, it will change your place of residence: you will move to her husband. Later in life will have to build, given the opinion of the new family and, above all, her mother in law.

Let us turn to the popular wisdom: "An amazing phenomenon when between daughter and mother-in intelligence."

Yes, and mother-in-law relationship is often not very easy to fold. What are the causes of the frequent quarrels?

Of course, ask the question "Who is to blame" - a futile exercise. Guilty are the two sides.

The reason may be banal quarrel jealousy. In-law is very sensitive about the fact that most of the attention her son is now giving you and holds you all day. While it may lack his love and involvement.

Decision: often tell her that she raised a wonderful son; communicate with her, discuss the solution of domestic problems, consult. husband's mother will not feel forgotten by all and overshadowed.

Just one of the reasons - excessive guardianship of his son-in-lawThat daughter might be perceived as interference in the life of her family.

Possible Solution: be interested in the habits of her husband; try to learn in-law to cook your favorite dishes spouse. Your mother-in will see that you care about her expensive Chad, and perhaps the conflict will be resolved.

You live with her husband in-law apartment. There may be plenty of problems.

One of the most common problems - the problem of the distribution of household chores. Possible Solution: Try to agree with her husband's mother on the division of housework. It is better if you get some one important thing, and not a bunch of little ones. For example, laundry or cleaning. Having in-law of the orders received in her apartment, and following them in the performance of work assigned to you, you can once and for all get rid of the pesky advice from the sidelines. Over time, you bring something new in the way of life. But it is better to be done gradually, so as not to get a firm refusal, and not be perceived as a hated occupier.

In a relationship a few rules to be observed between a mother in law and daughter in law:

  • Patience, patience, and again patience. You - strangers to each other people, but you have a few unifying moments - this is your husband (the son) and your children (grandchildren). On the basis of love for them, you can build a great relationship.
  • Genuine participation in each other's lives. In-law as a more wise and experienced woman can really have much to teach her daughter. A daughter is not necessary to dissociate itself from the mother in law: try to explore her passions and interests come together on an exhibition or shopping. The closer you will be to each other, the more pleasant will your relationship.
  • Do not take out your problems with each other onReview husband (her son). The decision may not be in your favor, which adds a situation of conflict. Try to solve the problems together. Sometimes it is simply enough to listen to the other side. Since the vast majority of conflict arises when the opponents are simply "think out" of the opposite side, and attribute them to something that they did not commit.
  • Learn wisdom, which is based onforbearance and tact. Look for a balance between independence and honesty. However, do not try to always be better than you are. It - employment tiresome and bessmyslennoe.Pomnite, "Unloved daughter and holding hands is not so" , a "In gold sister-in-law always of clay" !

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